IT Stands for Idiot Time

This is a rare mid-day blog posting. You can thank my job’s horrible IT department for giving me the downtime in the middle of the day was required for me to put this together.

New Order
60 Miles An Hour [Supermen Lovers Remix]
Someone Like You [James Holden Heavy Dub]
Someone Like You [Futureshock Vocal Remix]

I found a New Order single I didn’t already own! Yeah, I’m shocked too. This is later New Order, so I guess it’s not as good as the 80s stuff but hey, lesser New Order from the early 2000s is better than most dance-rock music of the time period. Remember kids, we didn’t always have LCD Soundsystem and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! In my day we had to walk seven miles in the snow, uphill both ways, just to hear a snippet of something that might one day be considered “dance punk!” And we liked it!

Baby Ford
Fetish (Mainmix)
Fetish (Eons Alternative Mix)
Fetish (Subway Mix)
Fetish (8AX Mix)
Fetish (Minimal Mix)

I’m not exactly sure what makes this track exactly “fetish” worthy. The lyrics are vaguely sexual, but lack any hardcore BSDM or other kinky themes. Not bad though. If you want a really dirty track called Fetish I suggest you listen to Joan Jett’s – that song is so horny it might hump you.

Heat Haze
This is the B-side to a track called “Ganja Man.” That song is incredibly annoying, thankfully this one is not. A version of this track also appears on the Aphrodite album Aftershock, but that version is about two minutes shorter than this one, so enjoy the extended dnb. If anyone out there is late to the game and is looking for some quality dnb by Aphrodite I cannot recommend his 1999 mix Urban Jungle strongly enough, it’s probably my second favorite mix of all-time, right behind Fatboy Slim’s On The Floor At The Boutique – which has the best mix of “Apache” in the history of awesome.

I Like Noise (The Vagabond Mix)
Genocide (The Original Mix)
Genocide (The Deliberate Mix)

Euphoria has to be the most obvious name ever for a for an early-90s rave act. “Guys, my music will make you euphoric! Like ecstasy does! Aren’t a fucking genius!” Sigh. Seems appropriate then that these tracks are very standard 90s acid house, complete with a myriad of samples you’ve no doubt heard before. Despite my relentless bashing I still like them, sometimes you want big dumb techno.

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  1. Blendr says:

    Couldn't agree more about Fatboy Slim's "On the Floor at the Boutique" mix – great, great stuff. I'm also a big fan of Supa DJ Dmitry's "Scream of Consciousness" mix – he may have been third wheel in Deee-Lite, but I like his skills very much on this mix.

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