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The Black Cauldron Original Soundtrack
One of the weirdest movies in the Disney canon, The Black Cauldron is unique footnote in Disney’s past. This 1985 flick was their attempt to tap into the teen market and it was a MAJOR bomb. It came out in 1985 but they didn’t put it on video until the late 90s. I personally don’t like the flick that much, but this score by Elmer Bernstein is pretty decent. Of course it was never released on CD and is now only available on iTunes. I picked the vinyl up last week along with all the other insanely rare soundtracks I’ve been posting lately. A great record for Disney completists.

Berlin – Information
What the fuck? I didn’t even know this album existed until I stumbled upon it last week. Aside from John Crawford this incarnation of Berlin has nothing in common with the classic line-up that recorded songs like ‘The Metro’ and ‘No More Words.’ Terri Nunn isn’t even here, some chick named Virginia Macolino is! Apparently Nunn had left the band for a while to try her hand at acting (didn’t work out I guess). When she came back two years later the entire line-up was different, except for John Crawford. This record isn’t as good as the stuff they did later, but tracks like ‘City Lights’ and ‘Overload’ show the potential that later came to fruition. This album has never been released on CD and should be of interest to Berlin fans and anyone into early synthpop and post-punk music.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    oh god… i can’t find Berlin’s Information anywhere. i know you don’t accept requests so i’ll just bang my head against the wall instead.

  2. The Lost Turntable says:

    Someone needs to check my front page more often…

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