I Hate Romney. I Love Blondie.

I haven’t been writing a lot lately and it’s been getting me down.

Actually the reason why I haven’t been writing a lot is because I’ve been down. So I guess it’s a vicious cycle. I get depressed, so I can’t write, which makes me depressed and repeat until I’m banging my head into my keyboard, eventually giving up, and then walking away from my computer, turning on my Xbox and booting up XCOM. (Seriously, that game is dope.)

But what’s making me so depressed?

I couldn’t figure it out at first. I was just walking around with this huge, painful knot in my stomach and an unending sense of dread in my inner being, not knowing what was causing it nor what could make it go away.

Then I figured it out, the senses of dread, despair and desperation would hit their fullest whenever I looked at the news. Specifically, whenever I found an article about the election.

Simply put: The possibility of Mitt Romney being elected president of the United States of America is making me depressed.

Actually, a more accurate statement would be: the fact that approximately half of America is going to vote for Mitt Romney to be President of the United States is making me oppressively, destructively depressed, launching me into a perfect storm pit of rage and sadness that my soul has never known.

I just…I can’t wrap my head around it. My personality has always been an odd combination of pessimism and optimism. I’ve slightly misanthropic, but at the end of the day, I’ve always thought that most people are good, or at least have the capacity for goodness in them. Never in my most hate-filled, antisocial, misanthropic nightmares would I think that the majority of the American people would actively support someone as disgusting, sickening, stupid, evil, foul, repugnant and bigoted as Mitt Romney.

I need to rant about this, I’m sorry. I think it’s good for my psyche. And hey, if you’re a republican and you’re like “I don’t care about this, I just want some music!” Well, then fuck off. Of course you don’t care about what other people think. That’s what makes you a republican.

Basically, my internal despair and anger boils down to the fact that a shocking number of Americans either don’t know or just don’t care about all the horrible and disgusting things that Mitt Romney has done. It leaves me dumbfounded that a possible majority of Americans have no problem with any of the following things that Mitt Romney actually said and did:

Tortured his dog (and thought it was okay).
Gay-bashed a kid in high school for having long hair.
Doesn’t think that poor people in America die from a lack of health care.
Advocated the bankruptcy of the American auto industry.
Said that “gay people are having families and that’s not right.”
Called corporations people.
Used racist language and symbolism in both his ads and stump speeches.
Put words in Obama’s mouth and built his entire campaign (and autobiography) off of it.
Attacked and berated women who were seeking abortions for medical reasons.
Hasn’t ruled out an attack on Iran, despite no evidence that they’ve actually done anything “wrong.” (By “wrong” I mean have the same weapons use white countries have).
Is against any kind of environmental regulation at all, and he joked about it.
Would like to see abortion illegal and defund Planned Parenthood. (although he sure lies about that a lot). (Seriously, a lot.)

Oh, and one time his wife doped up a horse to sell it at an inflated price, and got caught.

So yeah, the fact that America might elect a racist, sexist, homophobic, isolationist, alarmist, classist, anti-civil rights, anti-human rights bigoted out-of-touch hypocritical asshole kind of bums me out just a little bit. And the fact that most people aren’t as bummed out about it as I am kind of bums me out a little bit more.

But hey, there’s nothing I can do about it huh?

Other than vote.

And if you feel the same way as I do. Please. Please. PLEASE vote. It’s, like, kind of important for the future of America and stuff.

It’s also important for the future stability of my mental health/this blog.

So now that I have that out of the way, here are a shitton of Blondie remixes.

Atomic (Armand’s Atomizer Mix)
Atomic (New Disco Mix)
Atomic (Beautiful Drum And Bass Mix)
Atomic (Diddy Pushes The Button Mix)
Atomic (Boom Mix)
Atomic (Explosive Ecstasy Mix)
Denis (The ’88 Remix)
Heart Of Glass (MK 12″ Mix)
Heart Of Glass (Richie Jones Club Mix)
Heart Of Glass (Diddy’s Adorable Illusion Mix)
Heart Of Glass (Original Disco Version)
Heart Of Glass (MK Dub)
Heart Of Glass (Richie Jones Dub)
Heart Of Glass (Diddy’s Adorable Illusion Instrumental)
Heart Of Glass (Diddy’s Remix Edit)
Told ya. Shitton of Blondie.

Now, not all of these are bangers. A few of these mixes are way too tailored for the dance floor and consist of little more than one section of the song looped ad nauseum. This is especially true for some of the “Atomic” mixes, which is a real drag because I love the original version of that song. Still, most of these are worth at least one listen, if for nothing else other than the complete randomness of their existence. I mean, seriously, a drum and bass remix of “Atomic?” I don’t know why that exists, but I’m sure glad it does.

The “Heart of Glass” mixes fair far better. Sure, there are some clunkers and drab dub mixes, but the “Original Disco Version,” “12” MK Mix” and several others are all great, understated mixes that are well worth your time. They’re all also epic in length, so clear your schedule.

22 Responses to “I Hate Romney. I Love Blondie.”

  1. Jon says:

    Right there with you, buddy. He’s terrible on his own, but there are much worse people in the Republican party behind him. I’m wondering how long until one of the Republican Party planks is building a Thunderdome for the poor. Anyway, it’s good to read someone is feeling the same about it all as I am. I really thought the 47% tape was the nail in his coffin and every moment he’s close or even leading, I die a little inside.

  2. Jon says:

    P.S. What depresses me also is the escalating amount of money going into the presidential race and all along the line. If Romney wins, I truly believe it will have been because of all the money behind him running anti-Obama ads 24 hours a day. I’m not even in a swing state, so I can’t imagine how bad it is for them.

  3. James says:

    Oh, you hate filled liberals are always the same. Forward!

  4. Lost Turntable says:

    I assume that was sarcasm? Because if it wasn’t I’d love to tear that idiotic comment apart.

  5. user says:

    If you believe the anti-Romney ads, you’re too stupid for us to worry about. So, no, we don’t care what you think of us.

  6. user says:

    Also, consider the very real possibility that people like Romney because Obama has been an unmitigated disaster. Take your pick:

    Attacking the church
    Attacking small business
    The economy, the economy, the economy, etc.

    Romney, on the other hand, shines because none of the negative stuff you’ve posted is true. Obama’s re-election campaign has tried again and again to make stuff stick, but none of it works because IT’S NOT TRUE. The fact you’d believe any of it betrays the fact that you don’t know anything. Stick to talking about music.

  7. Lost Turntable says:

    No. You see how they’re links? That means I CITED MY SOURCES. I did research to prove my points. And hell, you stupid little shit, half of that shit I’m mad at Romney about is stuff he’s proud of! Stuff he’s basing his campaign on! And most of it is public record, with evidence! What the fuck is wrong with you?

    Obamacare is bad? How? By creating a way to make most Americans get affordable health care, create huge profits for insurance companies and eliminate murderous pre-existing condition clauses? Fuck you.

    Name one way Obama has “attacked the church?” You mean by forcing churches not to be sexist with their health care coverage? Yeah. Thought so. Fuck you.

    How has he “attacked small businesses?” By saying “You didn’t build that?” You mean that out of context statement that idiots like you have ran with because you don’t understand context? Fuck you.

    Benghazi? You mean the incident that was partially caused because of congressional budget cuts? Plenty of blame to go around on that one. Fuck you.

    Israel? You mean not openly supporting a country who butchers and murders 100s of innocent people in the name of God? Fuck you.

    Iran? You mean not committing to invading a country for no reason? Fuck you.

    The economy? You mean how it’s consistently improved since Obama took office? In every measurable way from unemployment rates to corporate profits to the stock market? Fuck you three times over.

    Thanks for showcasing why I’m so depressed and angry all the time. You fucking twit.

    Fuck you.

    And congrats fucko. I’m going to spend my next post detailing just how worthless, stupid and disgusting idiots like you are.

  8. Drain says:

    User is the exact reason why I hate republicans. Republicans haven’t done much that actually benefited the entire country instead of helping the rich get even richer. Personally, I wouldn’t be bothered if it was only rich people were Republicans, what makes me shudder is how many “lowly” middle class people buy into this shit and actually believe that they too can benefit when in the end…they’ll give shafted just like the rest of us.

    So don’t worry man…I’m right there with you. I’ve been trying my hardest to stay the hell away from any and all news regarding the election due to the fact that I never knew that the Romney/Ryan could top how ridiculous the duo McCain/Palin was and how many people actually have believed the hype. I’ll vote man and hope for the best and really hope the damn electoral college doesn’t fuck us over.

  9. cccfranks says:

    I am very sad/angry about it myself. Mostly because most of these same people who will vote for Romeny never gave this POTUS a chance. Ever. I’m sure there is some PTSD left over from 8 years of W. Bush. I’m also sure there is some hint [maybe subtle, maybe not] of race involved in it or that he doesn’t look like “them” but more like “other.” Could also be that he comes across too smart for some folks and they would rather have a hand-holder-in-chief than someone who is going to tell them the world is not like it once was and we have to move on with it become part of it or we will be left behind like a petrified pile of dino-shit. FoxNoise doesn’t help the situation at all. Ever. The GOP plan to put millions out of work work they can put him out of work [see the current House of Representatives] also is is at fault here, since they may get what they want. It is even worse that if the R/R train does make it they will be given credit for all the good work this POTUS has done. Then there are the never ending trolls online- like user- who spout talking points so much and to so many people to true to make them true is is disheartening.

    Where am I going with this? You aren’t alone. I’m voting Forward for Obama/Biden, telling all my friends to do so-because four years of W. Bush on steriods [which is what a Romeny/Ryan term would be like] is just unacceptable- and also hoping real hope wins out. Again.

    Meanwhile..thanks for the tunes and please keep writing. Those things make it better for some of us out here.

  10. cccfranks says:

    Sorry I didn’t proof my previous post as well as I should have first. Maybe I’m suffering from some election stress syndrome myself….

  11. Leon says:

    Man o man, thank you for your post, it mirrors exactly how I’ve been feeling about this election. I’ve been pulled into a few “debates” on Facebook, and they add up to the same sort of banging-your-head-against-the-wall exchange as with “user” up there. Keep fighting the good fight and posting great music!

    I keep thinking of the line :”Anybody with a heart votes love” – from ‘Absurd’ by Fluke.

  12. Michael says:

    Being in Australia, all I can say is I like Blondie.

  13. Lost Turntable says:

    That’s one of the best comments I’ve read all year.

  14. Mike says:

    Notwithstanding Obama and his pros and cons…I will take Blondie over Romney any day of the week. Romney boggles the mind. Blondie, all the way.

  15. batgrl says:

    I always wonder where the people who are so freaked out (and blaming only the current admin) actually were during the 8 yrs prior when there was a lot of spending going on like mad, and plenty of signs that this would mean trouble ahead. (And that’s aside from Wall St banking issues.) And as someone without insurance who had a recent “what’s this lump” scare I’m also pretty tired of the “aaaa scary Obamacare” people because I don’t know anyone, ANYONE, even with insurance who hasn’t had to pay a lot of money for healthcare for things insurance won’t cover. (Well, maybe if you’ve never had any bad health issues, sudden emergencies, or relatives with cancer, etc.) Not to mention there have been a LOT of Republicans trying to get health care reformed since the 1930s. And not quiet about it, there’s a long history there. I often wonder what happened to those Republicans, because current day folk of that party don’t like to talk about them.

    It’s depressing the hell out of me too. But now I realize I need to go listen to a lot of Blondie. Very loud. Somehow I think this will actually (really) help a bit. Good suggestion!

  16. user says:

    Now for your ridiculous attacks on Romney:

    Tortured his dog? That seems a bit extreme. Remember, Obama ate a dog. I’ll take the dog-torturer over the dog-eater.

    Gay-bashed a long-haired guy? His family denies that it was anything serious, and that it was a prank. Was the kid even gay? Did Romney know if he was or was not, and did that have anything to do with the prank? We certainly must be careful not to have anyone as president who bullied someone… except that Obama wrote in one of his autobiographies that he bullied a girl. Romney apologized; Obama did not.

    Poor people and a lack of healthcare: yeah, could have been worded better. Having the government take over and ration healthcare isn’t the answer, and in fact makes it even more expensive and less available to the poor.

    47%? You accuse my side of taking things out of context, but you’re doing the same to him here. Romney told a group of people that 47% of the voters are never going to vote for him, because they live off of government assistance. When he said he didn’t need to worry about them, it was because he knew he would never be able to pander to the moochers in our society to gain their votes. He was writing off those who would never vote for him anyway. Brutal honesty, and completely true.

    Bankruptcy does NOT mean going out of business. If the auto makers would have been allowed to go into bankruptcy the way that bankruptcy laws dictate, they could protect themselves, restructure and resurrect their businesses. That’s what bankruptcy is. Instead, Obama had them go into a government-run pseudo-bankruptcy where the investors got screwed and the unions got even more control.

    Gay families having children, etc. First, you misquote him. Second, I agree with him that families with a mother and a father are the best, most secure type of family that a child can have. No gay family can provide that kind of environment, where male and female roles are modelled. Call me a homophobe, but I obviously don’t care what you think.

    Called corporations “people”. Corporations are not formed by plants, nor by inanimate objects, nor by extraterrestrials. They’re formed by, run by, and invested in by people. You’re damn right that corporations are people.

    Racist language? I don’t see how referring to a birth certificate or welfare is racist. Don’t all races use birth certificates? Aren’t there more white people on welfare, per capita, than black people? Isn’t it racist of liberals to see “welfare” and automatically think “black people”? Liberals are continually hung up on race, perpetuate racist ideas, and hear racist dogwhistles with every word that is spoken in criticism of Obama. After you get called a racist for the one-thousandth time just because you disagree with him, you start to not care what liberals think. Because it’s hard to care what malevolent crazy people think.

    Putting words in Obama’s mouth/apology tour/etc. I’d say that when Obama went to Cairo and Strasbourg and slammed the U.S. in his speeches, it was worse than apologizing. Romney didn’t go far enough.

    Berating women seeking abortion: First I’ve heard of this. I wish Romney had been consistently pro-life during his political career, and been more understanding in those situations described. Naturally, it’s HuffPo, so accuracy is suspect. Still, I’d rather have a guy who will go pro-life if he’s pressured, than one who voted against two “born alive” bills in Illinois and who considers children to be punishments.

    Iran: “Nothing wrong”? Seriously? Building nukes isn’t wrong? Wanting to wipe Israel off the map isn’t wrong? Having a Holocaust-denying lunatic with nukes isn’t a problem for you? There’s a thread of antisemitism running through your post. Points to you for introducing the idea of anti-Arab racism into the discussion, though; that took some creativity.

    Environmentalism: He’s mocking Obama’s ridiculous comments that his administration would heal the earth and cause the ocean levels to recede. Try finding the context, man. In fact, it’s right there in the story. Furthermore, your link doesn’t support your assertion that he’s “against any kind of environmental regulation at all”.

    Planned Parenthood/Abortion: actually, this is true. Hallelujah. Abortion will be recriminalized in my lifetime. The racist, murderous organization Planned Parenthood cannot go out of business soon enough. The momentum is with the pro-life side of the argument.

    Horse on dope: Jezebel, that bastion of journalistic integrity is down, oh noes! Found another link for that. Wow, I totally bet that Ann Romney personally injected the poor horse herself. A total reach. Don’t care. I doubt that most Americans will care that someone sued someone else because of a business deal, involving the Romneys. Forget the Obamas and

    Racist? How?

    Sexist? Based on what? “Binders full of women”? Because liberals don’t understand that he meant “womens’ resumes” and not actual people stuffed into binders?

    Isolationist? Didn’t you just accuse him of wanting to invade Iran? Which is it?

    Alarmist? How? Isn’t it a bit hypocritical of you to call him an alarmist?

    Classist and out-of-touch? How? The man gave away his inheritance. He worked as a garbage collector. He built his fortune and fortunes for many people. I’d rather have that guy on my side than the guy who claims to understand the downtrodden, as he destroys their economic futures and the possibility that they can overcome their situations, while partying with Jay-Z and George Clooney.

    Anti-civil rights? Anti-human rights? Aren’t you the same guy who thinks that the unborn have no civil or human rights? Or that people shouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves?

    “Progress” is a myth. People are still people. People will always be people. We will never have a utopia on earth. It doesn’t matter how much you try to redistribute wealth, or how much you attempt to disarm people. There will always be inequality, and that’s OK. I’d rather have natural inequality where people are allowed freedom to be what they can be, than government-enforced sameness and servitude.

    Again, stick to music. If you must write about politics, get a job with Media Matters or MSNBC, where your illness will be useful.

    No go ahead and say “f— you” to me a few more times, because it makes your point so well.

  17. user says:

    Your site won’t let me post the first part of my response to you. I’ve been trying to post it for 2 days. I’m going to split it up into smaller pieces and try to figure out what it’s blocking:

    OK, champ, I’ll go through your points.

    ObamaCare? Incredibly unpopular. But please continue to try to sell it to the American public. Employers have stopped hiring people because they can’t afford to provide insurance. It does not guarantee anyone healthcare, it just gives them insurance that no one is obligated to accept. It floods the marketplace with new people but doesn’t ensure that there will be doctors to treat them. It defunds Medicare. Doctors are considering retiring rather than continue their careers. Most people already have medical care, but now it will be rationed and more expensive; rather than allow people to buy what they used to be able to buy, Obama has made it more scarce and more expensive.

    Obama has attacked the church. Remember him insulting those who “cling to their guns and religion”, as if self-defense and religion are evils.

  18. user says:

    He did say “you didn’t build that”, and that was an attack on small business. And it’s not out of context; the more context you provide to that quote, the worse it sounds: http://youtu.be/Uzf4yjphgf8 Also, taxes and regulations are attacks on small business. ObamaCare is an attack on small business. Somehow in his worldview, it’s government that makes all things possible, not the individuals who invented things, and paid taxes to build things like roads and schools.

    Benghazi? You think Benghazi is caused by a lack of funding? Seriously? How much MSNBC do you watch per day?

    Israel is our only ally in the region, and this president has distanced us from them and has insulted their prime minister. These people face destruction every day and are entitled to defend themselves from the savages that surround them.

    Iran? When has Romney said anything about *invading* Iran? I’ll wait while you look that up. And, no reason to do something about them? What about their nukes?

    The economy has consistently worsened, year after year, month after month under Obama. He took a bad situation and made it ten times worse.

  19. Lost Turntable says:

    Here’s the best thing about people like you, when you’re done insulting and making broad general (and still uncited) claims that are barely based in reality, you show your true colors, which are those of an obviously homophobic and sexist bigot. I’ll respond to a few of your more idiotic points though.

    “The man gave away his inheritance.”
    When you make as much money as him, an overwhelming percentage of anything you inherit is taxed away. I actually don’t think this is right, but that’s the case. By donating it, he lost very little (if any) money and probably actually saved on taxes in the long run that year by doing so. I’m not knocking him FOR doing that, I probably would do the same thing, but it’s not like he did it out of the kindness of his heart.

    “Sexist? Based on what?”
    On the fact that he (like you, hey look at that) thinks that he knows more about a woman’s health needs than they do. What’s a better way to dominate and control women than restrict their access to affordable health care.

    ” Isn’t it racist of liberals to see “welfare” and automatically think “black people”? ”
    No, it’s racist of Romney to fall back on a stereotype that Regan helped create. Us liberals are just callling him on it.

    “Obama has attacked the church. Remember him insulting those who “cling to their guns and religion”, as if self-defense and religion are evils.”
    People aren’t the church fucko. And besides, if you don’t think that poor people cling to religion and guns more than the middle-class and wealthy, maybe compare the church attendance rates of upper Manhattan to, say, Johnstown.

    “Israel is our only ally in the region, and this president has distanced us from them and has insulted their prime minister. These people face destruction every day and are entitled to defend themselves from the savages that surround them.”
    I’m sorry, what has Israel done for us? They’re are ally in what exactly? Hating the brown people you just described as “savages?”

    AH! So you’re a racist as well as a sexist and homophobe (and an idiot). You can call this a cop out all you want, but I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Just as I wouldn’t try to argue against a member of the KKK, I’m not going to argue with someone who thinks over half the population is beneath him.

    And since me saying “fuck you” is far more intelligent than your gay-bashing, racist, misogynist nonsense….FUCK YOU.

    Done with you. All comments by you will be trashed without even being fully read. Unfair? Yup! Do I care? Nope! Don’t like it? Hey guess what fuck you.

  20. Dan da Man says:

    I lost my “we’re the greatest country/we’re the greatest people” cherry when Dubya got re-elected.

  21. Smuckerist says:

    Definitely the most interesting comment thread. It’s sad that citing sources means quoting the 10 seconds from what other people quoted 1 minute of out of 120 minutes, but that’s another sad, story. It’s interesting to me that from so many people who wear their post-modern, bonafides on their sleeves, their sanctimony makes evangelical, xian preachers seem like hippies. All of a sudden, a presidential candidate that one doesn’t want to be president is the most repugnant, satan-like caricature…not a human, while the person they prefer is not a devil, but a nice, human. “People are basically good.” but…”Romney is evil, foul, repugnant…” hmmm. Only a lapsed Puritan talks this way. I miss transgressors. People who actually could admit that transgressing a norm was …”fun”. Now, everyone wants their good to be everyone else’s good. Their thing that they love to be right…and treated as a holy, sacred thing by ALL. Only a person with an obsessive, PURITANICAL streak thinks this way. Let’s burn him at the stake while we’re at it! See what I did there? “Tolerance”, “Respect”, …or does that only happen when folks agree with you? Nah…you’re right. He’s a demon. You’re a holy person. You must be. Seriously, what is our biggest worry here in the USA compared to say…um…I dunnno…Sudan? A guy we don’t like may be President? He may remind us of a patriarchal Dallas character from the 80’s? He may…gasp…believe…in … OH NO! Xianity stuff? Repugnant. Evil I say! My days will be ruined. Bus fare will be $20. ALL OF OUR RIGHTS WILL BE TAKEN AWAY! Facism! Um…Hitler … things will happen because…yawn. Right. Too much leisure time, leisure lives, in these dem Western parts. We live in Disneyland. Most of us in this country will never know what it’s like to just want to eat and have some kind of shelter, and not get shot at because we don’t want to give all of what little we have to some warlord, or refuse to bow to somebody’s God. Just won’t happen. We are all the fucking 1%, all 100% of us who live in this Disneyland. We’re just so spoiled, so used to our superficial take on what constitutes a real, universal, human concern, we don’t even see it. Is poverty bad? Duh…Yes. Is people getting sick and dying bad? Sigh. OF COURSE! Will voting for the correct candidate fix that in this world? NOPE. Never has. Never will. We do the best that we can though. That’s what counts. What will it take to wake us up that the whole world is jacked, not just a “them” or a “they”…all of us. As Chesterton once said…”What is wrong with the world? I am.” If you can start there, then you’re on your way to true CRITICAL thinking. Grown-up stuff. If you’re still caught in the Rat-race of “them”, “they”, this label, that label, this bumper-sticker cause, that bumper-sticker cause…you’re still in the Pavlov experiment that someone somewhere I’m sure has got to be laughing silly over. Losty, you’re a great guy. Sensitive with a capital “Sense”. That’s a good thing. But maybe, just maybe, the truth lies somewhere in between your absolutely correct knowledge about what’s true, right, and best, and that User guy’s perspective, which by the way, in reading dude’s reply, I saw nothing about how Obama was evil, repugnant, worst human fecal matter, etc. Doesn’t that tell you something? “Oh but it was implied…you could tell he was a …” Ah ah ah… See: RAT RACE FOR THE MIND. K. I’m done. Much love and respect to all. I’m serious. I personally hope WHOEVER gets in office does something good with the economy, helps alot of people, helps our country get on track with some things. Will they do everything I want that I think they should? Nope. Has any President ever? NOPE. Is that a sort of naive expectation? YEP. See: Grown-up thinking, historical perspective (real, comprehensive, world history, how people actually lived…not just “the sad tale of Western oppression” shite, or ‘Murica the great, or the last 20 years, or Noam Chomsky’s greatest hits.) Nite.

  22. BillM says:

    Smuckerist, great analysis. I’ve always thought there must be a wider view of things than what you see and hear in this black and white world that’s been foisted on us. It always seemed obvious to me that real life isn’t that way. Curious to know if you’re a writer and if you post anywhere else.

    Lost, I love your site and the music that you share. It has to be a lot of work but I can tell it’s a labor of love. Go Steelers!

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