Big Audio Blog Post III

Hey remember when this blog was updated more than once every week or so? Man, those were the days. That Lost Turntable guy sure is an asshole.

Big Audio Dynamite
B.A.D. Overture
This is a mega-medly of various B.A.D. beats, samples and riffs. It’s silly for sure, but a great example of both the highs and lows of 80s remixes all in one five minute track!

This track goes by a few different names. It’s also called the “Lovesensi Overture” according to All Music, but the name “B.A.D. Overture” is what’s on the back of the sleeve. Of course, that sleeve isn’t infaliable, it lists the b-side as “2,000 Shoes (Top Buzz)” while it’s actually just the Overture again.

The name “Lovesensi” is actually the name of the release this comes on, which is weird. It’s a spoof on Prince’s “Love Sexy.” A fact made all the more evident by the utterly disturbing album cover.

Pearl Jam
Turning Mist
Hawaii 78 (Live)
The Pearl Jam fan club “Christmas” singles keep coming out later and later. They used to actually come out on Christmas from what I’m told, but they slowly turned into unofficial Easter gifts. This year they came close to the first day of summer. They keep it up they’ll delay themselves back on schedule. I think they figured this one would be coming out in the summer though, since it’s all about surfing and Hawaii, although the Hawaii tune really isn’t a happy jam. You can read more about that amazing tune here.

Kirsty MacColl
Walking Down Madison (Club Mix)
Walking Down Madison (Urban Mix)
Walking Down Madison (6 a.m. Ambient Mix)
This is a good song with a great message and lyrics but the first two remixes take a song that was already late 80s/early 90s overproduced and jacks it up even more. The last remix is the best version of the song. It strips away all the bullshit and leaves you with nothing but a beat and the stark lyrics. Beautiful.

4 Responses to “Big Audio Blog Post III”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If your copy of Lovesensi has the Overture on both sides, you've got a duff copy, cos it should have 2000 Shoes on the other side. You might even have a valuable collector's item there…

  2. James says:

    Update whenever you feel like it: Your posts are always worth the wait. "Walking Down Madison"? Haven't heard that song in years — thank you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Never heard the BAD remix before now…thanks for the post!

  4. Sinnerman says:

    I still love you, asshole.

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