I was only outbid by $155,000

Someone found a Velvet Underground record for 75 cents and sold it on eBay for over $155,000…and I thought I got a good deal when I paid five bucks for that Halloween III soundtrack. Anyways here’s a boatload of music for those of you who have yet to discover the rarest album in the world while searching through record crates at a flea market.

David Bowie

The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Alt Mix)
The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Bowie Mix)

The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Rubber Mix)
The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Simple Text Mix)
The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Filthy Mix)
This was the first song Bowie released as a single that came even close to being a hit in the US after the horrible experience that was Never Let Me Down. I first heard it over the end credits to the mindfuck that is the movie Seven, and being 15 at the time, served as my introduction to ‘modern’ Bowie. I was hooked and have been ever since. I think Outside is another one of Bowie’s overlooked great albums. It has its weak spots to be sure, but tracks like this and ‘Hallo Spaceboy’ are just unbelievable. These remixes came off of a picture disc I found last weekend. The ‘Alt Mix’ was remixed by Trent Reznor.

Over The Shoulder (12” Mix)
Isle Of Men (Version II)
Twitch (Version II)
In my mind there are three incarnations of Ministry: The early synth-based stuff, The Golden Era, and all the shit they’ve forced us to listen to since. Al, what the fuck happened? was such an amazing album – how does the person behind that end up recording Psalm 69Rio Grande Blood? If you haven’t listened to Rio Grande Blood consider yourself lucky, it sounds like a collection of discarded loops and guitar riffs from better Ministry albums fit together with shitty lyrics about bullshit 9/11 conspiracies. I hate that so many great left-wing musicians and political speakers have been lost to the nonsensical world of “Loose Change” (by the way, keep the comment section clear of 9/11 BS, I’ll just delete it so go peddle your silly little theories elsewhere if you think I’m wrong – because I don’t care). Anyways, these songs are from the ‘Over The Shoulder’ 12 Inch.

Siouxsie & The Banshees
An Execution
Quarterdrawing Of The Dog
Cities In Dust (Extended Eruption Mix)
I want my next girlfriend to have her hair. These are off a 12” single.

Sex (I’m A…) (Extended Version)
Sex (I’m A…) (Instrumental)
These two songs are the last ones in my Berlin collection. They’re off a promo single called ’12 Inches Of Sex.” That’s the second tackiest thing I ever heard.

Lord Of The Thighs (Live)
This is the tackiest thing I ever heard. This is off a promo album that was named after Aerosmith’s infamous song ‘Big 10 Inch Record.”. This is a live track that was recorded back in 1978.

2 Responses to “I was only outbid by $155,000”

  1. danck says:

    Nice post – I don’t suppose a re-up of the alt mix of Heart’s Filthy Lesson would be possible? My CD copy of the single was liberated from me ten years ago 🙁

    Outside’s always been my favourite Bowie. A pity that he never completed the projected trilogy.


  2. Cygnet Committee says:

    I’ve also got these Bowie tunes. Outside was indeed a great album. Ever listened to the albums from his Berlin trilogy Low, Heroes & Lodger? He worked with Eno on those too. Great stuff.

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