Oh no you Diggerididn’t!

You can blame the current lack of updates on work, personal bullshit and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

When You Gonna Learn? (Digeridoo)
When You Gonna Learn? (Digeridon’t)
When You Gonna Learn? (J.K. Mix)
When You Gonna Learn? (Cante Hondo Mix)
When You Gonna Learn? (Original Demo)
When You Gonna Learn? (Didj. Instrumental)

Yes, I will admit I bought this 12” solely because there’s a remix on it called “Digeridon’t” and I’m a sucker for puns that involve aboriginal instruments. I’m a simple man. Of course, the didgeridoo-lacking mix is the worst one of the bunch. Because if Richard D. James taught us anything, it’s that didgeridoo’s make dance music better.

Oh, and Jamiroquai’s name is just as hard to spell sober as it is drunk.

State Of Shock (L’Pool Edit)
State Of Shock (Paralized Mix)
Little Pig (Extended Mix)

If you do a search for “Peter Hook” and “Revenge” you get about 31,000 results. Add “maligned” to that and you get 455 hits. That means one out of 6.8 sites on the web that are talking about Revenge mention how much they suck. That’s harsh. Well, I’m not going to jump on that bandwagon, but I will say that State Of Shock is a pretty blah song. The remixes help though.

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  1. Arnoud says:


  2. Jeny says:

    And now I have Richard D Jame's evil grin in my head. Thanks much!

  3. Silent K says:

    Absolutely love the demo version. Been rocking this track for a while but only had a poor quality version. Thanks!

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