Fuck Leno (And the Cards too)

I’m writing this at 11:11 on 01/10/10. That’s…a lot of ones.

I am disgruntled. All the playoff games sucked this weekend save for the Pack/Cards game. But the team I wanted to win that one didn’t so it was all for naught anyways. Not like it matters though, I think we all know that either the Vikings or New Orleans is going to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Then there’s the bullshit involving Leno. I hate that big-chinned prick. Always have. I only ever watched his show because he tended to have better guests than Letterman and it was the only way I wouldn’t forget to watch Conan. I can’t believe he’s getting his old time slot back! How the fuck does that work? His show sucks and no one watches it! So his reward is to go back to his old timeslot? Kevin Smith once said that in Hollywood you fail upwards, I guess he was right.

NBC is run by retarded crack-addicted howler monkeys. And Jay Leno is a walking taint with a chin. Sigh.

Oh yeah, music! Um, here’s some stuff!

Rescue Me (Titanic Vocal)
Rescue Me (Lifeboat Vocal)
Rescue Me (Houseboat Vocal)

This is one of the “lesser” Madonna singles, it cracked the Top 10 on Billboard, but just barely. The fact that it was the follow-up to the kinktastic “Justify My Love” didn’t help that much, and neither did the fact that the song just isn’t that great (in my opinion anyways). These remixes take the song and transform it into a house track in a big way, and one can imagine that this 12” was a big hit on the NYC club circuit at the time – which has always been Madonna’s target audience anyway.

Lene Lovich
New Toy (Extended Mix)
Lene Lovich was born in Detroit but her family moved to England when she was still a kid. That is both the definition of “moving up” and “dodging a bullet” if there ever was one. In the late 70s she was on Stiff Records, adding further credence to my belief that Stiff Records in the late 70s probably had the the best line-up of any label in the history of all things. This extended mix of one of her best tunes (written by Thomas Dolby!) is from a 12” single.

Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew
Spirit (Extended Version)
Spirit (Instrumental)
Spirit (Spirit Dub)

So another MP3 blog might have a song from the Ghostbusters II soundtrack, but would they have the instrumental version and the dub version as well? I didn’t think so, for that kind of useless bullshit you have to come to The Lost Turntable.

4 Responses to “Fuck Leno (And the Cards too)”

  1. Mark E. Taylor : bitterapplephotography says:

    New Toy – Number one of my all time favorite Lene songs. Thomas Dolby also does a real good version, the "Live Wireless" video soundtrack, where Lene guests.

    Top site.


  2. Anonymous says:

    HA !! I actually had that doug e fresh song on a cassette single. Thanks for uploading it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah and fuck leno up his stupid ass.I mean seriously what a cry baby bitch. The way he is being painted is a bully and even if he gets his way i still expect Letterman to kick his ass. No one likes a bully. Triumph needs to find his ass and rip him a new one

  4. Anonymous says:

    Would it be possible to get a reup of the Doug E Fresh Spirit links? It's impossible to find in mp3 format. Thanks!

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