80s Synthpop, 90s Electronica and 00s Trance – Not in that order

I have to head to the lovely (not really) city of Toledo, Ohio next week. So I’m going to churn out a few quality blog posts this week and get a few in the can for the following week before I take off. I have a feeling that once I find myself in Toledo I’ll be too busy seeing family/drinking to get any meaningful work done. Yay.

Tears For Fears
Mothers Talk (Extended Version)
Apparently Tears For Fears really wanted people to know their opinions on the talk of mothers, because there are a ton of different versions of this song. Obviously there’s the album version, but there’s also a single edit, a US remix, the Beat Of The Drum Mix and finally, this version, which is the only mix of the classic tune that has not seen a re-release on CD or digital platforms. It’s a shame, as it’s probably my favorite take of the song, since it’s pretty much just a longer version of the already great album mix. I still have no damn clue what the hell the song is about, however. I assume it’s something depressing thanks to the phrase “when the wind blows.”

Burnin’ (Breakbeat)
I haven’t posted some trance/dance tunes in a while, so I thought I’d finally share this tune, which I scored from a compilation called Koma & Bones Present: Y4K – Next Level Breaks EP3. I’m going to cop to my trance ignorance here and admit that I have no idea who Koma & Bones are, I just got this EP because it had a Hybrid track on it. I love me some Hybrid.

I’m not sure where the original version of “Burnin'” first made an appearance. I only have a live version from the 2CD version of Wide Angle, as well as another remix that’s a bit shorter than this eight-minute monster. Regardless, it’s a great song and an excellent remix; my favorite kind of trance music, complex and hypnotic, so good that you don’t need the assistance of recreational medication to make it better. And I write about electronic music for a living (kind of) so trust me, that’s really saying something.

Pagan Poetry (Infusion Mix)
Pagan Poetry (Music Box)
Sun In My Mouth (Recomposed by Ensemble)
And rounding out today’s clearing house of stuff that’s been in my backlog for way too long are these Björk remixes. Like most Björk tunes, I love these mixes even though they don’t really fall into the realm of “easy listening.”  Well, I guess the Music Box version of “Pagan Poetry” could, as it is literally a music box version of that song, but I digress.

I got the “Pagan Poetry (Infusion Mix)” from a bootleg 12″. It was available for a bit on a few different Björk singles, but they’re all out of print now. Both “Pagan Poetry (Music Box)” and “Sun In My Mouth (Recomposed by Ensemble)” are available on Amazon, but as only part of a three-track single for “Cocoon” that costs nearly 20 bucks, so I really don’t feel bad about sharing them here. That shit is nuts. Björk really needs to go ahead and release a proper box set with all her various remixes and B-sides. Sure, it would be about 100 discs, but I’d buy it and I’m sure other idiots like me would too.

7 Responses to “80s Synthpop, 90s Electronica and 00s Trance – Not in that order”

  1. tim says:

    I believe “Mother’s Talk” alludes to “When the Winds Blow” which was an early 80’s UK comic book about a Soviet attack on the UK.

  2. tim says:

    BTW, the comic “When the Wind Blows” was written by Raymond Briggs, who is also known for a very charming Christmas show called the Snowman. A quote on Wikipedia sorta supports my theory:

    The song stems from two ideas. One is something that mothers say to their children about pulling faces. They say the child will stay like that when the wind changes. The other idea is inspired by the anti-nuclear cartoon book When The Wind Blows by Raymond Briggs.
    —Roland Orzabal

  3. TDOL says:

    I’m pretty sure this is the version on ‘Retroactive 6 – Rare and Remixed’. Great remix. I was happy to find it after suffering for years with that awful ‘Beat Of The Drum Mix’.

  4. drewsbrews says:

    Thanks for these. I just pulled out the Koma & Bones CD – the Hybrid track isn’t on there(!) – must have been vinyl only.

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  6. Jason K says:

    Koma & Bones are a UK breakbeat duo. They have done some great remixes (Beber & Tamra – Travelling On is one off the top of my head) but i’ve always been stuck on their own track Letters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKATIC7J7aE

    Hard electro-breaks with a vocal in the arrangement of “Enjoy the Silence”. A ETS remix like this would rock.

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