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Post-Christmas/Pre-New Year’s Dance Party

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

How was everyone’s holidays? Did you spend them in Toledo? If not, then you did better than I.

Actually, during my trip I went to a few good record stores in Columbus and Dayton (I know! Something good in Dayton!

Number 1 (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Instrumental Remix)
I totally thought that said “Fake Instrumental Remix” and I was like “what the fuck is a fake instrumental?” I think I need new glasses.

This is an actual, non-fake, instrumental, and one of the better instrumental remixes I’ve heard. It’s totally space disco and I love it. They should play this in a club in Mass Effect 3. It’s also great because it allows me to enjoy a Goldfrapp song without having to hear Allison Goldfrapp’s voice.

It brings back bad memories…it’s a long story.

Daft Punk
Around The World (Tee’s Frozen Sun Mix)
Around The World (I:Cube Remix)
Around The World (Motorbass Vice Mix)
I got these great remixes from a test pressing promo, complete with handwritten notes on the label and no tracklisting (I figured out the tracklisting by looking online). While the first and third remixes were released on various CD singles, the second mix was a vinyl exclusive from as far as I can tell, and a rather limited one at that. Of course, it’s the best one of the bunch as well. Go figure.

Gus Gus
David (Darren Emerson’s Underwater Remix)
David (King Britt’s Underwater Remix)
David (Medicine 8 Remix)
I thought the line “I still have last night in my body” was icky at first, until I recalled several hangovers of my college days, and suddenly I identified.

Of these three remixes, the Darren Emerson one is the best. But that really shouldn’t be a surprise now should it?

Occular Remixes

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Ever go kinda sorta blind in one eye for a while? Yeah, that’s not fun.

I’m feeling much better now though. I just thought that was a great excuse for delay in updates.

True Blue (The Color Mix)
True Blue (Remix Edit)
True Blue (Instrumental)
Ain’t No Big Deal
There are not a lot of classic-era Madonna that can be safely called “rare” but most of these tracks fit the bill. “The Color Mix” of “True Blue” is on some versions of the album, and it’s even on iTunes. However, if you want it on iTunes you have to buy the whole album, which is a giant pile of horseshit. I can’t believe they still do that, it’s so 2002.

Truth be told, “The Color Mix” isn’t that radically different than the original, it’s just a little longer, with an an added instrumental interlude about two-thirds in, with some random vocal samples thrown in for no apparent reason. As for the “Remix Edit”, I’ll be honest, it’s been so long since I heard the original version I couldn’t tell you how this version is different.

“Ain’t No Big Deal” is kind of an oddity. Madonna first recorded the track in 1980 with a producer by the name of Stephen Bray who Madonna worked with a lot during her early years. That version, along with most of the other stuff she recorded with Bray, remained unreleased until 1997, when Bray released it on an album called Pre-Madonna, which included many of her earliest recordings.

This version of the song, as far as I can tell, has never been released on a proper Madonna album. I have no idea why, it’s a fun little song, very 80s and pop. Sure, it doesn’t really stand out when compared to other early Madonna songs like “Material Girl” and “Borderline,” but it’s totally worth a listen.

Gus Gus
Very Important People (Dune Remix)
Very Important People (Francois K. Mix)
Very Important People (Masters At Work Main Mix)
Very Important People (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)
Oh, those Icelandic people and their chill electronic music. After buying several GusGus 12″ singles over the years I finally caved and picked up an actual GusGus album – 1999’s Is This Normal. One day I might listen to it even. Sigh. I have too much music. The original version of this track is from Is This Normal, which many people have told me is a very fine album. I dig these remxies very much, especially the “Francios K. Mix,” it has a 70s funk vibe that I find totally groovy. All of these mixes were taken from a 12″ promo single.

Midnight Oil
Blue Sky Mine (Food On The Table Mix)
I haven’t posted anything by Midnight Oil in forever! Not since 2007 to be exact. Well hey, it’s not my fault that they didn’t release a copious amount of remixes and 12″ singles. This mix of “Blue Sky Mine” is odd. It starts out by sampling “Bed Are Burning” before continuing as normal, only to break it down at the end with a drums-and-vocals only bit, followed by a fairly manic guitar bit before it closes once again with the opening notes of “Beds Are Burning.” It’s a Midnight Oil megamix! But not really. Still, it’s good.

Cross-dressing, cross-samples and, um, GusGus.

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Meh! Meh I say!

Dead Or Alive
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Extended Mix)
Brand New Lover (Bubble Mix)

Did you know Jessica Simpson tried to cover You Spin Me Round? She failed because she’s a no-talent piece of trash who should fall off the face of the Earth. Seriously. How many great songs does that vapid talentless nimrod need to butcher? She fucked up that song, Robbie Williams epic power ballad “Angels,” “Take My Breath Away” and “These Boots Are Made For Walking.” She even over-sampled John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane” for her first album. It’s not bad enough that she has to release “original” pieces of shit that the average retarded teenybopper wouldn’t be caught dead listening to, but she has to go a ruin good songs? I think it’s funny that she’s credited as a songwriter on most of her releases, like that no-talent piece of trash can put two notes together, the idiot can barely put two fucking words together. I hate that people are so critical of her weight, when her personality, stupidity and lack of talent are all much better reasons to tear her to shreds.

How was that for a random rant? These tracks are from a 12” single.

Big Audio Dynamite II
Rush (12” Mix)
No rant here. “Rush” kicks ass. Not only that, but I can use this space to promote the new album by Carbon/Silicon, which is Mick Jones’ latest band (also featuring Tony James from Sigue Sigue Sputnik.) Carbon Bubble is currently free to download at Carbon/Silicon’s website. Go get it. It’s excellent. And if even if you don’t like it, who the fuck cares? It’s free!

Polyesterday (Shot In The Leg Remix)
Hands down one of the best song titles of all time. Good track too. I know little about GusGus so I’ll just shut up now. This is from a white label single I got last week.