1988 Was a Good Year for Goofy Shit

I believe I am getting ill. I blame Enter The Void.

Really quick, review time!

Nitzer Ebb – Industrial Complex: Holy shit. This album is amazing.

Mini-Mansions – s/t: QOTSA side-project. If you like Beatles in your Beatles you make Beatles this Beatles-sounding CD. Beatles.

All four of the tracks below are from the year 1988. I didn’t plan that, but I like to think I did.

I Start Counting
Lose Him (Pascal Gabriel Remix)
See How It Cuts (Limited Edition Extended  Club Dub Dance Remix Version)
Both these tracks are from a weird 12” I bought. Okay, so a lot to explain here. Firstly, I Start Counting is a horribly-named  80s synthpop duo who is still recording today under the much better name Komputer. They are, sadly, the least interesting thing about this release. You may recognize the remixer’s name, Pascal Gabriel. Even if you don’t, you probably have some music he produced on your computer, especially if you download music from this blog. The dude has produced music dozens of dance acts I’ve featured here, including Kylie, New Order and EMF. The dude is freaking prolific. Check out his Discogs entry to get an idea.

But what I really want to talk about is the name of that second remix. The “Limited Edition Extend Club Dub Dance Remix Version.” Before you ask, yes, that is the actual name of the remix, taken from the label of the record. I can’t figure out if that’s impressive or just stupid. Is the “version” really needed? Furthermore, is the “limited edition” really needed? And surely they could have chose either “club” or “dance”? So many questions I’m never going to get answered…

Oh yeah, the music. Yeah. It’ s not bad. You like Art Of Noise’s first album? You’ll dig this stuff. Its very “let’s sample a note and put it on our new, really expensive keyboard.”

Robotiko Rejekto
Rejekto (Presentation Mix)
Rejekto (Layout Mix)
This track is also known as “Rejekto!” but I am against needless exclamation, so I am not calling it that. Besides, it’s not that exciting. This is German electro from the 1980s. And it is German as shit. Its also pretty stupid, basic and dated as all hell, but I dig it anyways. It’s like the soundtrack to a West German factory that makes funky robots. These too are from a 12” single.

8 Responses to “1988 Was a Good Year for Goofy Shit”

  1. Fictional Queen says:

    Yay reviews!Your reviews are fun to read.
    The name of that song “Rejekto!” sounds like a spell from Harry Potter haha!
    Funny post 😀

  2. eiko says:

    You liked Nitzer Ebb’s Industrial Complex? I loved That Total Age, it’s a perfect album for speeding down a highway. I even like Big Hit. It’s slow and strange, but after listening a few times I found some depth to it. Industrial Complex is almost like the intersection between those two albums, which I think defeats what was good about each of the different styles. Maybe it will grow on me though after I listen to it more though.

  3. Lost Turntable says:

    Really? What about “Going Away From me”? I think that’s one of the best electronic ballads I’ve heard since Depeche Mode’s heyday.

  4. Lost Turntable says:

    Yes, “Rejekto Electro!” could be some anti-synthpop spell or something!

  5. Keith says:

    I was completely shocked when Amazon offered up Nitzer Ebb this week as the free MP3 of the day – so nice to have them back – thanks for the album review. As we speak, I am playing “Murderous” at full tilt to introduce the band to my wife who quite liked the first spin of new track “Promises.”

  6. Lost Turntable says:

    Yeah, Promises is great. My favorite though is Going Away From Me. It’s haunting.

  7. acidted says:

    Cracking reviews. Makes me wince about mine.

    That is all.

    As you were. Carry on.

  8. Thanks a BILLION for posting the Robotiko Rejekto. I lost this in a nasty break up with an even nastier girlfriend in about 1992. An entire box of records went away (and were probably burned to a cinder within an hour…) Anyway, not your problem. Thanks again, however, for digging this one out!!! (As soon as you find Solar Enemy’s “Techno Ecstacy” give me a buzz. That’s one of the few cuts I still miss rather badly.)

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