Never Rub Another Man’s Aphex Twin Song Title

For the second year in a row I avoided the Oscars. The bullshit nature of award shows depresses me.

So what did I watch instead?

Dancer In the Dark.


Seriously. SHIT. I had never seen that movie before. And while yes, it is beautiful and incredibly moving, it’s also probably the most depressing film I have ever seen.

I had to watch the “Dance Magic Dance” scene in Labyrinth three times just to foster enough positive vibes to get me out of my chair. I knew I didn’t see it when it came out for a reason. Yikes. I need to go look at some LOLcats or something before I go to bed. But until then, stupid dance music!

The Shamen
LSI (Love Sex Intelligence) (Ed Richards 12″ Mix)
LSI (Love Sex Intelligence) (Beatmasters 12″ Mix)

LSI (Love Sex Intelligence) (Shamen Alternative Vocal)
LSI (Love Sex Intelligence) (Frank De Wulf Dub Rave)
LSI (Love Sex Intelligence) (Shamen Deep Dub)
LSI (Love Sex Intelligence) (Well Hung Parliament Dub)
Spoiler! This song is about me.


More by The Shamen, I know you’re all horribly surprised. I got one more of these in me, then I will have exhausted my entire supply of The Shamen. At least until I buy more.

Love Stimulation (Blank & Jones Remix)
Love Stimulation (Paul Van Dyk Love Club Mix)
I’m keeping it up. The love theme that is, with this excellent trance track. What this song has to do with love is a mystery, however, as it has no lyrics. It could have been called “Cheese Stimulation.”


Oh, where was I? Oh yeah, these mixes are from a 12″ single. Now excuse me while I go eat some cheese.

Pop Will Eat Itself
Another Man’s Rhubarb (12″ Mix)
Another Man’s Rhubarb (7″ Mix)
Another Man’s Rhubarb (Chaotic Mix)
Leave it to PWEI to fuck my love-dovey/cheese theme all to hell. This song is…quite stupid, but in the best possible way. It starts with that very bizarre quote from the 1989 Batman movie, and then it segues into a whole “We Are the People” rant? Huh? What? Oh, Clint Mansell, you so crazy!

That’s right kids, don’t forget that Clint Mansell, Oscar-nominated film composer for films like Requiem For a Dream, The Wrestler and Moon, was the lead singer for Pop Will Eatself. That means that the man who brought us the classic theme from Requiem For A Dream also brought us “Beaver Patrol.”

Because, y’know, he’s classy.

6 Responses to “Never Rub Another Man’s Aphex Twin Song Title”

  1. Homer J from UK says:

    Pop Will Eat Itself-around 1990 what gr8 sounds they done. I saw them in their home town(Aston Villa) on the ‘Cure For Sanity’ tour & they were excellent(tho 2 loud),my ears were ringing 4 hours-due 2 some stuff being shouted thru megaphones next 2 the mic. It was good 2 see Clint rapping in his West Midlands accent as people were still rapping with american accents over here then(sellouts!). Recommended listening is ‘Cure For Sanity’ album-not sure if released on CD yet,but don’t b tempted like me 2 get the picture disc,as like most picture discs sound shit. Also look out for the PWEI ‘sample it loop it fuck it & eat it’ t shirts with PWEI replacing the word Pepsi in it’s logo. I had one,but think they were withdrawn around 1990.

  2. Julia S says:

    You should check out – last Saturday – “Soundtrack Saturday Special Edition! Best Original Song, 2001” Kelly S. talks about the Bjork song from Dancer In The Dark that was nominated for an Oscar that year. (and the other 4 songs as well)

  3. Glenn S. says:

    Dancer in the Dark was the beginning of the end of my fascination with Bjork. I couldn’t understand why an artist who seemed so full of life would commit to a project that was so dark and downbeat. Ironically, Selmasongs was the last Bjork album that I could actually listen to from beginning to end, as she increasingly stopped balancing her weird and experimental side with a good helping of pop, something she did so well on Debut and Post.

  4. Darren says:

    Homer J – my band back then (“Scrash”) supported Pop Will Eat Itself at the Aston Villa Leisure Centre, as well as the other dates on the tour, along with Meat Beat Manifesto (biiig heroes of mine). I don’t think it was the ‘Cure For Sanity’ tour though (things are a bit fuzzy about exact dates and times back then) – I think it was in either 1992 or 1993 (I remember it being January though – the tour closing with 2 nights at the London Town And Country).

    We opened for them on the first night of their 5 night residency at the London Marquee too. Summer 1991 (I think).

    I preferred the “This is the day, this is the hour…” album to ‘Cure For Sanity’, by the way.

  5. Darren says:

    Oh, and the “Sample It Loop It Fuck It And Eat It” Pepsi logo t-shirts: these first appeared for PWEI’s two night opening residency for the (as then) new Birmingham venue, “Sanctuary”. However there was a problem with those initial shirts whereby the print faded after only a few washes.

    Those shirts (or, more accurately, the logo) were bootlegged extensively, however. Pepsi did make a formal application to the band to stop, erm, bastardising their logo (to paraphrase). It didn’t get nasty though, and rumour had it at the time that all Pepsi wanted was £5 and a promise that they wouldn’t do it again.

    PWEI were pretty notorious for reworking famous product logos in their merchandise at the time – Coca Cola and Stussy being two others that immediately spring to mind.

  6. DJBen says:

    I’ve only seen Dancer In The Dark once. I watched it with a friend who said he only could watch it about once a year. When the movie ended, we sat on his couch, silent, for about I’d say a good half hour while the title menu repeated over and over. That movie sure does take it out of you!

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