Orbtastic? Is that taken?

I need this record. I need this record. I need this record.


For those of you who don’t click on random links without knowing what they are. I am referring to a special, limited edition Dreamcast white vinyl record with songs from various Dreamcast games. It’s pretty. And apparently very hard to find. It’s a pre-order bonus in parts of Europe and Australia for the upcoming Dreamcast Collection. If any of my European or Australian readers want to make a deal, send me an email please. Seriously. I will pay money for this. I want that record.

The Shamen
Make It Mine (Manhattan Mix)
Make It Mine (Moby’s Dub Mix)
Make It Mine (Deep Mix)
Make It Mine (Club Vocal)
Make It Mine (V 2.1 Make It Minimal)
Make It Mine (V 2.4 Micro Minimal)
Make It Mine (Pro-Gress I Vox)
Make It Mine (Pro-Gress I Instrumental)
Make It Mine (V 1.1 Lenny D )

I think he wants to make it his.

Okay, I’m going to be honest; I know jackshit about The Shamen. I touched on this last week. I was bored. It was a slow week at the record store, and someone must have recently sold their entire Shamen collection. I bought the records because I noticed some of the remix artists. Now I have three hours and twenty minutes of Shamen remixes on my hard drive. Thank God they’re mostly good! That would have been embarrassing otherwise.  These remixes are from two separate Make It Minesingles. I’ll have even more Shamen later in the week hopefully.

Chime (Extended Version)
Chime Crime
Chime (Joey Bel Tram/Program 2 Mix)
Open Mind
Open Mind (Funky Alternatives Mix)
So there’s The Orb, mostly-forgotten late-90s rock band Orbit, William Orbit, and Orbital. Am I missing anyone in the vast variances of Orb-derivative band names? All these bands started around the same time too, you think they would have gotten together and worked out it out. Did any of them ever work together? Anyone have any Orb/ital mash-up? Maybe a mix of “Blue Room” and “Halcyon + On + On? That would be dope, and probably like 80 minutes long, but whatever, I’d listen to it.

Anyways, these tracks are from a 12″ promo single I picked up last week. If you’re wondering which track is the best, the answer is all of them.

7 Responses to “Orbtastic? Is that taken?”

  1. Michael says:

    I like your thinking on an Orb / Orbital mashup – could be phenomenal!

  2. Homer J from UK says:

    Well done on finding the shamen 12”s,there’s a few mixes there even i haven’t heard(Manhattan & Moby Mixes). I loved one of those Minimal mixes,always nice 2 mix that in on the crossfader(i must put all my Shamen 2 hard drive!). I still think the first version of ‘Make It Mine’ i heard on 12” in 89(first Shamen track i heard) was the best version-the one that starts off with ‘this is the voice of the mysterons’.
    ‘Chime’ what a track ! I still think that’s their best track(even the later mix on the ‘Mutations E.P.’).
    Glad u put that up,mine jumps all over the place !

  3. Scott says:

    god i



    It’s like you




    You have fan-tastic-

    taste in music!

    Thanks for posting ! 🙂

  4. loganfied says:

    Dude…nice….love the Orb…my favorite song…shaken up by Hybrid….

    Thanks for at the New Order post…fan since 1987. Seen them twice. Favorite band ever.

  5. loganfied says:

    Screwed up…here’s the link……

  6. Leo Rattans says:

    Oh yes, Orb vs.Orbital! Are you reading this, Mark Vidler at gohomeproductions.co.uk ? If you put your mind to it, you can surely do it.

  7. Michael says:

    To further confuse the number of Orb-derived names, many of The Orb’s early remixes for other bands were titled “Orbital” mixes, e.g. Depeche Mode’s “Happiest Girl (Pulsating Orbital Mix)”.

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