Blondie For President

Got a great comment on my Romney Rant.

And by “great” I mean “fucking idiotic nonsense.”

Also, consider the very real possibility that people like Romney because Obama has been an unmitigated disaster. Take your pick:

Attacking the church
Attacking small business
The economy, the economy, the economy, etc.

Romney, on the other hand, shines because none of the negative stuff you’ve posted is true. Obama’s re-election campaign has tried again and again to make stuff stick, but none of it works because IT’S NOT TRUE. The fact you’d believe any of it betrays the fact that you don’t know anything. Stick to talking about music.

I wrote a somewhat detailed response to this idiocy in the comment section for that post, and I suggest you look at it, but I wanted to talk about this a little more.

The above comment is pretty indicative of why America is going in the shitter: stupid liars who will stop at nothing to prevent change and progressive thought from taking a foothold in America. Obama isn’t “Attacking the church.” He’s never done anything of the sort. Demanding that religious groups treat women’s health the same as men’s health is not a “war on religion,” it’s a war against sexism and misogyny.

(And if you’re stupid enough to think that demanding religious organizations cover birth control in their insurance is a war on a church’s values, then why do those same religious organizations cover Viagra for men, even if they’re single or have no desire to have children? Yeah. Thought so.)

Like I said, I already went through all of these idiotic claims when I responded to twit, so I’m not going to do it again. But I want everyone to remember, this is the kind of shit that American progress is up against; idiots who will deny the truth even when its staring them in the face, all while slinging out their own pile of bullshit lies and distortions. I stand by my list of facts against Romney. Those are all true. Shit, nearly all of them are things he has said in public and stood by! The man is an bigoted prick who doesn’t understand the worries, concerns, needs and issues of the common person, minorities, the poor, the GLBT community, and just about anyone else who isn’t a rich white assholes. And trust me, rich white assholes love the dude and will continue to lie and distort the facts to help their own pocketbooks and fuck you over.

Is Obama perfect? No! Not at all! Not by a long shot. He has done a lot of things that I think are deplorable, but I think he’s the best bet America has had in a long time for the country to actually move in a direction that might  leave future generations better off. If nothing else, a vote for him is a vote against a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot, and that’s enough for me.

In other news, I hope all my East Coast peeps (and everyone else along the East Cost for that matter) are holding up alright. Remember everyone, even though America has a great system of disaster relief set up, it never hurts to toss a few bucks to Red Cross during these hard times. Even if they don’t need the money for this disaster, it will eventually come in handy. So do your part.

Now more Blondie!

One Way Or Another (Damien’s Express Check Out Dub)
Rapture (K-Klassic Instrumental)
Rapture (Guru’s Fly Party Mix)
Rapture (Pharmacy Dub)
Rapture (Guru’s Fly Party Instrumental)
Rapture (Phactory Beats)
Rapture (K-Klassic Radio Mix)
Rapture (The Teddy Riley Remix)
Rapture (Dub Version)
Union City Blue (Diddy’s Power and Passion Mix)
Union City Blue (Vinny Vero’s Turquoise Mix)
Union City Blue (Burger Queen Peroxide Power Mix)
Union City Blue (OPM Poppy Mix)
Union City Blue (Burger Queen Babes In Toyland Mix)
Union City Blue (Vinny Vero’s Double Hand Dub)
See? Lots more Blondie! And most of these remixes are pretty great (aside from that “One Way Or Another” dub mix…ick). The singles that I culled these from actually had even more mixes, such as the full-length K-Klassic remix, but since you can get those on iTunes and Amazon, I didn’t include them here.

I already have most of  my next post written and I think I’m finally on the way to getting the “big announcement” ready! So hopefully this will be a pretty productive week.

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  1. SteveA says:

    I admire your honesty….there’s alot of truth in there!

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