Viruses, Audio Editing, Big Asses and the new Ministry Sucks

First, some reviews. I haven’t linked to my reviews in a while and that has gotten me complaints (from my mom). So here we go.

Ministry – Every Day Is Halloween: Worst album of the millennium so far.

David Bowie – Station to Station Deluxe Edition: The best re-issue ever. Also, the best sounding vinyl record I have ever heard. And in case you can’t tell, that’s really saying something.

The Orb featuring David Gilmour – Metallic Spheres: Duuuuuuuuuude. Get it now.

Marnie Stern – s/t: Good follow-up to her amazing sophomore record.

Skunk Anansie – Wonderlustre: Shocker. I liked it. “Talk Too Much” is a beautiful and absolutely heart-wrenching song.

Oh, and good news! If you click on my wonderfully ugly logo you can go to the main page now! Thank anonymous Lost Turntable fan person for that!

Okay, now for some geeky shit. If you are not technically inclined you might want to skip down to the tunes.

My computer got a virus (that laid dire straits to my environments) on Friday. Don’t worry, my music was safe (I back that shit up) but I lost all my programs, media tools and shit like that. I was able to re-install my Creative Labs program that I use to record my vinyl, but as of right now I do not have a copy of the program I use to edit/restore my recordings, which is Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio. I might not be able to get another copy of that because of the arcane way that Sony handles online orders. If that’s the case, I will not be purchasing another copy of it, because..well..fuck them.

So right now I’m looking into recording/restoration software, preferably software that costs less than a hundred bucks. Now I know what all of you geeks are thinking, “Hey asshole, why don’t you just use Audacity? It’s awesome and free!”

Well, you’re half right. While Audacity is a great free program that is really handy for simple editing/recording, it leaves a lot to be desired. Its interface is clunky as hell, and navigating a sound file to remove/repair audio imperfections is a royal pain in the ass. Maybe someday Audacity will be great, but it sure isn’t now. So if anyone has any recommendations that are not Audacity please leave them in the comment section or shoot me an email.

Now to get really geeky. I’m thinking about partioning my hard drive and installing Linux. I need to use Windows for work, but I would like my primary OS to be something that is open source and less prone to viruses. I’ve been doing a bit of research and found Ubuntu Studio, which sounds pretty awesome. Its a version of the Ubuntu operating system with a bunch of high-end A/V software built-in. Anyone out there have any experience with it? Is it worth giving a shot? Or should I just stick with regular Ubuntu? Or maybe another Linux variant all together? Any input would be appreciated!

But enough of that geeky shit for now, here’s some hip-hop.

The Beastie Boys
Alive at Youch’s House
Alive (Remix by Evidence for the Dilated Peoples)

Any word on Yauch’s health yet? I got nothing else to say about the Beasties other than that I miss them and I want MCA to kick cancer’s ass so we can all hear The Hot Sauce Committee. These are from a white label 12”.

LL Cool J
Big Ole Butt (12” Remix)
This song is…horrible, but in all the best ways. And it’s not just horrible because it’s about LL ditching his girl for a girl with a bigger ass (and then ditching that girl for another girl with an even bigger ass), it’s horrible for lines like “you look like tastier than a nice and hot pizza” and “I went to Red Lobster for shrimp and steak/Around the time when the waitress are on their lunch break.” I would call it misogynist if it wasn’t just so fucking stupid. Still, I can’t help but love it, in all its ass-happy glory. This is from a 12” single that was sadly not shaped like a big ass.

De La Soul
Itzsoweezee (Hot) (De La Sould Remix)
Stakes Is High (Remix)

“Itzsoweezee” totally makes me want to smoke some weed. Which is quite a task considering I’ve never smoked weed in my entire life. “Stakes Is High” is good too, but not nearly as groovy. Both of these are from a 12”.

8 Responses to “Viruses, Audio Editing, Big Asses and the new Ministry Sucks”

  1. Homer J says:

    Gr8 Beastie Boys track-i hadn’t heard that b4! Have u heard ‘Right Right Now Now’?

  2. Milo Bloom says:

    Maybe you can find it on teh torrentz.. if you bought it once, surely you can get it from there and install it pretty much guilt-free. Or I would, anyway. 🙂

  3. Fictional Queen says:

    Yay reviews!And your logo is not ugly!
    Wow,that LL Cool J song is so..I don’t even..?!
    I’m sorry about the virus,man.That sucks.
    Also,you’re such a cocky dude.(And I don’t mean that in a bad way,teehee.)

  4. Chris says:

    I have tried Ubuntu Studio a couple of years ago and it was pretty good. Couldn’t get wireless to work though. I wanted it because they also made it sound like a graphic/photo tweaked Ubuntu.

    I have installed a newer version of Ubuntu since then on same laptop and wireless was working with no terminal commands or tweaks. I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

    Thanks for the Beastie Boys tracks. I feel the same way as you about MCA coming back strong.

  5. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the heads-up re Metallic Spheres. Despite that whole Foxy Shazam tragedy, I took your advice to get it, and it’s great.

  6. Mike Redmond says:

    Oh man, I agree, the new Ministry greatest shits is awful.

  7. TheSquarePear says:

    I think Too $hort could whoop LL’s ass any day.

  8. TheSquarePear says:

    BTW you can find linux distros here:

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