Pittsburgh is underwater.

I am in a shit mood. I hate rain. Hate it. It’s stupid and dumb. My house is underwater and my ceiling is leaking and I want to punch the sky, but my arms aren’t long enough. It’s annoying.

I bought some amazing stuff when I was in Philly a couple days ago. Hopefully some of it will be up here soon.

Queens Of The Stone Age

Never Say Never
Who’ll Be Next In Line
You’re So Vague
Never Say Never is a cover. It was originally on the soundtrack to The Punisher. It still is actually. But you can’t buy it. Well, you can, but if you want the song you have to buy the whole lousy soundtrack. And I mean lousy as in “shitty” not in “the whole thing.” Who’ll Be Next In Line is a Kinks cover and “You’re So Vague” is an original song, but if you don’t know what it is referencing then you’re an idiot and you can’t read my blog anymore.
Gorecki (Global Communication Remix)
Cotton Wood (Fila Brazilia Mix)
One of the very first CDs I ever reviewed was Lamb’s sophomore album way back in 1999. I think I said “sounds like Portishead” about 84 times in that review. I’ve become a better writer since then but I’m going to stand by that opinion. These are from a weird 12” promo single.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Say, wasn't Dolph Lundgren in the Punisher?


    – Laura

  2. hawkinferno says:

    The queens of the stone age "feel good hit of the summer" tour edition EP that got released in australia early 2001, that has all three of those songs on it. It's also been signed by Josh & Nick.. I believe the 10th anniversary edition of their rated 'r' album being released in august will have a bonus disc featuring all those tracks and various b-sides from that albums single releases if people dont want to try and chase down that EP.

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