Raise Your Hand if you Like the Vuvuzela!

Update 7/22/10
To the dickless fucker who keeps reporting this post as a DMCA violation. I want you to look at this post carefully. Do you see any fucking song links? No. You know why? Because I fucking took them down. You don’ t own the rights to broken links you fucker.

Furthermore, whoever the fuck you are, MR. IFPI, you don’t fucking own ANY OF THESE SONGS. They are fan-made mash-ups, unavailable to purchase legally. These mash-ups aren’t costing you any money, and since I’m not charging for them, some would argue that they qualify as a perfect example of Fair Use.

So go fuck yourself, fuck your law, and fuck your mother. She puts out from what I’ve been told.


We now return to you to an non-existent post.

So I can punch you in the face. Ban that fucking thing. It’s ruining the World Cup.

Anyways, hey it’s a bunch of stupid mash-ups! Let’s party like its 2001!

Kopa Hombre
Staring At The Sun
Tippin Toxic
Snoop Vs. Cure
It’s a Pity
Golddigger (Diplo Mix)
Golddigger (Tugboat Edit)
Can I Have It Like That? (DJ Gold Face Crazy Frog Remix)
Stay Fly (Mad Decent Remix)
I’m With The Girls (DJ ABCDEFG Remix)
Don’t You Wish You Had A Caparihna (Grizzly Bounce / Chapaquente / Mad Decent Mix)

Okay, so I’m crediting these to “Hollertronix” but I have no idea how accurate that is. These are all basically remixes/mash-ups by Diplo from what I gather. At the very least he organized/produced them, so he wins. The remixes so drastically rework the original tracks that just calling them “remixes” and crediting them to the original artists seems silly. These are from volumes two and three of the Hollertronix series, which came out back in 2005. The track names are complete guesses for tracks from volume 2, I stole them from Discogs.

DJ Booty von Dralle
Don’t Start Me Down (Pink vs. ELO)
Deeper Like Blood (Madonna vs. Killing Joke)
Oops, My Bubbles (Tweet vs Ellis, Beggs & Howard)
Sharona’s Music (The Knack vs. Madonna)

I have no idea who “DJ Booty von Dralle” is. These mash-ups are from an entirely unofficial, completely-illegal white label 12” I picked up a few months ago. Stupid but quite good. If anyone out there does know who this guy is let me know. He needs to be thanked/beaten for combining “My Sharona” with Madonna’s “Music”.

3 Responses to “Raise Your Hand if you Like the Vuvuzela!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much I was just listening to an Ajax mixtape from 2006 that finishes with the tv on the radio mash up just before I read the post! Keep up the dope blog

  2. DJ Jack says:

    Hey, Vuvuzela's are cool ! – Ok Ok they suck! But that might be the only way we can win a game.

    As for the USA, damn that was close against England. England looked rather plain and I really thought it was going to be the USA's night.

    Let me know if I can send you a Vuvuzela, at least there will be one less here.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes it's annoying beyond belief on its on. However, the Vuvuzela has the perfect sound for rave tune.

    I would imagine that the Vuvuzela plus a drum machine, plus a few Ecstasy pills would add up to an enjoyable World Cup experience.

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