Eyepatches for 2013

So tonight I spent three hours working on tracking down the keyboardist to an obscure 70s funk band.

I have weird hobbies.

Milk (D Mix)
Milk (Trance Mix)
One of the reasons why I’ve kept this blog going for seven years (holy shit!) is that it’s just as educational and informative for me as it is my readers. For example, I had no idea that there were so many damn mixes of this song! I only had the Massive Attack mix that was on the 2CD edition of their greatest hits album Absolute Garbage. I had no idea that there were these two additional mixes by Massive Attack, two mixes by Goldie, three mixes by Rabbit In The Moon, and one with Tricky. Damn. That’s a lot of “Milk.” How come none of these other mixes have been released in any sort of complication? Chalk Garbage up as another band in the long list of acts who need and deserve a proper multi-disc remix compilation.

Dead Or Alive
You Spin Me Round (Like  a Record)
Mighty Mix 2
So when I was in Tokyo I found these.


Yeah, those were must buys for the covers alone. Nevermind that I already had the tracks on one of the singles both on vinyl and on a Dead or Alive compilation CD. I mean, it would be idiotic to have bought one of those 12″ singles and not the other. They’re obviously a matching set. I need to get these motherfucker matted, framed and hung up over my dinner table. So when people come in my house, they know I”m serious about my…um…80s synthpop acts that featured androgynous lead singers with eye-patches…I guess.

Yeah, that’s it. I’m going to stand by that.

In case anyone is wondering, the two songs that I did already have that I’m not featuring here tonight are the Murder Mix of “You Spin Me Round” and the extended mix of “Misty Circles.” There are about a billion places where you can get the Murder Mix, and if you want the extended mix of “Misty Circles,” you can find it on the expanded edition of Sophisticated Boom Boom, where it is billed as the “Dance Mix.”

On a related note: Sophisticated Boom Boom might be the best worst name for an album in history.

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  1. blake says:

    thanks a lot for those two remixes of Milk! I’ve been after them for ages (I only had the more common “Classic Mix” of the three Massive Attack remixes)

    By the way, there are actually TWO different Tricky remixes of Milk ->

    “Milk (The Wicked Mix featuring Tricky)” 4:03
    “Milk (Tricky Remix)” 4:19

    The Wicked Mix is the “radio-friendly” version of Tricky’s remix. According to him, “[Garbage] flew me to Chicago to do this remix, and then the management decide to put the other version out instead because mine’s ‘not commercial enough’. I mean, if you want a commercial remix, why d’you ask me to do it?”

    ..so basically he did his version, they didn’t like it – then remixed his version. The “Tricky Remix” was only available on a 7″ record (which also came with a weird, glossy solid red poster)

  2. Stevo says:

    I bought both Dead or Alive 12s on the day they were released, had gotten into them from when I saw them do Misty Circles on a kids programme. I think they were released at least a week, if not a month, apart. The mighty mix was a long sought after 12″ promo (I managed to get it for £8 when it was released) for the SBB album, not sure if part 1 has ever seen a digital release?

  3. pop beats says:

    Dead or Alive 12s is a great album. At first I wasn’t too much feeling all the grooves but it grows on me and I glad I’ve bought it.

  4. Jason K says:

    You need to just pick up every Garbage import single from their first two albums. There are a LOT of them. They always have incredible b-sides. One of the Queer singles has the excellent b-side Trip My Wire that became a staple of their live sets because its fucking awesome.

    I worked at a msuic store during the time of 2.0 and I had 2 and 3 different singles for Paranoid, Push It (including a 3″ Aussie version, a Boom Boom Satellites remix, AND a cover of Big Starr – Thirteen), Special (4 different discs!! and the great b-side 13XForever, which for some reason bleeps out some swear words, but not all), When I Grow Up (b-side Tornado), You Look So Fine (awesome fun b-side Get Busy With the Fizzy), and even The Trick Is To Keep Breathing, a German only single. Seriously, before I sold some on Amazon a few years back ( I know, I know) I had something like 13 import singles from that one album! You seriously need to check out the Crystal Method remix of Paranoid (perfectly coined I Think I’m Crystalized, although its still mostly a dub, i’d kill for a full vocal mix) and the drum n bass Purity remix. One of the discs includes the “Rickedy Raw mix”, which they actually pushed to “Adult Contemporary” radio while the real version played on alt stations.

    Yes, 3 of us that worked at the music store were really into Garbage during this period. And of course I still am, but its never quite the same as that time period right?

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