Satellite Of Dumb

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Mixed Bizness (Nu Wave Dreamix by Les Rhythmes Digitales)
Mixed Bizness (Dirty Bixin Mixness Remix by Bix Fender)
Mixed Bizness (Cornelius Remix)
Dirty Dirty
Sexx Laws (Malibu Remix)
Sexx Laws (Wizeguyz Remix)
Salt In The Wound
My first draft of tonight’s post included a huge rant on how I think that Midnite Vultures is Beck’s best work, an underappreciated masterpiece of cheesy funk and fun time silliness that only gets better with age. My words were starting to sound familiar, so I did a quick search through my older posts and discovered that I already said a year ago. Oh well, it was true then and it’s true now. As far as I know I never posted these remixes and B-sides though, which I culled from 12″ singles to “Mixed Bizness” and “Sexx Laws,” so at least I’m not doubly redundant tonight.

Lou Reed
Satellite Of Love ’04 (Dab Hands Retouch)
Satellite Of Love ’04 (Dab Hands Radio Edit)
Satellite Of Love ’04 (Groovefinder Remix)
Beck’s Midnite Vultures is what I would consider to be a great example of “good stupid,” something that’s purposely dumb and works because of it. On the other hand, I consider these remixes of this classic Lou Reed song to be “bad stupid,” something that no doubt seemed like a good idea at the time but ended up making everyone involved look like a dumb-ass in the aftermath.

If you had me write a list of songs I would like to see remixed, I don’t think any Lou Reed tracks would make the cut. And if you made me choose one, I think I would choose “Sweet Jane” “White Light/White Heat” or even “Heroin” over “Satellite Of Love.” I don’t think glam and techno make good bedfellows.

If there is one good thing about these mixes, however, is that they really bring Bowie’ backing vocals out to the forefront. So if you love yourself some sweet, sweet Bowie, then they’re not all for naught. Actually, the “Groovefinder Remix” has some good moments, but still, it’s entirely unnecessary.

(And in case you’re wondering, my list of songs I’d love to see remixed includes “Empire State Human” by The Human League, Fugazi’s “Waiting Room,” and “Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill, because why the fuck not?)


4 Responses to “Satellite Of Dumb”

  1. Eric Schulz says:

    Actually, there IS a remix of “Empire State Human” on the UK version of Very Best Of Human League CD. One disc is the hits, the second disc is (mostly) new remixes that were done in 2002/2003.

  2. Jonjon Battles says:

    I love your Blog! I check it weekly, you always post great stuff. Thank you very much and keep it up!!!

  3. Snowy says:

    Great cover on the Lou Reed single!

  4. Somebody says:

    did you hear Trannysaurus Sex’s version of “Rebel Girl”?
    It’s not a remix, obviously, but I’m pretty sure that’s what one would sound like.

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