House Music for Late Night Justice!

You’re going to hear me whine about Leno for a while now, so just get used to it.

Conan announced that he’ll quit The Tonight Show if he’s forced to 12:05, and I can’t blame him. NBC is treating him like shit, and for some reason treating Leno, an unfunny baboon with the most poorly rated network TV show since Capitol Critters, as some big-chinned god. Why? Leno left The Tonight Show, tried something different, and it failed. Failed epically! Have you ever watched The Jay Leno Show? No, of course you haven’t NO ONE HAS. And here’s a shocker, when a network’s 10:00 show is a piece of shit no one watches, less people watch their late night program? Who knew? Oh wait, everyone with a fucking brain knew!

Conan’s audience skews young, and it also skews tech-savvy, so it should be no surprise that the internet is all about Team Conan on this one. You, as a connoisseur of good taste (you must be, you’re reading my blog) have to do you part! Check out this article by The Consumerist. They have listed the email addresses of every executive at NBC. Email ALL OF THEM, do it repeatedly, then create multiple e-mail addresses and do it again, and again, and again. Tell them that you refuse to watch a late night show hosted by Jay “My Chin is a weapon of mass destruction” Leno and that if they don’t keep Conan at 11:35 then you’ll never watch another show on NBC ever.

And if you’ve seen their shitty primetime line-up then you know that won’t be a hard promise to keep.

On a related note, if Jay Leno does get The Tonight Show back this should be his fucking theme song. Bitch. (Sorry for the stupid video that goes with the song).

Oh, and if you are for some reason an idiot and think Jay Leno is right to do what he’s doing don’t bother commenting to share your viewpoint, because I won’t approve it. The Lost Turntable is a dictatorship, run by me, so don’t bother complaining about it.

The Dogg Bite Mix
This is a weird mix, it’s mostly “What Time Is Love” but some other KLF jams make their way in as well. It’s from one of those subscription-based DJ records services. It’s actually pretty damn good too.

A Guy Called Gerald
Automanikk (Just 4U Gordon Mix)
Automanikk (4Q 808 Mix)
Automanikk (Derrick May The Force Be With You Mix)
Automanikk (Bass Overload Mix)
Voodoo Ray Americans

That is a really stupid alternative spelling. The song is good though. I like the band Gerald is in more though…

808 State
Open Your Mind (Open Mix)
Lift (Lift Up Dub)
Lift (Metro Mix)
Lift (Justin Strauss Mix)
Open Your Mind (Sound Garden Mix)
Lift (12” Mix)
Lift (7” Mix)

Well speak of the devil! I don’t even remember buying this 12”. I was cleaning out my music folders and came across a huge WAV file that had the entire 12” on it. I’m so disorganized that it extends to my virtual belongings! It’s sad really. The last time I cleaned my room (which was…many eons ago) I found 20 socks, two magazines that had articles I wrote, a picture of me from 3rd grade and a copy Purple Rain…on vinyl! God only know what I’ll find if I ever clean out my basement.

2 Responses to “House Music for Late Night Justice!”

  1. Charlie Parker says:

    There are a few pro-Leno idiots out there.

    I mean I love the guy and his car obsession, I really do. I'm a car nut myself.

    But the guy is as funny as rectal surgery. NBC haven't just shot themselves in the foot here, they've blown their legs clean off.

    The Tonight Show is dead. 60 years of history gone in a heartbeat if they pull this crap.

    Staggering to see the ineptitude. And to see the funniest guy they have getting screwed over… I've seen Leno say "I didn't want to leave in the first place". Yeah, that's it, bow out with grace and class.

    It's like a bad Larry Sanders storyline. (Not that there was such a thing.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eclectro,snowy south England.
    KLF-what a group,especially considering they done there music as a joke! Whether that was all their stuff as Moody Boys,JAMMS,The Timelords,Jam On The Mutha(check out the Ibiza 90 Mix of Hotel California!). They done so many bootlegs,mixes of What Time Is Love(best mix being side 1 of Moody Boys Vs KLF),etc,etc. And one member drew the best selling Athena poster(the one with the wizard).My fave was the first one I heard in 89,the original mix of 3am Eternal.The worst A Side was Kylie Said To Jason,but the B side & poster makes up 4 it.And 808 State -another classic 90's band(go on their site 4 loads of free mp3s.) Best album is 90. Great megamix of KLF.

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