I keep the world’s parenthesises employed.

New turntable. No more slightly faster songs. Damn my obsessive compulsive tendencies and my undying need to please everyone all the time.

The Strokes
Last Night (Original Version)
Modern Age (Original Version)
Modern Girls And Old Fashioned Men (w/ Regina Spector)
Wow, a blog posting about The Strokes! How 2001 of me! Well, the single was sitting in a pile of unrecorded 45s and I thought ‘what the Hell.’ The first two tracks were taken off of their independently released single. These versions are different than the ones that appeared on their debut album. ‘Modern Girls And Old Fashioned Men’ is a B-side to ‘Reptilia’ and features backing vocals by the lovely Soviet goddess Regina Spector, someone who’ll I’ll probably revisit on this blog pretty soon.

Whip It (Heavy Metal Version)
Remember when Moby went all metal on our asses? Why the fuck did he do that? I mean, sure his cover of ‘That’s When I Reach For My Revolver’ was alright, but did the world really need Animal Rights? One good thing that came from it was this B-side though, an awesomely odd cover of Devo’s ‘Whip It.’ The first time I heard this I thought the record was playing at the wrong speed.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Let Me Know (Demo)
From the picture disc single of ‘Gold Lion’. I wasn’t a big fan of their second release, maybe I should give it a second chance.

Blew (Live)
Stain (Live)
Been A Son (Live)
I’m not going to wax poetic on the importance of Nirvana, if you don’t know…well, you probably know, so what’s the point? Anyways, these are off a shitty looking bootleg EP called Alive II that I scored from Mad Hatter a few years ago. It was recorded on April 4th, 1990 at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan (which is a great place to see a show). I’m looking forward to the new DVD release of Live! Tonight! Sold Out! since I never got to see the band live during their all too short existence. Don’t complain about the quality of these – they are bootlegs after all.

What Do You Think About Western Civilization (Demo Version)
Die For The Government (Live)
Before Anti-Flag the biggest band to come out of Pittsburgh was Wild Cherry. That’s quite a musical legacy my town has. In case your wondering, the next big act to come out of Pittsburgh will be Grand Buffet. Anyways, these two tracks by the horribly talented but utterly humorless anti-everything punk rockers come from the ‘Emirge’ single.

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