Joy Kicks Darkness in the Ass

I’m having a wonderfully splendid night. Sorry. No rants. Not even one. Too bad for you.

True Love 1980 (Vince Clarke Remix)
Dare To Dream (Mogwai Remix)

I am apparently in the dark when it comes to music news related to bands I give a shit about. I had no idea about Ash’s amazing Singles Club thing. For those of you as lame as I, let me explain. Ash announced last year that they were no longer releasing albums. Instead they were just going to release singles. Sounds like what the Pumpkins are doing now doesn’t it? Well, there’s a few key differences. First of all, Ash’s songs don’t suck. Secondly, you get the tracks by “subscribing” with a one-time $20 fee. Then every two weeks you get a new song! There are bonus tracks too! It’s a pretty bitchin’ deal I tell you. They’ve released 20 so far (told you I was late to the punch) and many of them are excellent. One of the first was “True Love 1980.” It’s a great track that combines several of my favorite things; sappy love lyrics, synths, and 1980. This remix takes all of that and adds Vince Clarke to the mix. So we all win. The Mogwai mix is the lesser of the two, but still good. I got these from the official Ash website, they were 100%, no subscription needed, but I thought I’d share them here anyways. There are three other remixes of “True Love 1980” out there, if anyone has them please share. I’ll be your best friend.

The Stone Roses
Elephant Stone (Leckie 7 inch Mix)
Elephant Stone (Leckie 12 inch Mix)
Elephant Stone (Peter Hook Original Mix)

I totally stole these mixes from The awesomely-named blog The Power of Independent Trucking after being directed there by a commenter. That site is great, but he only put the songs up as FLAC files, and I know that confuses many a person. So I went ahead and converted them. I hope dude doesn’t mind. I’m totally pimping his site. Go there!

4 Responses to “Joy Kicks Darkness in the Ass”

  1. Jus says:

    You can get a couple more TL80 mixes here…

    Go to the side bar on the left and click Ash. Cheers! Still lovin' your blog for years now!

  2. jasonk says:

    Thanks for the Roses tracks! Can never have enough.

  3. Leo Rattans says:

    Great service, thanks a lot.
    Short is sweet.

  4. Leopold Stotch says:

    Thanks for the Roses!

    And thanks a million again for the Love Child (the band not some bastard baby)

    here she is btw…

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