Madonnarama Continued

A quick news update on the news I mentioned a few weeks ago.

I am still planning on launching my new site very soon. I was actually planning on launching it today, I have articles ready and everything, but I ran into some technical snafus that have forced me to postpone it a week or so. It’s definitely coming along though, and I think I’ll be able to get things rolling there relatively soon. I’m pretty excited about it and I hope you all like what I have in store.

I’m actually pretty happy with how things are going right now with both the new site and this one. I got some cool stuff lined up here, and my readership has gradually been increasing for the past few months, which is pretty rad. My last post, the one with the Alec Empire mixes, was actually one of my most popular posts in months, no doubt in thanks to Alec Empire himself, who retweeted a link to the post. I always love it when I get some sort of approval from the artists I’m posting. Makes me feel somewhat validated, especially since the number of posts I’ve gotten approval on more than doubles the number of posts that I’ve had to remove because of DMCA notices.

Although I doubt Madonna would be one of those artists. Just a hunch. So no one tell her!

Secret (Allstar Mix)
Secret (Junior Luscious Club Mix)
Secret (Junior’s Luscious Club Dub)
Secret (Junior’s Sound Factory Mix)
Secret (Junior’s Sound Factory Dub)
Take A Bow (InDaSoul Mix)
Take A Bow (InDaSoul Instrumental)
Take A Bow (Instrumental)
Take A Bow (Silky Soul Mix)
More Madonna! And these mixes of “Secret” are some of my favorite.

I’ve always found these remixes to “Secret” interesting from a production standpoint, for a variety of reasons. First of all, they’re vastly superior to the original album version, which is way too slow and subdued. Secondly, the vocals on a few of them  are sped up in a very unique way. Typically when a song is remixed and they want to change the tempo, the pitch of the vocals is affected as well, giving the whole song a “chipmunk” feel. Here, they do some interesting audio editing, snipping out bits here and there, to make Madonna’s pace slightly faster all while keeping her vocals sounding the same otherwise. It’s fascinating to me, and I bet it was even harder to do back then, with digital production techniques just starting to become more sophisticated.

As far as the mixes for “Take A Bow”…man, remember New Jack Swing? These mixes New Jack Swing the fuck out of that song, which was already kind of New Jack Swingy to begin with, Babyface did produce and co-write it after all.  They’re pretty dated. Still a good song though.

3 Responses to “Madonnarama Continued”

  1. eternalkhaos says:

    Nothing to do with Madonna but you recently mentioned you’re doing a review of The Velvet Underground & Nico Super Deluxe Edition a couple of weeks ago so is that still coming (even when you launch your new site)?

  2. Lost Turntable says:

    It’s coming on the new site! Short version: It’s great – buy it.

  3. Guest says:

    Tried looking for Madonna/Atari Teenage Riot mash-ups, a mix that incorporates Madonna and ATR in the set-list, or any tangential connection where a dj or musician has put Madonna in close proximity to ATR, and couldn’t find anything. Your blog is the first step to bridging the gap between the two, with an Alec Empire post between two Madonna posts. Perhaps there can be diplomacy. []

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