I’m in a good mood. Celebrate by buying some of my records (and downloading some Belinda Carlisle).

No profanity-laced political tirade tonight. No rants about how people are horrible (spoiler: they sill kind of are). No depressing exclamations of pessimistic, misanthropic views about the American voting population. None of that bullshit. Why?

Because I’m actually kind of in a good mood for once and I’d rather keep it that way. Also, I just updated my “For Sale” page! So if you really want me to keep this upbeat, positive vibe, then go to that post and make me an offer on some stuff you want. I added some cool Duran Duran, Laibach, Exotic Birds and more! I should also be updating it this weekend, so check back often!

Now music.

Belinda Carlisle
Visions Of You (Remix ’91)
I Feel Free (Live)
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Live)
When I was in NYC a few weeks ago I did the proper hipster thing and went to a drunken party in a dive bar with a bunch of art students. While there, I got met a man who was rocking a GoGo’s t-shirt (and an amaaazing mustache). I immediately knew this was a person I had to talk to, and we spent about five minutes discussing exactly how awesome The GoGo’s were (we settled on “really fucking awesome.”)

At the end of the conversation though, the mustached man said that while he loves her, Belinda Carlisle has to be one of the worst names in the history of pop music.

“Belinda!” he said, “it just sounds gross!”

This man’s name?


Glass houses people.

These three tunes are from a clear 12″ single that came in a ziplock bag. Yeah. It was weird looking.

That’s Good (Extended Version)
Speed Racer (Extended Version)
Speaking of weird singles, I got these hard-to-find remixes from a 12″ promo-only single that was given out to radio stations. I have no idea why these mixes were never put out on any other single or have yet to be re-released in any way (at least, as far as I know), they’re pretty great. “That’s Good” is one of Devo’s best, and definitely one of those songs that can never be long enough. Yay Devo.


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  1. Stephen says:

    Damn. Now I’m smitten with Debbie Harry. I hope you’re happy.

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