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Eyepatches for 2013

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

So tonight I spent three hours working on tracking down the keyboardist to an obscure 70s funk band.

I have weird hobbies.

Milk (D Mix)
Milk (Trance Mix)
One of the reasons why I’ve kept this blog going for seven years (holy shit!) is that it’s just as educational and informative for me as it is my readers. For example, I had no idea that there were so many damn mixes of this song! I only had the Massive Attack mix that was on the 2CD edition of their greatest hits album Absolute Garbage. I had no idea that there were these two additional mixes by Massive Attack, two mixes by Goldie, three mixes by Rabbit In The Moon, and one with Tricky. Damn. That’s a lot of “Milk.” How come none of these other mixes have been released in any sort of complication? Chalk Garbage up as another band in the long list of acts who need and deserve a proper multi-disc remix compilation.

Dead Or Alive
You Spin Me Round (Like  a Record)
Mighty Mix 2
So when I was in Tokyo I found these.


Yeah, those were must buys for the covers alone. Nevermind that I already had the tracks on one of the singles both on vinyl and on a Dead or Alive compilation CD. I mean, it would be idiotic to have bought one of those 12″ singles and not the other. They’re obviously a matching set. I need to get these motherfucker matted, framed and hung up over my dinner table. So when people come in my house, they know I”m serious about my…um…80s synthpop acts that featured androgynous lead singers with eye-patches…I guess.

Yeah, that’s it. I’m going to stand by that.

In case anyone is wondering, the two songs that I did already have that I’m not featuring here tonight are the Murder Mix of “You Spin Me Round” and the extended mix of “Misty Circles.” There are about a billion places where you can get the Murder Mix, and if you want the extended mix of “Misty Circles,” you can find it on the expanded edition of Sophisticated Boom Boom, where it is billed as the “Dance Mix.”

On a related note: Sophisticated Boom Boom might be the best worst name for an album in history.

Confusion!!! And other stuff.

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Ah spring, fresh air, sunny days…and fucking relentless dog barking thanks to my shitty neighbors leaving their poor dogs out alone all day.

A quick mini-rant. I’m trying to be more positive nowadays so it’s not going to be especially vitriolic. Sorry guys, being an angry prick 24/7 wasn’t good for my health.

I kind of made a big deal earlier this year about some troll-like comments the blog was getting. I don’t mind being corrected for my mistakes, I don’t even mind a bit of snarky attitude. But getting consistently harassed for either incredibly small mistakes or for things that aren’t actually mistakes at all is really annoying and disheartening. I have real problems that I’m dealing with right now that depress me enough, I don’t need some worthless punk who would never dare talk to me that way to my face giving me grief over the internet.

So anyways, starting now needlessly vile, mean-spirited or hate-filled comments will no longer be approved by yours truly. That doesn’t mean you can’t tell me I suck, please tell me I suck. But tell me WHY I suck and do it in an intelligent manner.

Funny note about this whole thing: I warned one offending commenter that if he didn’t clean up his act I would no longer approve his comments. He of course didn’t and now he’s banned. I said as much in the comment thread and he then commented again, saying that my readers reading this comment would know I’m a coward for not publishing it…

There’s a logic flaw there. I’ll leave it to you to figure out.

And besides, if that somehow makes me a coward fine. I’d rather be a happy coward than an angry brave idiot arguing over bullshit that doesn’t matter in the first place.

New Order
Confusion (Alternative Mix)
Confusion (Essential Mix)
Confusion (Trip 1-Ambient Confusion)
Confusion (Accapella)
Confusion (Con-om-fus-ars-ion Mix)
Confusion (Ooh-Wee Dub)

I now have over 20 New Order singles, in fact it may be a lot more than that. Those are just the ones I’ve recorded to my computer. I really need to start a list of all the damn records I own. My collection isn’t even in alphabetical order aside from my Depeche Mode collection, which has its own separate section which I worship everyday. Aren’t there websites or something where you can catalog the shit you own? Are they any better than just writing up a big excel file?

These mixes of “Confusion” are odd. They aren’t from the original Factory single but instead from a 1990 single released by Minimal Records. I feel fairly confident in proclaiming these aren’t in print in any form. I also feel confident in proclaiming that “Con-om-fus-ars-ion Mix” is the most annoying thing I had to type all month.

Push It (Victor Calderone Club Mix)
Push It (Victor Calderone Dub Mix)
Push It (Boom Boom Satellites Mix)

There is supposedly a new Garbage CD coming out this year. That makes me happy.

That third mix has a funny name unless you know that Boom Boom Satellites is actually the name of a band, a damn good band from Japan in fact. I actually saw Boom Boom Satellites live once. They opened for Moby in 1999 during his first tour in support of Play. They were amazing live but everything I’ve heard on CD just hasn’t compared for some reason.

Now yes, the Boom Boom Satellites mix is on the 2-disc version of Absolute Garbage, however, that version is actually an edit of this version that cuts about a minute or so out. This one is extra Boom Boom for your buck.

Yeah, sorry about that.