Although now that I think about it “Love Missile” sounds gross…

Saw Girl Talk this weekend. Amazing show…odd people in attendance. Expect a full review later this week.

Right now its pushing 1AM, I have a ton of work to do and I’m tired, so I’m keeping this brief. I think the quality of tunes will make up for it though!

Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) (Manhattan Clique Extended Mix)
Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) (Dan Frampton Radio Mix)

I bought many (many) Erasure 12” singles in Portland. Almost all at 2nd Avenue Records, which was very odd considering most of the stuff in that place was hip hop or punk rock. I was thinking of posting them all at once (making the most FABULOUS blog post ever) but I thought I’d draw it out a bit. I don’t know if my blog can take that music fabulousness at once and survive.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Love Missile F1-11 (Extended Version)
Love Missile F1-11 (Dance Version)
Love Missile F1-11 (Single Version)

Oh hell yeah. I have been looking for this single for years! This totally made the trip to Oregon worth it. Well, that and seeing my family for Thanksgiving.  I love this song so much. It’s just everything great, new, weird, wonderful and stupid as hell about the 80s all in one song, which really makes sense when you find out that Giorgio Moroder produced the track. I own both Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s 80s albums, but nothing on any of them comes close to their remixes, especially the dance mix of this track and the various remixes of “Sex Bomb Boogie” and “Success!” I’ll have to dig those singles out and re-record them. I recorded those back when my turntable was only doing shit in mono. I’m sure they sound great in stereo. For those of you who may not know,  Tony James of the Sigue is now working with Mick Jones of The Clash/B.A.D. under the name Carbon/Silicon and they make wonderfully bizarre pop music together. Check them out.

Battleflag (Lo Fidelity Allstars Remix)
Battleflag (Biopod Mix)

I did not know that Pigeonhead was a band until about 48 hours ago when I looked them up. I always assumed it was a dude who worked with the Lo-Fidelity Allstars. I’m even more surprised that Pigeonhead was an American band! From Seattle! During the 90s grunge boom! The wonders never cease. The Low-Fiedelity Allstars remix was eventually remixed even more and put on that band’s debut album. This version is not the same as that one, it especially diverges near the end. The Biopod Mix actually kind of…sucks, but is worth listening to so you can see how to NOT remix a track with an amazing vocal performance. Rule number 1, don’t bury the lead under stupid distortion effects.

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  1. Homer J from UK says:

    Love Missile-what a track! remember being near the end of my school years & my mate playing the first album-haven’t heard it 4 over 20 years,but gr8 album. Remember them when they were playing this as a new entry on ‘Top Of The Pops'(old weekly TV chart show)-as soon as got 2 school me & best mate said did u see them on TOTP. We especially liked them as parents
    hated this stuff. They played one of the last gigs in local club that got closed-mainly coz it got wrecked by them & their fans!!!
    The Video Mix is the 12” 2 have,all the white covers with different colour printing/japanese writing were the bog standard 12”s(unless u had the one with gold writing!). This still sounds good 2day. There’s an email containing a good mix u probably won’t have(or heard).
    Mm mm love technology!!!

  2. Guest says:

    I like your blog and always come back to see what new tracks you post.

    We are both basically the same age (early 30s). And I’ve noticed that you (a straight dude) like Erasure and Madonna far far more than I (a gay dude) does. Not that it means anything. It’s just sort of funny.

    Keep the music coming. Peace.

  3. Laura says:


    Wow! Christmas came early this year!

  4. Stephen says:

    Those Sigue Sigue Sputnik tracks are SWEET.

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