Too Tired For a Title – The Sequel

Big ups to my Melbourne connection for hooking me up with the elusive Dreamcast vinyl! Dude if you ever need someone whacked, or if you just need someone to get you something off of a high shelf let me know. This giant vinyl/video game nerd is forever in your debt.

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Renegade Soundwave
Thunder II
I said before I would post more RSW if I found some. And guess what? I did. These are from a 12″ for “Thunder.”

Unrelated note, “Manphibian” totally sounds like a Roger Corman movie that never happened. Maybe a sequel to “Sssssss” (and yes kids, that the name of a real movie). If anyone could tell me what “Manphibian” samples I would appreciate it. It sounds like the song that was used to become the Sex & The City theme, or am I just sleep deprived and half death?

The Shamen
Possible Worlds (Deep Psi)
Possible Worlds (Imaginary)
Possible Worlds (Stick)
Possible Worlds (Reverse)
My Shamen clearance sale continues! These are b-sides to “Make It Mine.” I have more Shamen coming still! Probably two more posts worth. I hope someone is digging this shit, I sure am.

L.L. Cool J
Rock The Bells (Original Version)
Bittersweet Symphony vs. Rock The Bells
And for some musical diversity, its time to rock the motherfucking bells.

The original version of this track is crazy. First of all, it has actual bells. Something that is lacking from the album cut. It’s also seven minutes long, is completely lacking anything resembling a chorus, and has the fidelity of a track that I might record in my closet with an 8-track recorder and a Fischer Price microphone. Although that might have more to do with the quality of the vinyl I ripped it from, which looked like it was taken through a pack of wolverines. I cleaned the hell out of this fucker (both digitally and literally) and I think it sounds pretty good now, I hope you all agree.

Also included as a bonus is the “Bittersweet Symphony/Rock the Bells” mashup mix from the excellent game DJ Hero. I don’t know why, but this mix pumps me up like nothing else. I think it’s the whole “L.L. Cool J. is hard as HELL” bit, which is stretched out a little bit in this mix. I used to have it on my jogging mix, but it pumped me up to such a dangerous degree that I had to remove it in fear of giving myself a heart attack. Same thing happened when I used to have “Red Cape Diver” by Foxy Shazam on my workout mix. Some songs are just too motivational! I should just stick to the classics.

5 Responses to “Too Tired For a Title – The Sequel”

  1. Homer J(is hard as hell)from UK says:

    I like that Bittersweet Symphony Vs Rock The Bells.I’ve never heard that as don’t do video games(apart from classics on my fone like ‘Alien Pinball’ !!!). Please don’t tell me it was made on 2 gaming decks as it means u’ll get 5 year olds better on vinyl decks than me !
    I prefer the album cut of ‘Rock The Bells’ myself.

  2. Homer J from UK says:

    Mistake in last comment: …i hope that wasn’t done on gaming decks or you’ll get 5 year olds better on gaming decks than i am on vinyl decks .
    Mistake from another past comment(that i thought would be corrected by someone else by now!): Will Sin was the person that died in The Shamen.

  3. Shamus says:

    that Shamen Stick Mix remains awesome house from late 1991… had it already, but nice of you to post it here for all those who never heard it 🙂

  4. UofSC93 says:

    Its funny listening to the LL mix of that song – people really thought “go-go” was going to be the next big thing after hip hop.

  5. Homer J from UK says:

    UofSC93 : well what was the next big thing after Hip Hop…swingbeat !?! That lasted all of about 2 seconds ! Oh actually 4got about ‘Gangsta Rap’-i wonder why(cos it was the death of Hip Hop) ! Some elements of Hip Hop r still good tho-graffitti,cutting & scratching & breaking(or as the USA think we call it ‘breakdancing’-only if explaining it 2 a pensioner maybe !). d;0)>

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