My Thanksgiving Groping

I’m flying out to Oregon today to spend Thanksgiving with my mom.  I am stoked for that. What I am NOT stoked for are those lovely new TSA security guidelines. You know, the ones that violate your personal freedom while not actually making your flight safer? Ugh. Is there a bar in the ticket area? If I’m getting felt up by a fat man with a mustache I want someone to buy me a drink first…

Anyways, expect a full, possibly explitive-filled first-hand report of said possible molestation in my next post. Until then, we dance!

Alison Moyet
Whispering Your Name (Extended Mix)
Rock And Roll (Live)
F. O. S.

As you may or may not know, Alison Moyet was the lead singer of Yaz (or Yazoo, for my European listeners). I’m not that familiar with her solo career, but if “Whispering Your Name” is any indication, I can’t understand why she didn’t breakthrough into the mainstream. “F.O.S.” is a B-side and sounds as such, but the live version of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock And Roll” is pretty fucking amazing. All three of these tracks are from a CD single I bought for two bucks.

Chip Chip
Never Say Goodbye (Extended Vocal Version)
Never Say Goodbye (Instrumental Version)

I have no idea who Chip Chip is. I bought this 12” single because it was on the ZYX label, and I pretty much buy everything ZYX released from the 80s, because almost all of it is crazy synthpop or electro. This is crazy Italo disco, and while that’s not as awesome as some wacky electro, it’s still pretty damn good. If anyone wants to fill me in on who these ladies are, feel free!

5 Responses to “My Thanksgiving Groping”

  1. Glenn S. says:

    I’ve never understood Alison Moyet’s lack of success in the US unless she just didn’t have the right “look” for pop stardom. Personally, I always thought she was gorgious.

  2. Laura says:

    LOVE Alison Moyet!

    “Upstairs at Eric’s” is a masterpiece!

  3. Peter says:

    Some more Chip Chip:

    It doesn’t really answer your question who these ladies are, but it’s the music that counts isn’t it?

  4. Cmack says:

    Whereabouts in Oregon are you at? I live in the Southern portion near the border…would love to talk turkey with a fellow music journalist (I used to freelance) and lover of the pretty much everything you post (even the wierd stuff)…

  5. Jon A. Leslie says:

    Her solo albums have only gotten better through the years, “Hoodoo”, in particular, is perfection from beginning to end. I also adore “Hometime”.

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