Masturbation Jokes and Blog Announcements

The Official Lost Turntable Guide to Ripping Vinyl is coming! It might be a few weeks though, whenever I get going on it I find myself rambling for a bit before I focus. Look for it next week I hope.

But you know what you can look for right now? My new blog!

I’ve been doing this blog for about six years now (holy shit!) and while I’m going to keep doing it for as long as I can, I find its format rather limiting sometimes. Recently, I’ve become fascinated with bands so obscure that I don’t feel like they fit The Lost Turntable. Also, I’d like to have something that doesn’t host MP3s, so I can put ads on it and use it as a reference on the off chance I get another music writing gig.

So with that, I’ve started Random Record Reviews. It’s format is simple: once a week, I’ll grab a random obscure record that I’m sure no one has ever heard of and I’ll review it. My goal: to find a hidden gem that time forgot. I didn’t find it with my first post (thanks a lot Zamp) but I’m not going to stop until I do, and then I’ll probably keep going anyway.

Okay, now that I got all that out of the way, let’s listen to some electronic music. Small post tonight, I’ll have more electronic music tomorrow.

Also, get used to the electronic-themed posts for the next couple of weeks, I just bought $200 worth of 12″ singles.

Smartbomb (BT Mix)
Smartbomb (Plump DJs Mix)
The Plump DJs Mix of “Smartbomb” is in my Top 10 list for best electronic songs of the early 00s. I first discovered it via SSX Tricky, and I’m ecstatic that I was able to track down an extended version on a 12″ Single. I don’t want to talk to much about it. Just download it, it’s great.

Meat Beat Manifesto
Prime Audio Soup (Vegetarian Soup by Boards of Canada)
Prime Audio Soup (Dub)
Prime Audio Soup (The Herbaliser Remix)
I can’t decide which is worse, a band named Meat Beat Manifesto or a song called “Prime Audio Soup.” Did I ever tell my joke about how I think that Meat Beat Manifesto should go on tour with the Circle Jerks? At the end of the show both bands could come onstage together and do a joint cover of “Turning Japanese.”

They could call it the Masturbatour.

Thank you! Goodnight!

2 Responses to “Masturbation Jokes and Blog Announcements”

  1. Snowy says:

    “come on stage together”…very funny.

  2. Drain says:

    interesting sidenote, ministry actually did have a “MasturbaTour” in ’03.

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