One Hour and 41 Seconds of Moby Remixes

Let’s all dance to music made by a tiny bald man.

Extreme Ways (Lee Combs Remix)
Extreme Ways (John Creamer + Stephane K Remix)
In This World (T&F Vs. Moltosugo Club Mix)
In This World (ATFC’s Southern Fried Vocal)
In My Heart (Ferry Corsten Remix)
In My Heart (Sean Tyas Misses Twilo Mix)
We Are All Made Of Stars (DJ Tiesto’s Full Vocal Remix)
We Are All Made Of Stars (Timo Maas Dub Remix)

These are all good remixes, although the mixes for “Extreme Ways” deconstruct that song so much that it becomes nearly unrecognizable. Depending on your feelings for that song, that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

What is definitely not a bad thing is the Ferry Corsten Remix of “In My Heart.” In fact, I’m just going to go pull my hyperbole lever all the way to the max and proclaim that this remix is fucking spectacular. “In My Heart” is based on a gospel sample. Gospel music, by its very definition is uplifting. You combine that with a remix by one of the international masters of uplifting trance, and you got a song that could probably get the most miserable of bastards on the dance floor and loving life for at least seven and a half minutes.

Seriously, if you’re feeling down, a good uplifting trance mix do more to alter your mood than Prozac (I should know, I’ve tried both). For example, when I was at Ultra last year I spent most of the festival hating everyone and everything. The heat was getting to me, the rude people were annoying the piss out of me, and the corrupt and evil promoters made me want to report their illegal activities to the cops. But whenever I wandered within earshot of any DJ playing a solid uplifting trance set, all my negative feelings and anger towards the countless drugged out asshats that surrounded me would melt away and be replaced with me going “OH MY GOD I JUST WANT TO DANCE TO THIS ALL DAY! OH HI! HOW ARE YOU? MY NAME IS JAMES! DON’T YOU JUST WANT TO DANCE TO THIS ALL DAY? I KNOW! IT’S SO GOOD! WHAT? NO, SORRY, I DON’T HAVE ANY COCAINE!”

I guess some people needed additional means to “uplift.”

Enjoy the mixes, I hope to get one more post in tomorrow, but if I do not, I hope you all have a wondrous weekend.

5 Responses to “One Hour and 41 Seconds of Moby Remixes”

  1. Ximeremix says:

    My sentiments exactly about dancing to these tracks, esp. the Timo Maas and Ferry remixes.

  2. Steve Benton says:

    The Ferry Corsten mix of In My Heart is indeed fucking spectacular. My most played track of that year. Thanks for reminding!

  3. JT says:

    People still listen to Moby?

  4. Lost Turntable says:

    More people listen to Moby than you.

  5. serpico009 says:

    I went into that Corsten mix wanting to hate it, but it’s pretty good. It’s trance, but the breakbeat is cool and there’s some little 8-bitish melodies floating around.

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