Pet Shop Hats

Hey, it’s a post with a couple of bands from the 80s. I’ve never done that before!

Pet Shop Boys
Se A Vida É (That’s the Way Life Is) (Mark Picchiotti’s Deep And Dark Vocal)
Se A Vida É (That’s the Way Life Is) (Deep Dish Liquid Remix)
To Step Aside (Ralphi’s Disco Vox)
To Step Aside (Hasbrouck Heights Mix)
To Step Aside (Davidson Ospina Dub)
To Step Aside (Ralphi’s Old School Dub)
To Step Aside (Brutal Bill Mix)
To Step Aside (Ralphi’s House Vox II)
I have 50 Pet Shop Boys singles now. That’s insane. I’m insane. Want to know something even crazier? I only own three or four proper Pet Shop Boys records! What the hell is wrong with me? I’m a remix addict, that’s what’s wrong with me.

Men Without Hats
Pop Goes The World (Dance Mix)
Pop Goes The World (Dance Edit)
Pop Goes The World (Dub)

Where Do The Boys Go (Extended Version)
Insert obligatory “you can dance if you want to” comment here.

I posted two of these remixes six years ago (HOLY SHIT THIS BLOG IS OLD!) but I felt the repost was neccessary for a few reasons. First of all, no one read this blog six years ago. Secondly, those rips sounded like ass. And thirdly, Men Without Hats kick ass and I wish I had more opportunities to post their stuff.

Both “Pop Goes the World” and “Where Do The Boys Go” are infinitely superior to “The Safety Dance,” with catchy choruses, fun lyrics and amazing melodies. And “Eurotheme” is Kraftwerkian brilliance, I wish it was longer than its scant 2 minutes and 42 seconds.

How were these guys a 1 and a half hit wonder? Pop isn’t fair!

9 Responses to “Pet Shop Hats”

  1. That Dude says:

    You ARE a remix addict, but that’s not what’s wrong with your owning a half-century of PSB singles. With the exception of “Very”, in general it’s PSB albums that are what’s wrong.

    And “Pop Goes The World”: amazing melody? Not really, just seems so compared to “The Safety Dance”.

  2. That Dude says:

    By the way, your “Pop Goes The World” versions sound a little slow.

  3. Ximeremix says:

    Great to find these PSB remixes – I’ve been looking for them for ages. Cheers

  4. CakeSaint says:

    Thanks again for those PSB vinyl-only remixes! And for those wondering, this is the full “To Step Aside (Ralphi’s Old School Dub)”, longer than the version on the CD single.

  5. Lost Turntable says:

    I know, but that’s how they are on the vinyl, I think it’s deliberate.

  6. regularjoe says:

    Thanks for the Men Without Hats mixes. I bought the parent album for those at a Rose Records store closing, it only cost a few bucks and I was very pleasantly surprised by how great it is. For those who haven’t heard it, it’s sort of a concept album, very, very poppy and sentimental.

  7. Drain says:

    awww man, that’s not fair…i was totally reading this blog 6 years ago lol.

  8. Lost Turntable says:

    You’re the one!

  9. batgrl says:

    You’d mentioned something about Mass Effect earlier and I really wanted the rest of the story – I’m one of those people who hasn’t played ME but follow the game news on it anyway as I play other Bioware games. And because frankly ME news is always interesting. And other sites I read are still being coy about the ending because they’re anti-spoilers, which I appreciate, but it’s ok to say WHY there’s the irritation. But yeah, the whole thing Bioware sells their games on is “your choices effect the game’s plot” – so having an ending like that, major frustration. And I think it’s completely ok to be emphatic/angry with a game – sure it’s a “game” = pastime, non serious – but at the same time you invest time and interest in a story and you get really involved in the outcome. And when the writing and storytelling is good enough you get invested in the characters – which makes it extra annoying when you get an ending like you described.

    I’m confused as to the mediafolk who’d huff over the downloadable extras, when DLC is becoming not a big thing. The Dragon’s Age series have tons of it. I guess it’ll depend on whether the ME content will be an “extra scenes that explain things” or a “rewrite for a happy ending.”

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