What Neil Young And Erasure Have In Common…

I pissed off at least one person with yesterday’s rant, which was kind of the goal I guess. Several people (including Mr. Anonymous in my comments) told me that name-calling doesn’t make a difference. And that’s probably true. Petitions, organized protests, non-violent resistance and civil disobedience are much more effective. If you are truly upset with something, get involved and fight to change it. That being said…name-calling is much more fun and far easier to do in my room at 3 o’clock in the morning! I do more constructive things with my negative energy, believe me, but sometimes it just feels good to cuss someone out.

Anyways, I have more Erasure for you! These tracks are off of the Chains Of Love and Oh L’ Amour 12” singles, respectively. If you don’t feel like downloading four different versions of ‘Chains Of Love’ I recommend ‘The Unfettered Mix’ the most – although if you’re going by which one has the best name, then you can’t go wrong with ‘Truly In Love With The Marks Bros. Mix.’ No matter what, you have to download their groovy cover of ‘The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly’ a song that for some strange reason I like to listen to while playing Rockstar’s Table Tennis game for the Xbox360.

Chains Of Love (The Unfettered Mix)
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Chains Of Love (The Foghorn Mix)
Chains Of Love (Truly In Love With The Marks Bros. Mix)
Don’t Surprise (Country Joe Mix)
Chains Of Love (Fetter Dub Dub)
Oh L’Amour (The Funky Sisters Remix)
Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! (12” Mix)
March On Down The Line

Neil Young – Trans
And now for something…surprisingly similar. I posted two tracks of this oddity before, but you sick bastards wanted more. So here you go – the complete Trans, AKA Neil Young’s electronic album. Released in 1982, this album quickly tumbled into obscurity and has never been heard from again. The story behind it is pretty interesting though, supposedly, Young discovered that his Autistic son responded better to him when he spoke through a vocoder, so he recorded several songs that way (never mind that no one else could understand a word he said). I suspect that Young also did this in yet another one of his attempts to not “burn out or fade away.” Not every song on Trans has vocoder effects on it, and even the ones that do are still unmistakably Neil Young songs. Stand-outs include ‘Sample & Hold’ and the epic ‘Like An Inca.’ It may not be the man’s strongest album, but it is FAR from his weakest, and it’s a damn shame its never been re-released on CD in America.

I must mention that these files aren’t of the greatest quality. The copy of Trans I have is a severely used one I found at a Record Exchange for about four bucks. I fixed the skips and scratches, but the fidelity still leaves a lot to be desired. I’m looking for a better copy. (And don’t recommended the import CD, some the songs were remixed and do not sound the same.)

6 Responses to “What Neil Young And Erasure Have In Common…”

  1. esque says:

    What a thrilling blog; it’s great to see all this. I suspect that your turntable is turning a bit too fast, though — tracks seem to be a half-step higher than the CD versions I have, and running times are about 5% shorter than those in online discographies (for Erasure and New Order, for example).

    I’m just happy to see someone who loves this music, but I thought I’d pipe up in case you’re the type of person who’s anal about such things…

  2. The Lost Turntable says:

    Yeah, I’ve been wondering about that too. It’s barely noticeable though so I haven’t been worrying about it too much. Don’t pay attention to running times too much though, those usually include the periods of silence before and after a song, and I usually cut those out. Any suggestions on how to slow a turntable down?

  3. jeff King says:

    Thanks for Trans…

    I have wanted to hear it since it first came out, but since NY is a casual fav, I have not come across it until now.

    1982 “electronica” sounds like a cool concept.

    J. King

  4. El says:

    Erasure? Queen? New Order? Electronic??

    I love, I love, I love!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Trans is really big..
    thks u

  6. KiDG says:

    Thanks mate!

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