Swine Poo. Oh, and some TMBG and stuff.

It’s been nearly four weeks since I first got sick with the flu, and I’m still feeling the after effects of it. I’m going to go ahead and call it – I had the swine flu. Fucking pigs. Meh.

Random music time!

I’ve Been Losing You (Extended Mix)
A-Ha is breaking up. I know this is shocking news to everyone in America who assumed they vanished into a black and white comic sometime around 1986. However, they’ve been quite big in Europe since 1984, and I’m assuming their impending break-up is pretty big news in Norway, where I assume they are blonde synth-pop gods. I’m not a huge fan of A-ha, but I do have their greatest hits compilation and I do have to say that I do think that over their course of their 20-plus year career they no doubt showed signs of fucking genius. Anyone who says they don’t like “Take On Me” is a damned liar, and “The Sun Always Shines On T.V.” just might be one of the most beautiful songs of the 80s. “I’ve Been Losing You” isn’t as good as that classic, but it does have a pretty awesome drum intro.

They Might Be Giants
S-E-X-X-Y (Tee’s Freeze Mix)
S-E-X-X-Y (Tee’s In House Dub)
S-E-X-X-Y (The Warren Rigg Microwave Mix)

I’ve seen nerd gods TMBG so many times I’ve actually lost count, I think it’s six or seven. Usually I’m better at keeping track of such things, but nearly every time I’ve seen them it’s been at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh, so all thsoe shows kind of morph together into one AMAZING concert. The first time I saw TMBG was in 1996, when they were touring in support for Factory Showroom, the album that features the original version of “S-E-X-X-Y.” I was just getting into them at the time and really wanted to see them. I wanted to see them so bad I went with my mom to see Hootie And The Blowfish because TMBG was opening for them. That’s some fucking dedication right there. I’m hardcore like that. These remixes are from a 12” single. Also, apparently the person who owned this 12” before me treated it like sandpaper, so there are a few pops and clicks. Sorry about that.

P.M. Dawn
I’d Die Without You (Extended Jeep Mix)
I’d Die Without You (Remix Dub)
I’d Die Without You (Extended Remix Radio Edit)
Hippie Hip Hop! I’m tired now and out of things to say. This song is so mellow it might kill you, be careful.

6 Responses to “Swine Poo. Oh, and some TMBG and stuff.”

  1. OMD4LIFE says:

    I have to agree with the "Sun Always Shines on TV" comment…another great song to check out, where he breaks the record for longest held note in a pop song is "Summer Moved On" Youtube it…you'll probably like it…I know I did…too bad they never got more play here than the one major and one minor hit…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Strange that A-Ha have decided to split up just after releasing a new ablum that's had positive reviews and a tour to promote it. Rgds, TF (ps. the word verification line wants me to type a word that looks remarkably like SCROTUM!).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eclectro,Southern England. Aha what a load of good memories they bring back of school,& a girl i went out with when i was 15(i'm now 38!). She was well in2 them & got me in2 them(the band!). I couldn't believe how many 12''s i owned of them that were in the loft(6 or 7). My fave 3 were:- 3.Sun Always Shines,2.Stay On These Roads & 1.Hunting High & Low

  4. Anonymous says:

    Correction no 2 was 'Manhattan Skyline'! Eclectro,Southern England.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jamey sez…
    PM Dawn is one of my faves and if I had my own blog I'd post their medley of 1999/Once In A Lifetime, sweet soul goodness! Thanks for posting them and hope others check out their music!

  6. billy white says:

    the album in which that a-ha song derives from is their best in my opinion. I'm not a huge fan but it's a fantastic album start to finish, called Scoundrel Days. The title track really shows the guys vocal range and maybe, maybe is one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. I love your blog!

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