This Post is about a Drum Solo…and David Bowie

I recently bought the super-awesome-deluxe version of Station To Station. I even reviewed it and gave it five stars. I would have given it 50 if given the chance. It’s amazing, one of the best special editions I have ever bought. Not only does it sound incredible, but it has all kinds of neat goodies and bonuses that really give you a good bang for your buck. It even includes an entire concert, recorded at the Nassau Coliseum in 1976.

Well, not an entire concert. It’s missing a a drum solo from “Panic In Detroit.”

I know that drum solos are not the most…exciting aspect of live music. I recall being subjected to a drum solo at the end of a Coheed & Cambria concert that made me want to fly to Canada and beat the shit out of Neil Peart just to make an example. But still, it’s part of the show! And if this deluxe version of Station to Station really is a historical document, then it has to be there! But I guess if you have to cut something you have to cut something…

Oh wait, it’s included as a “bonus track” on the digital download edition?

Fuck. That. Bullshit.

I paid $150 for the super-deluxe version. It includes five CDs, three LPs, a DVD and more random memorabilia and random goodies than you can shake a Thin White Duke at. Why the hell can’t it include the complete version of the concert? Or even a download card that gives you a code to the uncut version of the song? I’m effectively being punished for being a die-hard fan with money to burn.

Depeche Mode did the same thing with the deluxe edition of Sounds Of The Universe. If you shelled out the big bucks for the deluxe version of that sucker, you got two bonus discs with demos, remixes and B-sides, but you didn’t get them all, there were some “exclusive” tracks that were only available if you bought the iTunes Pass version. So if you wanted everything from the album you had to buy it twice. At least, that’s what they wanted you to do. If you were like me you bought one and downloaded the shit off the other. Or if you’re really like me you found out most of the “exclusive” tracks were really remixes from 12” singles and you just bought those. I, of course, put many of those songs online. So you can see where this rant is going.

David Bowie
Panic In Detroit (Unedited Version with fixed opening and closing)
Panic In Detroit (Original Bootleg Version)
Cat People (Australian Promo Extended Version)

I caved and spent the two bucks to by the track on Amazon. And it’s a pretty good extended version/drum solo. But even its fucked up a little. Has a fade-in and fade-out, while the rest of the tracks on the album seamlessly segue from one to another with no lapse in crowd noise or stage banter. So if you want to incorporate the song into a playlist with the rest of the concert, or replace the cut version with the longer version altogether, there’s a rather noticeable cut when you get to the song.

Well, until I fixed it.

So here’s what I did. I bought the “Unedited Mix” of Panic In Detroit and cut the beginning and end of the regular version into it. so if you replace the original version with this extended cut you won’t notice any sudden cuts or gaps in audio. I also gave it the correct album name “Live Nassau Coliseum ’76” and track number. So if you want, you can download this version and replace the cut version you already have with it.

But here’s where it gets interesting. The Nassau Coliseum concert was heavily bootlegged over the years. I myself have a bootleg of it called The Thin White Duke. The version of “Panic In Detroit” on the bootleg is different, and is actually about five minutes shorter! I don’t know if that’s so the song would fit on a vinyl record or if the version on the official release has overdubs. If you can figure it out let me know.

Finally, I’m also re-uploading the Australian version of Cat People, which is the longest version of that song available. I have no reason for this other than the fact that it’s pretty awesome and I felt like putting it up again.

11 Responses to “This Post is about a Drum Solo…and David Bowie”

  1. eternalkhaos says:

    Bloody awesome timing. I’ve been getting the Unedited mix and now you released it. Thanks for that 🙂

  2. Brad says:

    Ive had a bootleg cd of this gig for many years, and this has the full drum solo on it. One thing I always thought, if you listen to the Bowie drum solo, and then listen to Morrissey’s ‘The Operation’ from Southpaw Grammar, seems very close. Morrissey must have listened to the bootleg at some point. Thanks for the greta regular blogs.

  3. Nigel says:

    These rip-off “special editions” from the record companies are the reason file-sharing is so prevalent – I don’t mind paying for audio (though I do prefer lossless quality) but I’m fucked if I’m letting the big , greedy conglomerates screw me twice for what is essentially the same thing with a few extras. NO!!!

  4. Lost Turntable says:

    Actually, I like having “the same thing with a few extras.” Special Editions make record companies shitloads of money, and they aren’t screwing anyone over since they only appeal to a very small market.

    What isn’t cool is when the Special Editions don’t contain the “same thing” but less things. Which is the case here.

  5. Fictional Queen says:

    :O Where do you get the patience and attention span to do this?!Neeaatt!

  6. Sinnerman says:

    You need to hear ‘Cat People’ Dreamtime Mix V3.0 which clocks in at 13.40.
    Yeah, not an official release and I was skeptical at first but it’s mmmmm WOW!!!

  7. Mr. Alphabet says:

    Have also purchased this excellent set, and also very irritated about the difficulty finding the full Panic online. I can’t find words to describe quite how cool that drum solo is. Will you be making your own edit/fix available again? 😀

  8. Lost Turntable says:

    If you want it send me an email at

  9. Mr. Alphabet says:

    Regarding the edit question:

    My vinyl (download) of ‘Thin White Duke’ had an edit during Stay, only a very brief bit cut out of solo near the end. I realized when comparing it to the Rykodisk version.

    So I guess they did the same with the drum solo, on side-b I presume.

    I like what they did with the recording on the official release. The audience gave the bootleg incredible energy but it did drown out much of the instrumental nuance. Waiting For The Man is a treat. Definitely David’s best live recording!

  10. dreamtime says:

    would also appreciate a copy of the fixed version – i was thinking of doing it myself – hope you still have it!


  11. mpb says:

    hi! looking for that nassau drum solo fixed or otherwise! repost possible? can trade stuff too! cheers!

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