This is a lot of Peter Gabriel


Peter Gabriel
Big Time (Dance Mix)
Biko (Remixed Version)

Biko (Twelve Inch Extended Version)
Don’t Break This Rhythm
GA-GA (I Go Swimming Instrumental)
I Have The Touch (85 Remix)

In Your Eyes (Special Mix)
In Your Eyes (12″ Remix)
Jetzt Kommt Die Flut (Here Comes The Flood)
Sledgehammer (Extended Mix)
Sledgehammer (Dance Mix)

Soft Dog

My god that’s a lot of Peter Gabriel isn’t it? I better get right into explaining what I got here. Keep in mind, this is a lot of music, so if I get my details as to how each mix sounds different than the original versions, please forgive me. One man can only memorize so many 12″ singles.

The “Big Time” mix is from the 12″ single, and expands on the original by about a minute and a half, most of which comes from an extended opening. Once you get past that there isn’t that much of a difference between the two versions, although they are mixed slightly different. Doesn’t matter, both are awesome.

Both mixes of “Biko” are longer than the album version, which is really saying something considering how long that track is. The “Remixed” version is actually longer than the “Extended” cut, with some added African chants thrown in the end. A powerful track made more powerful with their addition, in my opinion.

“Don’t Break This Rhythm” is a b-side to “Sledgehammer” and a kick ass one at that. I’m surprised it didn’t make it onto So. Not only is it better than some of the tunes on that album, but it could have held its own as a single. Great tune.

Also from the “Sledgehammer” single is the remix of “I Have The Touch,” a song that originally appeared on Gabriel’s 1982 self-titled album (aka  Security). How is a song from 1982 remixed for 1985? If you guessed “more synthesizers and drum machines!” you’d be correct. It’s mostly only really noticeable in the intro though.

Now for the really important stuff, the remixes of “In Your Eyes” aka (One Of) The Greatest Love Songs Ever Recorded. The 12″ Remix isn’t that different than the album cut, it’s about 45 seconds longer and most of that goes into extending the breakdowns. The Special Mix, on the other hand, is a drastic reworking of the song, with a much greater African influence. If you’ve seen Peter Gabriel live before, this version should sound familar. I like it, but Lloyd Dobler was right in using the album version.

“Jetzt Kommt Die Flut” is literally a German version of “Here Comes The Flood.” Same song, different language. Gabriel must have had a pretty big following in Germany, as he did this for quite a few of his early albums. Like “Here Comes The Flood?” Speak German? This track’s for you.

The instrumental version of “I Go Swimming” is for some reason called “GA GA” and is from the 12″ single to “Red Rain.” Makes sense that a single that strange would get an even weirder B-side. I have no idea if Lady Gaga listened to this growing up. Probably not, as it’s actually good.

“Sledgehammer,” the cutest, sweetest song about doing it that has ever been recorded, is presented here in two very different mixes. The “extended mix” is actually the shorter of the two, and is pretty much the album version with a tacked on intro. The “Dance Mix” is the real find, a full seven-and-half minute mix of the song with extended instrumental sections, more horns and lots more of Peter Gabriel yelling “Sledgehammer.” It’s rad.

Finally we have “Shosholoza” and “Soft Dog.” The former is a looped African chant, and the other is a near-instrumental ambient piece. Both are b-sides from Security-era singles.

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  1. Stevo says:

    Wow, thanks for these. Been a secret fan of PG since I heard my sister play Solsbury Hill back in the 70s (recently found out it’s in 7/8 time and now end up counting out the time whilst listening to it!). In your eyes is a stand out track for me, possibly to do with the famous scene from Say Anything, but also Biko.
    I have one of the German language albums, Melt, on vinyl & cd, normally end up singing the German words to those songs instead of the English………and I have the 7″ of Biko as well, kind of cuts down on the intensity of the song somewhat.

  2. Conrad says:

    Fuck me, that’s a lots of Peter! And all stuff I’ve been looking for forever. Thank ou so much!

  3. Fictional Queen says:

    cool stuff!

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  5. Grebo says:

    This is why I love you.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Great tracks, as always. I’d be remiss if I failed to point out the amazing contribution of Youssou N’Dour (Senegal’s Minister of Culture and Tourism) to “In Your Eyes”…

  7. Travis says:

    Fantastic pile of Gabriel, this.

    Trivia input:
    – the African chant which top & tails the Biko (Remixed Version) is a part of Enoch Sontonga’s liberation anthem ‘Nkosi Sikelele i-Afrika’ (‘God Bless Africa’), which is now (in a slightly altered version) the South African national anthem (more on it here:'_iAfrika
    – The call & response on ‘Shosholoza’ is ‘Shosholoza’ which is also South African – it’s a folk song that has gone on to become a ‘second anthem’ (more here:

    Love your work, please don’t ever stop!

  8. dominic says:

    Just discovered your site today via superdeluxeedition.

    This is more or less what i was hoping we’d get from the So reissue, but obviously it looks like we’re not!

    Good work fella.

  9. AlanDistro says:

    Probably the best blog post in the history of blog posts. Seriously, thanks for this. it’s everything the 25.5th Anniversary Box Set should have been.

  10. Great stuff. Seeing PeGa in Toronto in the fall. He’s playing “So” back to front. Can’t wait.

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