Lets Dance to Songs about Shacks and Fish

Thought I’d take a break from arguing with game developers on Twitter and pounding my head against my desk trying to overcome a case of writer’s block with some happy tunes.

And I totally promise to have that guide to ripping vinyl up…sometime. I started that when I had almost no writing work going on and now I seem to have a ton. I’m not complaining about getting paid to write, but it does make this blog  kind of a secondary concern. And I’m sure most of you would rather me ramble for a bit and post some awesome remixes than go on and on about ripping vinyl.

Right now it looks like the guide will be split into several parts: Hardware, set-up, software, and editing. I think I should be able to get the hardware and set-up parts done fairly soon. Going into detail about software and editing is a bit more complicated though. Still, I really am planning on getting the whole thing done sometime this month. I appreciate your patience.

Now let’s head on down to the Love Shack.

The B-52’s
Love Shack (12″ Remix)
Love Shack (12″ Instrumental)
Love Shack (12″ Mix)
Love Shack (Big Radio Mix)
Channel Z (12″ Rock Mix)
I can’t believe that I’ve had this single for years and have never posted it! What the hell is wrong with me? Maybe it was because my original recording of it sounded like dogshit. It’s amazing what a stellar stylus and a high-quality record washing machine did for improving the quality of my rips (another tease from my recording guide?).

Since I pretty much everything ever put out by The B-52’s, it goes without saying that I think these remixes are sweet. I will always be confused by the “12” Remix” and “12” Mix” titles though. You think they would have called one of them something a little more unique. What makes something a remix and something else a mix anyways? Anyone know?

Bell & James
The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (12″ Remix)
The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (Instrumental) 
I posted this film’s amazing soundtrack a few months ago, and I’m still bummed that more people didn’t seem to dig it. If you like brilliantly dumb disco then my god do you need to download that record. It will change your life. You will believe that a fish can save Pittsburgh.

If that doesn’t do it for you, then these two added bonus mixes of the soundtrack’s so-good-it’s-life-changing title track should do the job. This song is a masterpiece of everything awesome. Ever. In the history of stuff. Bell &  James should not only get a lifetime achivement award Oscar for their work on this song, they should also get every best song Oscar from 1979 to 2011 as an apology (okay, I’ll let the people who wrote “Fame” keep theirs, but they’re it)!

So yeah, I kind of dig this song, you should download it.

8 Responses to “Lets Dance to Songs about Shacks and Fish”

  1. batgrl says:

    Totally keep checking back for that how to – the hardware choices out there have had me waffling for some time. No rush – I have B52s mixes to check out.

  2. Travis Lyle says:

    Quite simply, you rock. Consistently.

    Thank you!

  3. fabien says:

    Thx for your great post!

    Just discovered your blog thanks to hypemachine. Great work here!

  4. Terrence Janner says:

    ANY news on the Wav Rip of Rebel Mission To Ord Mantell ?

  5. Jon says:

    A remix has been mixed more?

  6. Lenny Fox says:

    Back in the late 80’s & early 90’s, the difference between a 12” Mix & 12” Remix is that often the 12” Mix was an extended version of the original version (sticking closer to the original) … and a 12” Remix was an extended REMIX of the original versoin (often including added synths & samples as well loops & new beats/machine drums).

    -Lenny Fox

  7. Lost Turntable says:

    Thanks for the knowledge!

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