That Club Must Be a Fire Hazard

This is one of the most retarded posts I’ve put up in a very long time. So…enjoy?

Annabel Lamb
<s>Riders On The Storm (Specially Remixed Dance Version)
Riders On The Storm (Dub Version)</s>
So, an early 80s dance remake of a Doors song? Yeah. If anyone wants to explain this one to me I’d appreciate it very much.

Grace Jones
<s>Love On Top Of Love – Killer Kiss (The Funky Dred Club Mix)
Love On Top Of Love – Killer Kiss (The Funky Dred Dub Mix)
Love On Top Of Love – Killer Kiss (Grace’s Swing Mix)</s>
The “Funky Dred Club Mix” is awesome because it samples the same bells beat that was in Run DMC’s “Peter Piper.” This single annoyed me though, because in addition to these three mixes it has a mix by Cole and Clivilles, which is so fucked up and scratched it won’t play. If anyone is sitting that one hook me up.

Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three
<s>The Roof Is On Fire
The Roof Is On Fire (Scratchin’)
The Roof Is On Fire (Jivin’)</s>
Yes, this is the original “The roof! The roof! The Roof is on fire!” song. It’s also the source for the “Hey Girl! Hey Boy!” sample in the (awful) Chemical Brothers song of the same name. It also has the line “and if you’re not a square from Delaware then throw your hands up in the air.” Sorry all you Delawarians. You got another reason to hate life.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That beat you like from "Peter Piper" is "Take Me To The Mardi Gras" by Bob James (yes, the dude who did the theme to the TV show "Taxi", a/k/a "Angela")

  2. Anonymous says:

    Homer Jay(a.w.k.a. Eclectro),South of England(not London!).
    Thank's for the 'Roof Is On Fire',it's good 2 show people what good track the 'Chemical Brothers' sampled. Both good tracks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the Cole & Clivillés Garage House Mix is posted at:

    And thanks for all your shares! 🙂

  4. ximeremix says:

    Can't give you any info on why a Doors cover in the 80's, but your Annabel Lee is actually Annabel Lamb who made some records for A&M and RCA.

  5. The Lost Turntable says:

    Yikes! Name typo! It's fixed now, thanks!

  6. YU says:

    Your header is a bit wonky in Opera, mate.

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