Electronic Music about Clouds and Math

Off to Ohio for the weekend. Need to fill my brain with great electronic music if I want to keep sane, or at the very least – gleefully insane.

The Orb
Aftermath (Bus Mix)
From A Distance (Hybrid Mix)
Once More… (Mark’s Slide Mix)
Little Fluffy Clouds (Danny Tenaglia’s Detour Mix)
The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Underworld turned 20 last year. Feel old, ravers?

I have a lot of 12″ singles by The Orb. Nearly all of them are torn to shit and have been played to death. While that’s a brilliant testament to the longevity and massive popularity of the group, it makes recording the 12″ singles annoying as hell. I have two 12″ singles for “Once More…” but the Mark’s Slide Mix is the only one on either that was playable.  Figures that the the remix to “Aftermath,” one of my least favorite Orb tracks, would be in near-mint condition.

But whatever, you’re really here for the “Little Fluffy Clouds” mix. Download it, it’s quite good.

Fibonacci Sequence
I feel that electronic music is the only type of music that can dedicate an entire song to a mathematical pattern. On second thought, no, I’m totally sure progressive rock can do that to. Shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mars Volta one day decide to an entire album dedicated to the Golden Ratio.

I love this record. Not only because it’s a wonderfully bizarre song that works as a great into to my jogging mix, but because I snagged it off of a single-sided vinyl, which I can use to calibrate my turntable’s anti-skate. No idea what I’m talking about? You will when I drop my guide to recording vinyl next week!

2 Responses to “Electronic Music about Clouds and Math”

  1. Chris says:

    Xenakis used the Fibonacci series. He was an absolutely astonishing composer. I recently saw the JACK quartet perform Tetras. Even watching it live it was almost impossible to believe that musicians could be playing it. One of the most wonderful concerts I’ve ever been to.
    You can see the Arditti quartet give what I think it a less good performance here:

  2. raul says:

    thanks for the two last posts (amazing remixes),and waiting for the recoding guide,it surely will be of much help

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