Ain’t No Buddy Of Mine

I hope all my American readers had a pleasant Fourth of July. Mine was as enjoyable as pounding hot needles into my forehead.

Speaking of things that suck, I got another DMCA notice! That’s my third! Yay me I must be making friends in the right places to get that much attention. Progress on the new Lost Turntable site is ongoing. When the inevitable happens and Blogger shuts my ass down be sure to go to, as that is where I will be.

De La Soul
Buddy (Native Tongue Decision)
Buddy (Native Tongue Instrumental)
Ghetto Thang (Ghetto Ximer)
Ghetto Thang (Ghetto Ximer Instrumental)

That remix of “buddy” is on my top ten list of best hip hop remixes of all time. Dunno why, I just dig it. I especially dig the random interlacing of The Jungle Brothers’ “Got It Like That.” That song is on Fatboy Slim’s On The Floor At The Boutique, which I’ve probably mentioned a dozen times or so as my favorite mix album of the 90s. You should own that. These remixes are from a 12”.

Promised Land
Little known fact: (well, not that little known, I’ve talked about it before) Underworld used to be a mediocre synthpop band before recruiting Darren Emerson and re-inventing themselves as the best fucking house band of the mid-90s. Listening to their pre-Emerson stuff it’s hard to imagine that they were the same group, especially after hearing this piece of 80s cheese off of the Wild Orchid soundtrack. Goofy but fun.

4 Responses to “Ain’t No Buddy Of Mine”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah, yes…Born Slippy from uncorking a bottle of fine wine.

    Hey, how come Ewan McGregor NEVER GETS NAKED anymore in films after hitting it big with the Star Wars Franchise? (Laura wants to know.)

  2. Deano says:

    Im starting to think I'm the only person in the world who stopped listening to Underworld after their first two (fucking brilliant) albums.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Second that opinion about "On the Floor at the Boutique" – top of the list of 90's mixtapes. I'm also a big fan of Supa DJ Dmitry's Scream of Consciousness, which is in the same league for quirkiness, quality, and rockingness, IMHO.

    Love Lost Turntable!!!!!
    – Blendr

  4. Gustav says:

    But don't forget that prior to Underworld, they were Fruer, with "Doot Doot" being one of the coolest tracks to come out of '83 (which later made a cool audio appearance toward the end of "Vanilla Sky" when Tom Cruise was in the elevator screaming for "tech support")

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