My fifth favorite Belgium EBM act. Also Blondie.

I guess NBC borked the Closing Ceremonies, cutting out Muse, The Who, Kate Bush and a ton of other amazing performances. I didn’t even bother watching it, because  I knew that would happen. I’ll just download the BBC’s broadcast in a few days. Once I do that, I’ll probably convert the whole thing to audio and then make MP3s out of the best songs. I probably can’t share them here though, because I hear the IOC cracks down pretty hard on any blogs that put up that stuff.

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Front 242
Rhythm Of Time (12″ Remix)
Rhythm Of Time (Anti-G Mix)
Rhythm Of Time (Victor The Cleaner)
I’ve been trying to get into Front 242 for a long time, and will occasionally buy a 12″ single when I see one used, hoping it will be the track that finally gets me to appreciate them, but it’s always been to no avail. That is, until now, I think I finally found the song that will get me to dig into their actual records. Of course, it’s “Rhythm Of Time,” the closest thing the band ever had to a hit, so I guess that makes me a mainstream-leaning poser, but whatever, I like my hardcore industrial electronic body music to have a slight pop edge. Blame Nine Inch Nails.

Call Me (The Ben Liebrand Remix)
Backfired (Remix)
I was going to start this description by saying that it would be impossible to find any connection between the Front 242 tracks and these Blondie remixes by producer Ben Liebrand, but then I went and found one. Liebrand is from the Netherlands. Front 242 is from Belgium. They are literally connected, sharing a border. So there you go.

These remixes are from 1989, several years after Blondie called it quits, and several years before they eventually reformed in the 90s. I think that Chrysalis Records just occasionally put these things out whenever they needed a quick buck. Still, I guess there are worst ways to pay the bills. At least they scored some great producers to have a go at these tracks. Ben Liebrand is a stellar producer/remixer who has worked with Genesis, TLC and Grace Jones, to name a few,  the fact that he’s still making and releasing mixes shows that he’s doing something right. As for the “Backfired” mix, that was done by Bruce Forest, a DJ who did mixes for The Soup Dragons, OMD and a ton of other great artists from the late 80s and early 90s. It’s good, but of the two I think I prefer Liebrand’s take on “Call Me,” thanks to its extended synth sections that really work to Moroder it up in a great way.

12 Responses to “My fifth favorite Belgium EBM act. Also Blondie.”

  1. john says:

    Bruce Forest remixed Erasure’s “love to Hate You” and created THE definitive version of it. !!!

  2. Chris says:

    The BBC may have broadcast the whole concert but the inane commentators hardly stopped speaking over it. I gave up around when they destroyed Elbow’s performance.

  3. Chris says:

    My previous comment was based on the live broadcast yesterday. I’ve discovered that a commentary free version is available on iPlayer. (may only be viewable in the UK though).

  4. Drain says:

    so they cut out The Who & Kate Bush but left in One Direction, Jessie J and the Spice Girls? i can only wonder who was genius that made that brilliant decision.

  5. c@meron says:

    not to hate on Miss Harry, but I daresay the worst Blondie song is generally better than the best her solo stuff (or at least anything on Koo Koo) – so the “Call Me” remix is definitely the better track hands down, loved it ever since I got a cassette of Once More into the Bleach 😉

  6. Back when I was clubbing, “Headhunter” by Front 242 was huge. My fave track is “Tragedy (For You)” – quite underrated.

  7. thatguyagain says:

    Another vote for “Headhunter”. Here’s the video by Anton Corbijn:

    Also, its b-side “Welcome To Paradise” – another club classic

  8. Headhunter is the obvious classic 242 track. Other personal favourites:
    – Tragedy >For You< (Punish Your Machine Mix – Long Version)
    – Masterhit
    – Commando Remix

  9. Me Myself and I says:

    Several tracks of the closing ceremonies are now available in 320 kbs (ripped from the BBC): (follow the updated link).
    Still no Kate Bush though 🙁

    About Front 242: I agree with thatguyagain. IMHO “Headhunter” and “Welcome to paradise” are the killer tracks from this Belgium band!
    Also, IMHO: FUCK Ben Liebrand, who mixraped many awesome tracks into complete shit. Just to name three of those fuckedup mixes: Bill Withers – A lovely day; Spliff – Das Blech and Phil Collins – In the air tonight.
    As I say, this is just my opinion!

  10. Lost Turntable says:

    And if you don’t like Rapidshit links, follow me on Twitter ASAP.

  11. ChrisMidweeker says:

    Animal has always been my favourite F242 track, but Headhunter was always the one that filled the dance floor.

  12. James says:

    Front 242 for me was known for “Tragedy For You” ,”Burning Too” and “Welcome to Paradise”. TFU and especially BT was played on 97x(WOXY) quite alot. WTP was a big heavily played club hit when I was in college in the 90’s. My fave is BT.

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