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Madonna for Head Colds

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Figures right after I write about how I don’t get sick as much as I used to that I go and get sick for the second time in two months. Might as well post and write about a shitload of Madonna remixes, cuz that’s my thing after all.

But before you check out this bountiful supply of mid-tier Madonna tracks, take some time and head over to my other site, Mostly-Retro. Witness it’s continuing transformation into a far-too-personal blog. Here’s a story about Japanese medicine (and poop). Here’s another story about arcades, and also about how I identify with Tokyo’s slow decay away from the glory days of the 80s. Y’know, hot topical stuff that I’m sure will get me them hits.

Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke mix)
Hollywood (The Micronauts remix)
Hollywood (Oakenfold Full remix)
Hollywood (Deepsky’s Home Sweet Home Vocal remix)
Hollywood (Calderone & Quayle Glam mix)
Love Profusion (The Passengerz Club Profusion)
Love Profusion (Blow-Up Mix)
Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario House Vocal Extended)
Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Dub)
Love Profusion (The Passengerz Dub Profusion)
Love Profusion (Craig J.’s Good Vibe Mix)
Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Vox Extended)
Lots of stuff here, I want to empty the Madonna out of my backlog by the end of the month.

There are some reposts here, kind of. I put up most of those “Hollywood” remixes a few years back, but those were taken from various 12″ singles. Tonight’s MP3s are rips from CD singles – so they sound much better. Re-download them even if you snagged the earlier ones. They’re all mostly good remixes also, solid takes on a good track.

The “Love Profusion” tracks are good as well, I really enjoy the Ralphi Rosario remixes, they give the track an 80s vibe that really suits it well.

Hey, did I mention I saw Duran Duran and Nile Rodgers this week? That was fucking amazing. Here, I have the gif to prove it.

Y’all have a nice weekend.

Funky Drummer and Bad Madonna

Monday, September 18th, 2017

Okay, I lied. I’m going to keep trying to get my old Twitter account back, I have a few more tricks up my sleeves. I know what you’re thinking, “James, you swore off Twitter a few months ago, why do you care that your account is gone?”

Well, for a few reasons. One, while I did severely cut back on my tweet activity as of late, it’s still a good way for me to keep in contact with a few people I like to know about. It’s also an excellent resource to find out about record sales. Additionally, let’s just be honest, having an account with close to a thousand followers is a decent method of self-promotion. I’ve never been shy to the fact that I desperately want people to read my shit.

Also, for me to get banned for “targeted abuse” while David motherfucking Duke still has account where he tweets out antisemitic bullshit literally every day is a fucking hypocrisy that I’m against on basic principle.

Anyways, I’m still trying out some options on my end, and may require your assistance at some point. In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas that might help, please share!

Now, for a change, pop music.

Sheila E.
KooKoo (Remix)
Paradise Gardens (Extended Version)
Sheila E. has a new album out! I haven’t bought it yet as I found out about it only 20 minutes ago, but from what I gleamed on YouTube, it’s funky as a motherfunker and sounds pretty rad. Check it out if you can.

Also check out these dope vintage Sheila E. remixes I scored…shit, where/when did I buy this? Did this just show up at my apartment someday? Is that what it’s come to? Are wayward 12″ singles just somehow becoming self-aware and making their way to my place because they know they’ll have a safe home here?

Seriously, I have no idea where I got this.

American Pie (Victor Calderone Filter Dub Mix)
American Pie (Victor Calderone Vocal Dub Mix)
American Pie (Richard Humpty Vission Visit Madonna)
American Pie (Richard Humpty Vission Radio Mix)
American Pie (Victor Calderone Vocal Club Mix)
American Pie (Victor Calderone Extended Vocal Club Mix)
If there was ever a sign that a completionist attitude is a mistake that can only lead to suffering, it’s the fact that I own not one, but three different 12″ singles of Madonna’s “American Pie,” solely because I want to own as much Madonna as inhumanly possible.

I hate the original version of this song. I’m sorry, I just do. And Madonna’s version is just infinitely worse. You know what doesn’t need to be remade into an upbeat dance track? The song about that time those famous rock and roll stars died tragically at very young ages.

I’m sharing these in the same sense of completionism that I bought them. I’m sure there’s someone out there who wants them just for the sake of wanting them. I’m here for you dude.

In case you’re wondering if any of these remixes are actually good, well it’s hard to say since the original is so bad. But the “Richard Humpty Vission Radio Mix” and the “Victor Calderone Vocal” mixes are decent as they actually resemble the original track to some degree. The others are just bland house tracks with the occasional Madonna vocal sample.

Madonna Remixes and a request for you to listen to weird shit

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

I wrote a thing about how George A. Romero nearly destroyed my life and how much I like his movies.

Also, Madonna.

Music (HQ2 club mix)
Music (Calderone Anthem mix)
Music (Deep Dish Dot Com remix)
Music (Groove Armada club mix)
Music (The Young Collective club mix)
Music (HQ2 radio mix)
Music (Calderone radio edit)
Music (Deep Dish Dot Com radio edit)
Music (Groove Armada 12″ mix)
Die Another Day (Calderone & Quayle Afterlife Mix)
Die Another Day (Calderone & Quayle Afterlife Dub)
I really have to work on purging my Madonna backlog from my queue. These tracks included, there are 45 Madonna remixes in my LostTurntable iTunes playlist, and many of them have been there for a while. I’m really sorry! It’s not like I don’t love Madonna (OMG I love Madonna) I just keep getting distracted by obscure Japanese electronic jazz-funk records. I’m sure you can all identify.

Or not, I don’t know.

I don’t have terribly much to say about these remixes. Most are good, a few aren’t. I posted a couple of the “Music” remixes a few years back, but those were taken from a 12″ single, these are from a proper CD single, so they sound much better.

As I don’t have a lot to say about these tracks, I thought I’d use this space to pontificate about the State Of Lost Turntable, as I do every so often.

If you’re and long-term/regular visitor to this blog you’ve probably noticed my recent change in focus regarding what I’m posting lately. Of my past 10 posts, only two have consisted of Western pop music. The rest were either focused on Japanese dance tracks, or incredibly obscure and strange Japanese electronic music from the 70s and 80s.

This actually has less to do with my taste in music and more to do the fact that it’s kind of hard to find decent 12″ singles from 80s acts here in Japan. I’ve been looking! Really, I have! But whenever I do find some seemingly-obscure 12″ remix by an 80s or 90s act y’all might’ve heard of, it turns out the tracks are either in print or I already posted them years ago. Hence the propensity for me to post and share tracks from out-there Japanese artists, they’re easier for me to find, and still routinely out-of-print (especially in the States and Europe, where most of you are).

I can tell my move to increase focus on Japanese artists isn’t exactly popular. Not because of negative comments (I’m not getting those – thanks for that) but from the complete lack of comments (and hits) that those posts generate.

I get that obscure Japanese jazz-funk might not be your thing. Same for a collection of 70s synthesizer covers of Beatles tracks, but if you only come here to download songs by artists you know or have heard of, and don’t give the Japanese stuff a fair shake, I beg you to reconsider. A lot of the Japanese stuff I’m posting is some of my favorite music as of late, it’s just so original and different when compared to, well, everything else I’ve ever listened to.

So, the next time you come here and you see some weird, obscure Japanese album or an all-synthesizer covers album and are about to close the tab or go somewhere else, why don’t you try giving the music a chance first? You got nothing to lose, shit’s free after all.

Finally, and I know this sounds kind of lame, but if you do like some of the more obtuse and bizarre shit I share, let me know by leaving a comment. It’s nice to know that I’m sharing this for at least a few appreciative people. And if I share something you really like, you could also share it yourself via Facebook, Twitter, or whatever. Again, I know that sounds a little bit like a desperate cry for more readers, but I just want the music I share to find an appreciative audience.

More people need to hear these crazy Beatles covers. Same goes for these synthesized remakes of sci-fi movie themes. And have you heard the soundtrack to the Golgo 13 movie? It’s great! What about this weird Japanese ambient record I found on cassette tape? Or this amazing album of avant-garde electronic funk/jazz? 

Look, I like Madonna as much as the next gay man, but expand your horizons people!

Okay, sorry for the rambling, enjoy the Madonna-rama.

Another Diva Post

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Coming here for game music? You’re in luck! I finally posted some. But it’s not here, it’s over on my other blog. Check it!

In other news, I decided to get back on Instagram. I figured the social media platform known more for random pictures of food is probably better for me than the one known for spreading Neo-Nazi hategroups. You can find me at LostTurntable. I mostly post pics of records (shocking I know) but I also put up pictures of flowers and the occasionally weird/funny/pretty thing I see in Tokyo. If you’re ever aching for sneak previews of what I’ll be posting here, that’s a good place to check as well.

I’ve  been posting a lot of avant-garde and Moog-centric nonsense as of late. How about some disco?

Diana Ross
Love Hangover (Tribal Hangover)
Upside Down (93 Remix)
Upside Down (Dub 2)
Someday We’ll Be Together (93 Remix)
You ever notice how most good Nile Rodgers tracks kind of sound the same? You ever notice how that’s not a problem at all because they’re all dope as fuck?

These are all from the 12″ single to “Chain Reaction.” I didn’t include the mix of that track, as it’s on one of Diana’s greatest hits albums and easily available. All of these remixes are still unavailable outside of this single. The highlight of the bunch is that “93 Remix” of “Upside Down,” an eight-minute extension of the disco track that is just more (but not too much) of a good thing. Although I think that the part where they cut up her voice so she says “up up down up up down” is kind of strange. It sounds like she’s trying to dictate the Konami code or something. Still, a great mix.

The remix of “Someday We’ll Be Together” isn’t all that bad as much as it is entirely unnecessary. The original version features a musical accompaniment by The Funk Brothers and the Detroit Symphonic Orchestra, supplementing their instrumentation with a 90s house beat just seems wrong.

Celebration (Oakenfold Remix)
Celebration (Benny Benassi Dub)
Celebration (Johnny Vicious Club Remix)
Celebration (Oakenfold Remix Dub)
Edit: Apparently I posted these a few months back? Oh well.

I still have…one second, let me go count…51 or so rare Madonna remixes I need to get around to posting here, so I figured I should get on that. I found myself in a dirge of Madonna about two years ago when a local record shop had a massive Madonna 12″ single sale. I don’t even remember how many singles I bought that day, too many probably. I know I didn’t need that 2×12″ remix single of her cover of “American Pie,” that’s for sure.

While “Celebration” isn’t A-grade Madonna, it’s certainly better than that.

The 2×12″ single from which I ripped these also had a pair of Benny Benassi remixes that I’m not including here as they are currently in print and available on most digital music storefronts.

Holiday from my Holiday

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

I’m not dead! I feel happy!

Eh, well, I feel okay I guess. Got some allergy shit going on and my leg is acting weird.

I’ve been gone for over a fucking month! Shit! That sucks. I really sorry about that. The first couple of weeks in August were busy as hell, and then the rest of the month (as well as the first week in September) were spent on vacation back in the states. Usually I find some time during my trips to set aside for writing, but that just couldn’t happen this time around. This vacation I saw family and friends in five states, took my boyfriend to about half a dozen or more museums, celebrated about seven birthdays (including my own) and got drunk on bloody marys more times than I’d like to admit. Sometimes life gets in the way of me posting random crap on the internet, and for that I apologize.

I’m still actually disgustingly busy now that I’m back in Tokyo and I have to make up for a month off, but I really wanted to get something up here. Luckily, I happened to find a holy grail single when I was in the states, so I hope this will help make up for my time away.


Holiday (Extended Remix)
Over And Over (Extended Remix)
In 1987 Madonna released You Can Dance, one of the very first remix albums. It’s comprised of extended remixes from her first three albums, as well as one new track, “Spotlight.” The mixes themselves are mixed into a continuous mix (save for when you have to flip the record). That makes for a fun, party-friendly, listening experience, but if you just want to listen to one of the tracks it’s kind of a bummer, as they get cut off suddenly mid-transition. A (very rare) promo CD did get out that features unmixed versions, but those versions were single edits, not the extended versions found on the album proper.

Only two of the remixes from You Can Dance have been released unmixed, and these are it. They were only made available on a promo release that featured them alongside the unmixed dub versions as well (which you can now find on the You Can Dance CD and digital version).

I’ve been looking for this promo for FUCKING AGES. I saw one in Tokyo once, but it was for well over $100. And while I love me some Madonna, I got my limits. Thankfully, I was at home last month (home being Jerry’s Records in Pittsburgh, PA) and he somehow had a copy buried in his Madonna section for a steal of a price. I even told him that it was priced too low, but he gave me the deal anyways, because Jerry is dope. Thank Jerry for his dope kindness by swinging by his store the next time you’re in the greater Pittsburgh area, and enjoy these insanely hard to find mixes.

I really, really hope to have something more substantial in the coming days and weeks. Things will definitely calm down come next month at the latest. Thanks to all for your continued patience.

My Spirit Animal is Synth Bass

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

How is everyone? I’m okay. Had a pretty busy work week, found some good records from some out-of-the way record stores that I can’t wait to write about (both the stores and the records), got a good workout in yesterday.

Oh, and I totally shook Ryuichi Sakamoto’s hand last weekend.

Y’know. The usual stuff.

Osamu Shoji
Airport In South Islands

Okay, you probably don’t know who Osamu Shoji is, and I understand that. I put up an album of his a few months back, an all-synthesizer covers album of music from Lupin the 3rd. You probably didn’t download that one (and I understand that too), but I behest you, please download this song. This is the funkiest, craziest and silliest Japanese synth-funk jam you’re going to hear this year. And while I’m sure you’re saying to yourself “I doubt I’m going to hear many Japanese synth-funk jams this year” well, you don’t know what other crap I have planned for this blog in the coming months.

Cosmo Wave and the Space Cadets
Star Trekking
Hall Of The Mountain King
Everyone knows about Meco’s amazing discofied rendition of the Star Wars theme, but a hell of a lot less people know about this disco cover of the Star Trek theme.

That’s probably because it’s not nearly as good, but hey, space disco! And a disco version of “Hall Of The Mountain King,” because why the fuck not. I have metal, prog and techno covers, what’s another genre?

In case you’re wondering, I have zero idea as to who the fuck Cosmo Wave and the Space Cadets are. The single I got only credits the original songwriters and not the new arrangers. The credited producer is one Elaine Lane, and that sounds like a fake name if I ever heard one. So if anyone out there has any information as to who this actually is, let me know!

Love Profusion (Passengerz Club Mix)
Nobody Knows Me (Above & Beyond 12″ Mix)
Between obscure Japanese synth-funk and unknown disco covers of TV theme songs I thought I should throw in something tonight by someone people have actually heard of. My Madonna backlog is getting intimidating, I really have to get around to posting them.

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t, it’s because most are remixes to “Love Profusion.” I mean, I like that song, but I don’t think the world needed eight remixes of it damn.

Happy New Year with Madonna and White Zombie

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I hope no one’s cell phone was stolen in a hipster coffee house. I hope no one’s laptop was smashed by a wheelchair. Those would not be fun things to happen during one’s holiday break. Trust me.

Moving onto more upbeat news, this year will mark the 10th anniversary of Lost Turntable. This fact BLOWS MY FUCKING MIND.

I want to plan something special for the anniversary month, which is this March. Although I really haven’t figured out what that would be. So if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

This has to be one of the longest running MP3 blogs at this point, right? I mean, who the fuck is left? Every blog that inspired me to create this blog is either completely offline at this point or hasn’t been updated in years. Quitters.

White Zombie
Thunder Kiss ’65 (Finger On The Trigger Remix)
Thunder Kiss ’65 (The Remix That Wouldn’t Die Remix)
Thunder Kiss ’65 (The Diabolical Ramrodder Remix)
Thunder Kiss ’65 (Swinging Lovers Remix)
White Zombie reminds me of Ridge Racer.

Okay, so here’s the thing.

When the Playstation came out there weren’t that many good games for it. One of the best was the original Ridge Racer. Now, I don’t know if this was an advertised feature of the game or something I just read in a magazine, but since the game loaded entirely to the system’s RAM, once it booted up you could take out the PS1 game disc and put in any old CD you wanted, which would then serve as the game’s soundtrack. For some reason, my go to CD was Astro-Creep: 2000.

I have incredibly vivid memories of racing along to “Electric Head” and using the track as an audio checkpoint – if I could get to one corner of the track before the chorus kicked in, I knew I was doing good. Why the fuck this memory sticks in my head and not, y’know, my boyfriend’s birthday, I have no idea.

Anyways, these remixes are by KMFDM and they hella sound like remixes of White Zombie songs by KMFDM. So your enjoyment of them will probably depend on how appealing that sounds to you. They just make me want to play Ridge Racer.


GHV2 (Tracy Young’s Shake & Stir Club Mix)
Madonna does not make me think of any video game in particular save for this obscure Japanese arcade game that features a brief chiptune cover of “Like A Virgin.” I guess I could also associate her with the Turbografx-16 game Vigilante, as the protagonist’s kidnapped girlfriend’s name is Madonna for some reason. I doubt she endorsed that cameo.

This track is a megamix of tracks taken from her 2001 greatest hits album GHV2. There were several versions of this mix released, albeit none commercially – all were promo and DJ releases only. This one is one of the rarest, and is only on a handful of 12″ promo singles and CDrs. If I ever get around to finishing that mega Madonna singles guide, I’ll be sure to go into more detail there.

Have a Madonna Christmas

Monday, December 21st, 2015

I’m in America! Oregon to be exact. So if you see a giant man in a Run DMC shirt buying records in Portland this Tuesday, say yo.

Sorry if tonight’s post is poorly written and/or stupid. I’m suffering from severe jet lag and slightly drunk.

Ray Of Light (Sasha Strip Down Mix)
Ray Of Light (Sasha Twilo Mix)
Ray Of Light (Sasha Ultra Violet Mix)
Ray Of Light (Victor Calderone Club Mix)
Ray Of Light (Victor Calderone Drum Mix)
Ray Of Light (William Orbit Liquid Mix)
Ray Of Light (William Orbit Ultra Violet Mix)
This is easily one of my favorite Madonna singles, probably in my top ten between “Music” and “Don’t Tell Me.” It’s a wonderful song, and one of the most perfect dance tracks ever constructed.

That being said, let’s talk about the lyrics for a minute.

Zephyr in the sky at night I wonder
Do my tears of mourning sink beneath the sun
She’s got herself a universe gone quickly
For the call of thunder threatens everyone

“Zephyr in the sky” is one of the strangest opening lines to any pop song outside of the 1960s psychedelic rock boom. The literal definition of “zephyr” in case you were wondering, is “a light wind.” So the opening line of the song is her pretty much saying “Hey wind, I have a question.” Or maybe she’s talking to a train. Who knows. I’m not even going to begin to attempt parsing the other lines of the chorus. I’m sure they’re not nonsense, but they definitely come off as such. I bet it’s deep and probably has to do with whatever religion Madonna was into that week, so I don’t want to knock them too much.

But that chorus.

“And I feel like I just got home.”

What does that even mean? Okay. Seriously. Let me think about how I feel when I walk in the door. These are the thoughts going through my head.

  • Ugh, I gotta take this tie off.
  • Oh my god I have to pee so bad.
  • I wonder if I got any mail.
  • When’s my boyfriend coming over?
  • Oh well, might as well play some Rock Band for a bit. Or maybe Pac-Man.
  • I want pizza.

Maybe the line means something like “I’m relieved” or “I’m at peace?” “I’m in a safe space?” Or maybe it’s like, she just got home after a long journey. But wouldn’t “I feel like I’m finally home” work better for that feeling?

It doesn’t really matter, of course. This is a rave track, and a late-90s one at that. And if “Blue” taught us anything, it’s that 90s dance music didn’t have to have any deep meaning behind it. In fact, it was probably better when it didn’t.

And these remixes are dope. I hope you all enjoy them and if I don’t get another post up before, I wish you all a merry Christmas.

Let’s All Go Back To LiveJournal and Listen to Madonna Together

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Okay so I need to rant about something and I really can’t do it on my other site because less understanding family go there and I can’t do it on Twitter because it would be about a thousand tweets. So congrats, you all win.

Like, what the fuck is wrong with Facebook?

What is it about Facebook that brings out the absolutely shittiest forms of expression in people? Facebook should be awesome, especially for someone like me, an expat who has friends on multiple continents. But it’s not. It’s a wasteland of horrifically unfunny plagiarized memes, anti-science babbling and racist bullshit.

Why? Why do people feel the need to contribute to that festering stew? Who clicks “like” on something that says “click like if you remember [NOSTALGIA]?” Why do that?

Ugh. It’s disgusting. And seeing a sizable minority of my friends recently speak out against #blacklivesmatter as something that’s allegedly racist just makes my head want detach itself from my neck and crawl itself up my ass just because it might find less shit there.

If your natural response to seeing someone post something related to #blacklivesmatter is to say “hey all lives matter” then shut up. Just shut up. Google “All lives matter” and see the racist mountain you’re willing to die on. Shut up. It’s not about you. Shut up and listen. I’m willing to bet you don’t do that a lot.

I’ve given up all hope that we’ll ever live in a “post-racial” society but I’m counting down the days and praying that we someday live in a “post Facebook” one.

There should be a social network dedicated to only sharing original content. Of course, if there was no one would bother to use it, because writing original content is hard and scary and omg look at this Minions meme.

Here are some Latin interpretations of Japanese techno songs performed by a German DJ. And Madonna because I’m gay.

Señor Coconut and His Orchestra
Limbo (instrumental version)
Behind The Mask (Original Hamster’s Yellow Miami Magic Sound Orchestra Machine Remix)

The Madmen (instrumental version)
Ongaku (instrumental version)
Simoon (instrumental version)
I could have sworn that I posted some Señor Coconut before. Huh. Strange. Maybe it was attached to one of the very few posts I’ve had flagged for DMCA violations before (upside to maintaining a woefully unpopular blog on my own server is that I don’t get a lot of those).

Anways, Señor Coconut is the alter ego of one Uwe Schmidt, a German DJ based in Chile. As Mr. Coconut, Schmidt takes classic songs and reimagines them as bossa nova dance jams. It’s a solid concept.

In 2005 he dedicated an entire album to bossa nova covers of Yellow Magic Orchestra songs and called it Yellow Fever. I found a vinyl copy of it last year and fell in love with it. But I was extra elated to pick up a used copy of the Japanese CD edition last week, as it contains a shitload of bonus tracks, all of which I’m including here.

Strangely, on the CD itself the remix of “Behind The Mask” is included as a “secret track” attached to the instrumental of “Ongaku.” As to make things a little less confusing, I went ahead and separated them into two separate tunes.

Give It 2 Me (Eddie Amador Club)
Give It 2 Me (Fedde Le Grand Remix)
Give It 2 Me (Eddie Amador House Lovers Remix)
Give It 2 Me (Oakenfold Extended Remix)
Give It 2 Me (Tong & Spoon Wonderland Mix)
Give It 2 Me (Jody den Broeder Club)
Give It 2 Me (Sly and Robbie Ragga Mix)
Another product of the great Madonna singles buying marathon of April. While “Give It 2 Me” is not a bad song, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it didn’t deserve this multitude of remixes.


Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

I went to Summer Sonic this past weekend. It was pretty rad and I plan on writing about it sometime this week or the next. I won’t have much to say about the actual festival, but the entire experience did make me think about the state of rock music, what makes me identify with music, and the growing trend of pastiche as a genre.

I think it’s going to be rather wordy. So I apologize in advance for that.

Now music.

She Wants To Move (D.F.A. Remix)
She Wants To Move (Mac & Toolz Extended Remix)
“Her ass is a spaceship I want to ride.”


Fuck the “Happy” song, that line right there is the most life-affirming shit Pharrell ever wrote by far.

I love this song, much like I love nearly everything off of the first two N.E.R.D. albums. It’s such a great song that it can even overcome the lackluster DFA remix, that tries way too hard to make it into a krautrock song. You can’t do that to a song that has the line “her ass is a spaceship I want to ride” goddammit. The Mac & Toolz remix works far better, and instead re-imagines the song as an 80s funk jam with plenty of totally radical synths.

Big Country
Wonderland (Extended Mix)
Heart And Soul
Lost Patrol (Live)
I posted a bunch of Big Country a while back and have been repeatedly (but politely) requested by one incredibly persistent Big Country fan to repost them. Here are a few of them. I’ll try and put the rest up in the next few posts. Spoiler: “Wonderland” is one of the greatest songs ever written and you should like it.

Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix)
Celebration (Benny Benassi Dub)
Celebration (Oakenfold Remix)
Celebration (Oakenfold Remix Dub)
Celebration (Johnny Vicious Club Remix)
Continuing in what will most likely be a multi-month/year posting spree of Madonna remixes. These are all from a 2×12″ single I picked up earlier this summer.

In additional Madonna news, I’m still working on part two of my guide to Madonna singles. It’s proving to be daunting. She put out a lot of freaking singles in the 90s you guys.