Oregon Housin’

Well, I have bad news for those of you hoping I would be groped in the airport (you sick bastards), when I flew out of Pittsburgh on Friday the new scanners were not yet set up at the checkpoint I was at, which meant no need to worry about radiation, and no need to opt out and get my balls cupped by some asshole glorified rent-a-cop.

I did however, get struck with the worst headache of my life when the plane landed, thanks to my lingering head cold. I seriously felt like a giant sword-wielding dragon was going to burst out of my head and light my flying ass ablaze. And yes, I know that’s a weird mental picture, but I’m still under jetlag so my brain is only working at about 70%.

Anyways, the wi-fi in my hotel is shit covered in ass. But thankfully I anticipated this, and uploaded some tracks before I left. I have to spread them out over the whole week though, which means a few posts only a couple or so tracks. But hell, it’s free music, so don’t complain.

Death In Vegas
Opium Shuffle (Monkey Mafia Mix)
Twist And Crawl (Dub)

I always think Death In Vegas was the act responsible for “Detachable Penis,” but that was King Missile. I don’t know how that happens. I also get King Missile mixed up with King’s X. I’m confused a lot I guess, even without the jetlag. “Opium Shuffle” is an odd track, and in case anyone is having a hard time recognizing the “Elvis was a hero to most but he never meant shit to me” vocal sample, it’s from Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power.” These are both from a 12” single.

I’m Housin’ (U.K. Mix)
I know very little about EPMD, in fact I was entirely ignorant of them until Rage Against The Machine covered this track for their Renegades album. So, if anyone could tell me how exactly one goes about the practice of “housin'” I would appreciate it. I’m going to assume its not the same thing The Jungle Brothers are talking about in “I Wanna House You.” This remix is from a 12”.

3 Responses to “Oregon Housin’”

  1. Homer J from UK says:

    Not sure what ‘Housin’ means,but here’s my only knowledge of Eric & Parrish Making Dollars’s best tracks are ‘Strictly Business’ & ‘So Watcha Sayin’,both heavily samplin 2 artists-BOB MARLEY(‘I Shot The Sherriff’) & DIANA ROSS(‘Set Me Free’-speeded up!).
    It’s ‘I’ll House You’! Better version is ‘I’ll Hump You-2 MEN IN A HUT(like when someone redone C&C MUSIC FACTORY’S ‘Everybody Dance Now’-‘Everybody Fuck Now’)!

  2. Edje says:

    Damn, I was waiting for The Who “See Me, Feel Me” post!

  3. Scott says:

    I think it is the same. 🙂

    Great taste in music, btw.

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