Literally a Virtuosity of a Soundtrack

This blog has gotten more hits in the past two days than it usually does in two weeks. I guess sometimes even someone like me can write something that can really connect with what people are thinking and be relevant with current trends and topics.

Other times I share out-of-print songs from obscure soundtracks that no one cares about. Tonight’s post is the latter.

Selections From the Virtuosity Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

For those of you who don’t remember/successfully forgot, Virtuosity was a mid-90s action/sci-fi flick starring Denzel Washington as an ex-cop who is released from prison to hunt down a robotic serial killer played by Russell Crowe. The movie also stars Kelly Lynch (proving that you can go downhill from Roadhouse) and William Fichtner, because he’s in one out of ten movies ever made.

It was directed by Brett Leonard, the only director I can think of who is from my hometown of Toledo, Ohio. Leonard’s other directorial efforts include The Lawnmower Man, Hideway and Man-Thing. He also directed Highlander: The Source, which many consider to be even worse than Highlander II: The Quickening. That’s a fucking accomplishment.

He also directed Feed, a horror movie about a serial-killer who gets off on feeding his victims to death. It’s set in Toledo, Ohio and sounds like the most accurate depiction of my hometown that has ever been committed to film.

Anyways, while Virtuosity is a slightly-below mediocre film, it does have a slightly-above mediocre soundtrack that is now out-of-print. You can get some of the songs on albums by the artists, but most of the tracks remain hard-to-find and rare, and those are the ones I’ll be featuring tonight. If you like mid-90s dance/alt-rock then you might find some tracks here you’ll like.

A quick little disclaimer/cop-out: I know very little about all of the bands featured tonight. So if I make any mistakes, glaring omissions of facts that should be mentioned, I apologize. I’m battling a pretty wicked cold at the moment and I’m really too damn tired to research that much right now.

The Heads (Featuring Deborah Harry)
No Talking Just Head
The Heads are everyone in Talking Heads except David Byrne, created when they wanted to reunite but Byrne refused. They only released one album, and this is the title track from it. Other vocalists contributed to the album, including Richard Hell, Gordon Gano and Andy Partridge. I heard the album sucked, but I do love this track. Any of you heard it and want to share? It’s out of print at the moment.

The Worldbeaters and Peter Gabriel
Party Man
I have absolutely no freakin’ clue as to who The Worldbeaters are. If anyone can shed some light on them for me I would appreciate it. Since they apparently never released anything other than this song, I suspect they do not exist and that it is a pseudonym of Peter Gabriel and whomever he was working with while he recorded this song (which may be Tori Amos, she co-wrote this tune). This is one of the best tracks on the soundtrack, although cool, the mellow vibe totally does not fit in with the rest of the album.

Hu Hu Hu (Danny Saber Remix)
Dig was an also-ran alt-rock band from the mid-90s. I didn’t remember them at all until I did my research for this article and re-discovered their sole kinda-hit “Believe.” According to Discogs this remix is by Danny Saber (the linear notes for this soundtrack are annoyingly vague and don’t even list that most of the tracks are remixes). That makes sense, because it sounds like nothing else I looked up by the band. Not bad, extremely 90s sounding.

White, Discussion (Sam Sever Remix)
Hey Live! Remember Live? Yeah, I almost forget them too. I blame Secret Samadhi, goddamn that album was dogshit. This very odd remix is not as good as the original version but it is interesting in a “hey let’s just add some beats and a rap to a rock song and call it a remix” kind of way.

Fatima Mansions
The Loyaliser (Juno Reactor Remix)
Okay, I had never heard of this band until about five minutes ago, when I looked up their Wikipedia page and discovered the following:

  • They made the UK Top 10 with a reworked cover of “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You.”
  • They opened for U2 but were almost booed off stage for insulting the pope.
  • John Peel loved them.

Judging from what I’ve found on YouTube, they appear to have been absolutely fucking nuts. I think I just discovered another band to obsess over, like I needed another one of those. Oh well, I’m assuming I can get their stuff fairly cheap used.

Also, if you like this remix, check out the original version. It’s even better.

Traci Lords
Fallen Angel (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
Traci Lords is an amazing singer and her album 1,000 Fires is a great example of mid-90s Hi-NRG dance music. It’s a shame she never put out another record. Not only that, it’s out of print too! Looks like I might need to feature it sometime.

Build It With Love
If right now you are wondering “Who the fuck are Londonbeat?” then click here.

That song will probably be stuck in your head for the next few hours/days/weeks. Sorry about that.

I have no idea how much this remix differs from the original version, even in its remixed form it’s incredibly dated and silly. I bet it was a banger in the gay clubs at the time though.

India and Masters At Work
I Can’t Get No Sleep
India (the woman singing on this track – not the country) has an amazing voice, but that can’t save this track from being so forgettable an elephant would have a hard time remembering it. In fact, whenever I see the that song title I get “Insomnia” by Faithless stuck in my head instead. It’s more upbeat 90s dance, and fine for what it is. Just not my style at all.

That’s it for this one. In case you were wondering, the in-print tracks from this soundtrack are:
Black GrapeA Big Day In The North
TrickyAbbaon Fat Tracks
William OrbitInto The Paradise
SamuraiJuno Reactor (AWESOME track, buy it)
Lords Of AcidYoung Boys

I might get another post out on Monday, and expect my full report on the Nevermind 4LP set this Tuesday night!

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3 Responses to “Literally a Virtuosity of a Soundtrack”

  1. Ctel says:

    Do explore Fatima Mansions’ work. You won’t be disappointed. Full of bile and fury (a bit like this blog perchance?). The first few albums are excellent (,+The) especially ‘Only Losers Take the Bus’ the opener to their first album and ‘1000%’ from Valhalla Avenue (especially if you can find the lim ed single with ‘1000000%’ version) and their ‘Blues To Ceaucescu’ and ‘Evil Man’ singles.

    And when you’re done with that do explore singer Cathal Coughlan’s previous band Miscrodisney and their amazing album ‘Love Your Enemies’ (originally entitled We Hate you South African Bastards) and his later solo work isn’t bad either

  2. Ctel says:

    Oh yes, and before I forget, their single Everything I Do (I Do It For You) only got into the top 10 because it was part of a single with Manic Street Preachers.

  3. James says:

    Here is a Mediafire link to “No Talking Just Head” — eager to hear what you think!

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