Polyrock with your polycock out.

Polyrock Radio Special
I first discovered Polyrock at Lost Bands Of The New Wave Era (an amazing blog) and saw them again later at another blog (I think Scenestars). The definition of an unjustly forgotten band, Polyrock was an early 80s post-punk/synth band that had the fortune of being produced by Philip Glass. Many people call them Philip Glass’ answer to The Talking Heads, but I never knew The Talking Heads were a question to anyone, let alone Philip Glass! Besides, it’s not like they didn’t exist before he joined up.

All of Polyrock’s albums are out of print and have never been released on CD. That’s a damn shame, because their debut is amazing and their follow-up ain’t half bad either. Neither of them seemed to sell though. At least RCA, their label, seemed to have tried. I’ve seen several magazines from the time period with full-page Polyrock ads, and they also released this promotional radio special featuring several songs by the band, as well as interviews with Philip Glass and his co-producer. I’ve never even heard of this before and have no idea as to how rare this is. Anyone with an interest in the band, radio programs, or Philip Glass should really check this one out.

Tracklist (excluding interviews and station breaks)
Green For Go
Shut Your Face
Romantic Me
Go West
Sound Alarm
No Love Lost
Your Dragging Feet (Interview is in the middle)
Body Me
This Song
Bucket Rider

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  1. Tim says:

    Awesome, I love those guys. Thanks for the radio special!

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a guy who actually saw Polyrock quite a few times back in the day, I made it a priority to search out mp3’s of their songs…I have a pretty good amount of Polyrock digitized…if anybody wants ’em, gimme a shout!


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