Cross-dressing, cross-samples and, um, GusGus.

Meh! Meh I say!

Dead Or Alive
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Extended Mix)
Brand New Lover (Bubble Mix)

Did you know Jessica Simpson tried to cover You Spin Me Round? She failed because she’s a no-talent piece of trash who should fall off the face of the Earth. Seriously. How many great songs does that vapid talentless nimrod need to butcher? She fucked up that song, Robbie Williams epic power ballad “Angels,” “Take My Breath Away” and “These Boots Are Made For Walking.” She even over-sampled John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane” for her first album. It’s not bad enough that she has to release “original” pieces of shit that the average retarded teenybopper wouldn’t be caught dead listening to, but she has to go a ruin good songs? I think it’s funny that she’s credited as a songwriter on most of her releases, like that no-talent piece of trash can put two notes together, the idiot can barely put two fucking words together. I hate that people are so critical of her weight, when her personality, stupidity and lack of talent are all much better reasons to tear her to shreds.

How was that for a random rant? These tracks are from a 12” single.

Big Audio Dynamite II
Rush (12” Mix)
No rant here. “Rush” kicks ass. Not only that, but I can use this space to promote the new album by Carbon/Silicon, which is Mick Jones’ latest band (also featuring Tony James from Sigue Sigue Sputnik.) Carbon Bubble is currently free to download at Carbon/Silicon’s website. Go get it. It’s excellent. And if even if you don’t like it, who the fuck cares? It’s free!

Polyesterday (Shot In The Leg Remix)
Hands down one of the best song titles of all time. Good track too. I know little about GusGus so I’ll just shut up now. This is from a white label single I got last week.

4 Responses to “Cross-dressing, cross-samples and, um, GusGus.”

  1. MundoCaco says:

    thanks! amazing music!

  2. Ctelblog says:

    Gus Gus are great. I posted about them (with history) here

  3. pup don says:

    OMG, thank you for posting about Carbon/Silicon. I had no idea they were still making music. And I've loved all the incarnations both of these guys have been through. I'm so excited to hear their new stuff.

  4. Carbon/Silicon says:

    Thanks for the mention – glad you like the new album!

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