Liv Tyler should be Aerosmith’s new lead singer.

I’d fucking GO to that show.

I complain a lot. It’s kind of my thing. That’s how I roll. I especially complain when musicians and bands I like do shit I can’t stand. LIke when Wolfmother decided to be twats and release 80 billion versions of Cosmic Egg, or when Billy Corgan…does anything. However, I’m actually going to talk nice about a band I like, because they did something awesome.

The Foo Fighters’ released a greatest hits collection this month. Actually, they had no real say in the decision, their label decided to do it against the wishes of Dave Grohl. Like every greatest hits it has a few new songs tacked on to entice fans who own everything to shell out the extra bucks for the new songs. That’s always annoying, and what’s more annoying is that usually when there’s a greatest hits on iTunes you can’t just buy the new tracks, you have to buy the whole album.

Well that’s not the case this time, probably because Dave was against the compilation in the first place. If you just want the new tracks, you can have them, not only that, there’s an entire EP that is JUST the new tracks, making it easy and cost effective to get them. That EP also includes their cover of Wings’ “Band On The Run” which was never released in America. It’s nice to see a band reward their devoted fans instead of punishing them for a change. I doubt you’ll ever see fucking U2 do that shit (still bitter over not being able to legally just buy “The Saints Are Coming”).

Man, that was a lot of nice for me…I don’t know what to say next. Oh yeah, I remember. To the person that spammed my comments with repeated requests for a Blondie song – piss off.

Ah, I feel better now.

Deborah Harry
I Can See Clearly (The Club Mix)
I Can See Clearly (N.Y.C. Dub)
I Can See Clearly (Blonde Rave)
I Can See Clearly (Dub-a-mental)
I Can See Clearly (Boriqua Tribal Mix)

I think I’m going to have to cave and finally buy a Deborah Harry solo record. Any recommendations? I’m avoiding Koo Koo, I’ve heard that album is as bad as the cover is good. These remixes (which are all actually really fucking good) are from a 12”.

Talking Heads
Slippery People
Making Flippy Floppy

Slippery flippity floppity slippy flippy flop. Yeah…that’s all I got. Actually, strike that, I got more. What the fuck is “Making Flippy Floppy” about? Is it about screwing? “Flippy Floppy” is the best/worst euphamism for boning ever – and I’m totally gonna start using it. These remixes are from a 12” single. They are by John “Bellybean” Benitez, and if you know who that is then that means something to you.

12 Responses to “Liv Tyler should be Aerosmith’s new lead singer.”

  1. stephen says:

    Oh wow — Talking Heads and Debbie Harry. You're a prince!

  2. The Unheard says:

    Making Flippy Floppy was David Byrne's saying for not making sense. It does sound like a weird euphamism for getting a boner though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Listen Oprah,
    Why so much hate on U2?
    U2 just released a remastered version of one of their albums and ALL the tracks were available for download including the new stuff.

    I respect the Foos' for doing what their doing, but sometimes, this shit is just out of the control of the artists as to what happens on Itunes and stuff.
    hoping your feeling better.
    Dr. Phil

  4. The Lost Turntable says:

    Because U2 sucks.

    Also, I am aware you can buy the individual tracks of their remastered editions. I was talking about their singles collection that includes "The Saints Are Comimg." You still can't buy the studio version of that song on its own on iTunes.

    As far as it being out of control of the artists…I'm pretty sure that if Bono told Universal and Apple to kill a hobo the probably would.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Recommended Debbie Harry solo albums: If you want the one that gets closest to the cool bubblegum-pop side of the Blondie sound, you want Def Dumb and Blonde (1989). If you want the most contemporary, electro, and current, go for Necessary Evil (2007). It very deliberately does NOT sound like Blondie, so it's love it or hate it. I love it.

  6. steve's cuz says:

    It's like CBGBs never closed!

  7. nojarama says:

    Debbie's solo albums are bit inconsistent (much like a few of the Blondie albums). I enjoy both "Rockbird" and "Def, Dumb & Blonde" the best myself.

  8. setphx says:

    Avoid Koo Koo – What was Debbie thinking??

  9. Another anonymous :) says:

    However, you can buy the studio version (together with the live version) legally (at least here in Europe; and I guess importing into the USA is legal) as a cd-single. Then just rip your single for a legal mp3.
    Buying it directly from iTunes is less work, and complaints about U2 are usually just, but this time not completely imho.

  10. The Lost Turntable says:

    CD Singles don't exist in America for the most part anymore. You can thank the greedy practices of the RIAA for that. And I'm sorry, but paying inflated import prices for one song is NOT an viable option.

  11. Ktel Jenkins says:

    regarding that debbie harry single, at the time, the only mixes anyone I knew were shuffling out to find were the murk mixes on the UK 12"
    they're not on the us CD5

    kenny via

  12. pup don says:

    Def, Dumb and Blonde will always be my favorite Debbie solo album. If you're a fan of the animated feature Rock n Rule then you'll love the song "Maybe For Sure" because it's the song the evolved out of the song she did for the movie. The whole thing just has a warm n fuzzy feel to it with lots of different influences. Debravation has to have an honorable mention, but the bootleg "Debravation 8 1/2" has superior mixes of many of the songs, a lot more experimental than the finished product, and has the infamous duet version of Standing In My Way with Joey Ramone that was changed to a Debbie solo song on the final album.

    Why do they always slow down Debbie's vocal for the remixes? That always bugs me. Hey, while you're at it, if you happen to have the dub mix of "Sweet and Low" that uses the sample from That's The Way I Like It and has the cool echoey ending I'd be forever in your debt. None of the postings of the mixes ever have it. It was on the 12" but not the cd single.

    Awesome blog. Thank you for all this wonderful music.

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