Confusion!!! And other stuff.

Ah spring, fresh air, sunny days…and fucking relentless dog barking thanks to my shitty neighbors leaving their poor dogs out alone all day.

A quick mini-rant. I’m trying to be more positive nowadays so it’s not going to be especially vitriolic. Sorry guys, being an angry prick 24/7 wasn’t good for my health.

I kind of made a big deal earlier this year about some troll-like comments the blog was getting. I don’t mind being corrected for my mistakes, I don’t even mind a bit of snarky attitude. But getting consistently harassed for either incredibly small mistakes or for things that aren’t actually mistakes at all is really annoying and disheartening. I have real problems that I’m dealing with right now that depress me enough, I don’t need some worthless punk who would never dare talk to me that way to my face giving me grief over the internet.

So anyways, starting now needlessly vile, mean-spirited or hate-filled comments will no longer be approved by yours truly. That doesn’t mean you can’t tell me I suck, please tell me I suck. But tell me WHY I suck and do it in an intelligent manner.

Funny note about this whole thing: I warned one offending commenter that if he didn’t clean up his act I would no longer approve his comments. He of course didn’t and now he’s banned. I said as much in the comment thread and he then commented again, saying that my readers reading this comment would know I’m a coward for not publishing it…

There’s a logic flaw there. I’ll leave it to you to figure out.

And besides, if that somehow makes me a coward fine. I’d rather be a happy coward than an angry brave idiot arguing over bullshit that doesn’t matter in the first place.

New Order
Confusion (Alternative Mix)
Confusion (Essential Mix)
Confusion (Trip 1-Ambient Confusion)
Confusion (Accapella)
Confusion (Con-om-fus-ars-ion Mix)
Confusion (Ooh-Wee Dub)

I now have over 20 New Order singles, in fact it may be a lot more than that. Those are just the ones I’ve recorded to my computer. I really need to start a list of all the damn records I own. My collection isn’t even in alphabetical order aside from my Depeche Mode collection, which has its own separate section which I worship everyday. Aren’t there websites or something where you can catalog the shit you own? Are they any better than just writing up a big excel file?

These mixes of “Confusion” are odd. They aren’t from the original Factory single but instead from a 1990 single released by Minimal Records. I feel fairly confident in proclaiming these aren’t in print in any form. I also feel confident in proclaiming that “Con-om-fus-ars-ion Mix” is the most annoying thing I had to type all month.

Push It (Victor Calderone Club Mix)
Push It (Victor Calderone Dub Mix)
Push It (Boom Boom Satellites Mix)

There is supposedly a new Garbage CD coming out this year. That makes me happy.

That third mix has a funny name unless you know that Boom Boom Satellites is actually the name of a band, a damn good band from Japan in fact. I actually saw Boom Boom Satellites live once. They opened for Moby in 1999 during his first tour in support of Play. They were amazing live but everything I’ve heard on CD just hasn’t compared for some reason.

Now yes, the Boom Boom Satellites mix is on the 2-disc version of Absolute Garbage, however, that version is actually an edit of this version that cuts about a minute or so out. This one is extra Boom Boom for your buck.

Yeah, sorry about that.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You just can't be honest, can you? I didn't say that "readers reading this comment would know you're a coward for not publishing it…", I said that if you didn't publish it YOU would be the coward. And you are.

    But even better, since you bothered to mention it at all, now your readers WILL know you are a coward for not publishing it.


  2. The Lost Turntable says:

    Wow. you commented within MINUTES of the post. That's amazing. I'm letting you have this last comment so I can say this.

    Fine. You're right. I'm wrong. I'm a coward and you're the supreme leader of all things. You know all. I know nothing. I'm a liar and a coward.

    Okay. Now you can go away. Congrats…you win…something? What is it you win exactly? The knowledge that you somehow know more than me? Even though you don't because both times you were actually wrong, even when I was wrong too? I mean…good for you I guess?

    But if that's what it takes for you to leave me the hell alone then great. I bow to your "superior" knowledge, petty insults and childish ways. A winner is you!

    Happily wrong, stupid and a coward,

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Lost Turntable DJ,

    It's YOUR blog. YOU decide what you want to publish or not. YOU decide what you wish to respond to or not.

    And let me tell ya, your blog is awesome! It's always interesting to read your perspectives on things…never knew Ian Dury had polio – what a guy! We never know what music you are going to throw at us, so that's why we keep tuning in. I like some choices, others not quite as much, but that doesn't mean I don't at least give 'em a listen. Other people might like what I may not care for. Such is life, but I really can't comprehend why you should be receiving any hate mail at all???

    Please please please don't pay this jerk any more mind!

    You are our ONE TRUE DJ – that we all know and love! This is such a cool blog, and I just can't go back to the cold, lonely realms of cyberspace where the majority actually considers Miley Cyrus to be a great talent. Please don't let that jerk take you away from us! We need you! You are our only hope, Obiwan! Only you can save the internet from sucking! YOU CAN HELP US ACHIEVE BETTER SEX THROUGH MOOG!


    PS: Lost Turntable DJ, you give me "shivers down my spi-i-i-iiii–ine!"

  4. Anonymous says:

    And now it's time to jam to The Kinks!
    A tribute to my favorite Lost Turntable DJ! sez Laura…

    Radios of the world are tuning in tonight,
    Are you on the dial, are you tuned in right?
    One of our D.J.'s is missing.
    Are you listening?
    Are you listening to me?
    Can you hear me?
    Can you hear me clearly?
    Around the dial.

    I've been around the dial so many times,
    But you're not there.
    Somebody tells me that you've been taken off the air.
    Well, you were my favorite D.J.,
    Since I can't remember when.
    You always played the best records,
    You never followed any trend.
    F.M., A.M. where are you?
    You gotta be out there somewhere on the dial.
    On the dial.

    (Are you ready) We're going 'round the dial,
    (Are you listening) Around the dial,
    (Are you tuned in) Around the dial,
    (Are you searchin') Around the dial.
    F.M., A.M. where are you?
    You gotta be out there somewhere on the dial.
    On the dial.

    Where did you go Mr. D.J.?
    Did they take you off the air?
    Was it something that you said to the corporation guys upstairs?
    It wasn't the pressure,
    You never sounded down.
    It couldn't be the ratings,
    You had the best in town.
    Somehow I'm gonna find ya, track you down.
    Gonna keep on searchin',
    Around and around and 'round and 'round…

    (They're searchin') Around the dial,
    (They're listenin') Around the dial,
    (Poor station) The best in town,
    (Poor D.J.) Who never let us down.
    While the critics kept on knocking you,
    You just kept on rocking around the dial.
    Around the dial.

    I've been searchin' for you on my radio.
    This time your station really must have gone underground
    Somebody said you had a minor nervous breakdown.
    Was it something that you heard,
    Or something that you saw,
    That made you lose your mind,
    Did you lose control.
    Did you step out of line?
    If you're there, give us a sign.

    I can't believe that you've been taken off the air.
    Think I'll sell my radio now that you're not there.
    You never gave in to fashion,
    You never followed any trends,
    All the record bums tried to hack you up,
    But you were honest to the end.
    Gonna keep my radio on,
    'Till I know just what went wrong.
    The answers out there somewhere on the dial.
    On the dial.

    Can you hear me (around the dial)
    Are you listenin' (around the dial)
    Are you out there (around the dial)
    Can you hear me?
    Around the dial.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I tried to say it before… but I used a lot of four letter words. I'd like to express my gratitude for the effort you've put into this blog. It's one of my favorite places to check out during the week. Thanks for the New Order today and thanks for educating me over the last year or so.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi, what about Isn't it good enough for catalogueing our music. For me it's just the best. Escpecially für vinyl!

  7. The Lost Turntable says:


    Wow. That's hardcore. Thanks.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. raul says:

    hi there,i tried cd bank cataloguer and it works fantastic for me,try it maybe it's what you need,by the way i love your blog and it's up to you what u want to publish on it,i follow you anyway

  10. Drain says:

    i agree. is a pretty good resource to catalog your immense collection. the only downside is sometimes you'll find that what you want to add to your collection may not be listed so you'll have to create a listing for it yourself. but other than that, it's pretty good.

  11. SteveA says:

    Your blog rocks! Never mind what people say, especially if they say it to insult or appear superior.

  12. Michael says:

    I love your blog and check it regularly, I'm not sure what the fuss is about there in the past posts but nevermind that. I can't get enough of Confusion, this makes like 20 versions of the song. Love it. Keep up the great work!

  13. The Disappeared says:

    Somewhere at home, in a dusty old cardboard box in the loft, I have the original 12" single version of New Order's "Confusion". Yeah, vinyl.
    Obviously you know that it was produced by Arthur Baker. I'm sure though that the 12" has a couple of Baker's remixes on it too.
    If I ever venture up there, I'll have a look and confirm for you.

    Just found: more info here-

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just found your post and love "Confusion." Any chance of reposting at some point? Sorry I missed it before. Thanks!!!

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