The Citadel Is A Lie

I’m going to try to update more this week. I’m not covering anything for any magazines right now, I’m not traveling at the moment, and I’m done getting my heart ripped out and shit on by Mass Effect 3 (thanks so much for that ending, BioWare). So hopefully I can plow through my massive backlog of electronic singles that I pick up last week.

In other news, I have a new(ish) post at my other blog, Random Record Reviews! Read it. Leave a comment already! I like positive reinforcement.

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Daft Punk
Around The World (Kenlou Remix)
Around The World (M.A.W. Remix)
Around The World (Mellow Mix)
Around The World (RAW Dub)
All these remxies are by the duo Masters At Work, names I have seen on seemingly countless singles throughout the years. They’re good, but chill (a common theme for tonight).

Conjure One (Featuring Sinead O’Connor)
Tears From The Moon (Hybrid Twisted On The Terrace Mix)
Tears From The Moon (Robbie Rivera Mix)
Tears From The Moon (Carmen Rizzo Stateside West Chill Out Mix)
If I see a single that has the word “Hybrid” followed by the word “mix” or “remix” then I will probably buy it, as they are my favorite trance act of all time. It’s a decision that pays off more often than not, and it really paid off here. This song is great, and all of the remixes improve on it in their own unique way.

I never heard of Conjure One before I bought this single and I was shocked to find in my research that it’s the work of Rhys Fulber, who started out as a member of Front Line Assembly. From electro-industrial-metal to beautiful progressive trance music in less than a decade? Maybe he switched from heroin to ecstasy or something. Regardless, these mixes are really amazing. Even if you don’t like electronic music I think you should check them out, especially the Hyrbid one, because…Hybrid.

Release One
Release Two
Release Four
Typically I’m not a fan of dub electronic music. I like my tunes with a bit more energy and a bit less weed. But these mixes of “Release The Pressure” appeal to me for some reason. Maybe it’s because most of them cut down on the reggae vocals and replace them with more chill beats. Of the three, my favorite is “Release Two,” it’s build is pretty great.

And don’t ask me where “Release Three” is, because my 12″ single didn’t have it.

Christiansands (The Imposter’s Mix)
Ghetto Youth
Much like the Leftfield mixes, these tracks are some chill-ass dub. Unlike the Leftfield mixes, they’re a little more uneven. Sure, the “Imposter’s Mix” of “Christiansands” is great (pretty much because it’s just an extended mix of the already amazing track) but “Ghetto Youth” is a bit on the annoying side since it’s pretty much just an incomprehensible reggae-sounding dude babbling over a beat. “Flynn” is barely more than just a barrage of beats, but it’s only two and a half minutes long so it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Utah Saints
Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb’s Main Mix)
Lost Vagueness (Deadly Avenger Infantile Vocal Mix)
Lost Vagueness (Central Club Remix Edit)
Lost Vagueness (Josh Wink’s Deep Interpretation)
And in the “I would have never guessed the source of that sample” department, the vocal track on this excellent song by the Utah Saints was actually lifted from The Pretenders’ “I Go To Sleep.” And I thought their Kate Bush sample was random.

Utah Saints are awesome. Their first album came out in 1993, and their second in 2000, does that mean we’re overdue for a third? I know they’re still around, they just did a mix for Mixmag, so why the hell can’t they put out a new LP? I need more dance music that’s built of blatant vocal samples dammit. Get on that shit.

5 Responses to “The Citadel Is A Lie”

  1. batgrl says:

    I’ve been wondering what Utah Saints have been doing – besides those two albums. Always frustrating when you want to buy more of someone’s music!

  2. DJBen says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for this entire post. Some tracks from back in the day that I LOVE and a few mixes I was unaware of. I have never heard a mix of Christiansands and I only knew Oliver Lieb’s mix of Lost Vagueness.

    Saw Hybrid twice, right around the time Wide Angle was released here. They opened for Moby and they were AMAZING!

  3. blake says:

    wow – thanks for those Leftfield remixes… I haven’t heard them in aaaaagggess (thanks to my external HD being ruined & my hard copies being far far away in storage)

    btw – that ‘Imposter’s Remix’ of Christiansands was done by Elvis Costello. He and Tricky had an arrangement where they’d do a remix for each other – instead of either one paying for their work. And if you didn’t know – “Flynn” is kinda a re-working of a sample from the Chill Rob G song “Bad Dreams” (which Tricky also covered on ‘Pre-Millenium Tension’)

  4. ewingsc says:

    Fantastic spread.

    Oliver Leib did some wonderful work as L.S.G. in the mid ninetys – a real talent.

  5. Jason says:

    Here is what Utah Saints have been up to. Something Good 08 (with its amazing video) This was the most played song of 2008 on the UK Radio One.

    Their newest release is a revamp of What Can You Do For Me? It takes on a drum n bass sound and is awesome. Its not just a remix, the guys worked with the remixers on it.

    ps – not to be “that guy” but Hybrid is breaks, not trance. Nu-School Breaks if you want to get genre nerdy.

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