Aren’t we all Born Slippy?

More on Nirvana later today! Until then, let’s dance.

Born Slippy.NUXX (Paul Oakenfold Mix)
Born Slippy.NUXX (Atomic Hooligan Mix)
Born Slippy.NUXX (2003 12″ Version)
Born Slippy.NUXX (London Elektricity Mix)
You know what the problem is with remixing “Born Slippy.NUXX?”

You’re remixing “Born Slippy.NUXX!”

That song is a classic. Easily one of the top 10 electronic songs of the decade. The original version of the song is sonic perfection. I don’t think I would be exaggerating much by saying that when I heard Underworld perform it live at Ultra last year that the song literally got me high. It’s aural ecstasy. I didn’t suck on a pacifier or get all touchy-feely with anyone though.

By remixing it you’re trying to basically make “perfect” better. And why that’s impossible, I will say that some of these mixes from 2003 do manage to be good enough if you let them stand on their own weight and don’t compare them to the incomparable original.

The best of the bunch is the London Elektricity mix, mostly because he pretty much discards the original to do his own thing about halfway in, with the vocals the only original element that remains.  Conversely, the mix by Atomic Hooligan is good for exactly the opposite reason. About halfway through he strips the song bare, leaving nothing more than the vocals and that classic synth melody. It’s pure, uncut “Born Slippy.NUXX,” and when the beat kicks back in, it almost hits the levels of epic euphoria found in the original, but not quite.

The Oakenfold mix sounds like, well, Paul Oakenfold remixing an Underworld tune, turning it into the boring style of trance that Oakenfold produces when he’s not trying. Whatever, it’s not bad, just utterly unnecessary in every way you can think of.

As for the 2003 12″ mix. It’s just weird. The synth melody is replaced with a piano melody. And while I give them credit for trying something different, it really doesn’t work that well. It just makes you want to hear the original again.

All of these are worth at least one listen though, because if nothing else they are curious interpretations of a classic. So enjoy and I’ll see you all later today when I’ll either be exclaiming the joys of the Deluxe vinyl edition of Nevermind, or cursing it existence with every fiber of my being.

I’m really preparing myself for the latter.

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  1. Brad says:

    well said!!! never did like all the rage of re-remixes of a lot of my faves from the 90s (Wink/Winx’s “Dont Laugh2000” horribly destroyed by Mauro Piccotto), etc. one of my most fave memories from my 20s was road-tripping out to Denver to go see the Chemical Bros & Fatboy Slim’s “Rave On The Rocks” gig in july ’99. top 10 shows ive ever seen! Mr. Slim was in the middle of the crowd doing his dj set, about 10 ft away from us, and all of a sudden as SOON as he dropped the 1st notes of Born Slippy, a quick 10 minute rain began….f’ing perfect! maybe it was what I was smoking that evening, but the rain seemed to mimic the song…began a slow drizzle, then picked up to steady flow. truly unforgettable!

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