Prescription medication and dance music

I’m in Toledo, drinking Bloody Marys and watching John Carpenter’s Vampires on TV. What the fuck are you doing?

All Over Me (Freq Nasty Remix)
All Over Me (Beanie Remix by Jimmy T)
So, true story…

A few years back I cracked a rib while trying to move my fish tank (no, it wasn’t full). That hurt. A lot. It hurt so much that my doctor did me a solid and prescribed me some crazy strong painkillers.

At the same time I had a gig reviewing electronic CDs for Limewire’s MP3 store (remember Limewire!?!). Under the influence of not one, but two prescription painkillers, I got to work that night writing a review for a compilation of early Future Sound Of London singles called The Pulse EPs.

I’m digging the album, as I love me some FSOL, but about two tracks in I’m finding that I’m really digging the album. As Limewire is no more I can’t cite that old review, but I recall it being nothing but euphoric praise, concluding that the collection is “absolu-bleeping-lutely essentinal.” By the time I had finished writing the review, I was convinced that I found the best electronic release of the year.

A few days later I dove back to the CD, eager to experience its greatness once more, only to come to the sad realization that it’s not hitting me like it was just a couple days before. I’m still digging it immensely, but I feel like it’s missing something, some key factor that took it over the edge before.

Then I look down and realize that I’m out of my painkillers.

My point? I don’t know if I have one. I do know, however, that these remixes of “All Over Me” make me feel nearly as good as that combination of painkillers and FSOL did, and I’m not even on drugs anymore. So I guess that’s a pretty ringing endorsement for them. (The remixes, not painkillers…I think.)

Death In Vegas
Hands Around My Throat (For The Throat Mix)
If I listened to the “All Over Me” remixes while under the influence I feel like I would just jump up and dance non-stop. If I listened to this creepy/hard-as-hell remix while on drugs, I suspect I would probably piss my pants and lock myself in my closet. And that’s why I never do drugs. Just say no kids.

The Descent (Decorder Remix)
He should really convert to ethanol, better for the environment.

Sorry. I’ll see myself out.

3 Responses to “Prescription medication and dance music”

  1. SteveA says:

    I love that movie “Vampires” – it was one of the last good Vampire movies I saw!

    I was on painkillers a few times for my back – usually it just made me drowsy!

  2. Grebo Guru says:

    I met John Carpenter this past weekend (at a convention) and had him sign my vinyl LPs.
    Never really a fan of “Vampires”, but his other flicks are truly the tits.

  3. Arny B says:

    Since you asked…..

    Bumpershoot. Day 2. One of the few years you can enoy it without getting wet.

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