Orchestral Manoeuvres in Toledo

I hate it when a band I like does something that I consider moderately evil. Thankfully I don’t like U2 or it would happen a lot. I am a fan of Wolfmother though, I think their debut is one of the best “rawk” albums in years, totally cribbing the best of AC/DC, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. I’ve been looking forward to their sophomore album, Cosmic Egg, for months and bought it the day it came out, even though I had a review copy! I’m fucking loyal!

However, there are two versions of the album (excluding the iTunes BS), a standard and a deluxe. The deluxe version has four more songs and costs about six bucks more. That’s annoying. There’s no reason why the “standard” album can’t have those four extra tracks, it’s just a marketing ploy. That’s fucked up. What’s more fucked up is that the deluxe version is two CDs, even though it would all fit on one CD. I’m assuming the official line is that it makes it more like the vinyl copy, which is split across two LPs (because it has to be). The actual reason? Because every two-CD edition sold counts as TWO copies sold, artificially inflating the numbers.

In a time where it’s getting harder and harder for artists to convince people to actually go out and BUY music this shit doesn’t help.

Siouxsie And The Banshees
The Killing Jar (Lepidopteristic Mix)
Something Wicked (This Way Comes)
Are You Still Dying Darling?

For those playing at home, a Lepidopterist is someone who collects butterflies, which makes sense since a killing jar is the jar used to kill caught butterflies. It’s one of the best-named remixes I’ve seen in a while, although it pales in comparison to all the crazy-ass Erasure remix titles (example: Truly In Love With The Marx Bros. Mix).

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
(Forever) Live And Die (Extended Mix)
(Forever) Live and Die (7” Version)
We Love You (Extended)
We Love You (7” Version)
We Love You (Dub)

These are from two 12” singles that are both excellent, although if I had to pick a favorite I would have to go with “(Forever) Live And Die,” it’s such a catchy tune. I was originally going to call this post “Mo’ MD” but that’s just stupid. Speaking of stupid, I’m at my dad’s house right now and after being subjected to Fox News for an hour I am currently being forced to watch Survivor. It’s like a greatest hits of what’s wrong with American media all from the comfort of a couch. Sigh. The opening of the extended mix of “(Forever) Live And Die” is a bit scratchy, but it improves as the song goes. Sorry about that.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can't wait to see OMD support Simple Minds in Manchester in December (follow a couple of weeks later by Depeche Mode and then the Pet Shop Boys). December this year is officially somewhere in the 1980's!
    Not a request but it must be time for some difficult things to be doing on the Seven Seas (and equally difficult to obtain) reposts. Rgds, TF

  2. Anonymous says:

    re: Erasure remix – First of all, you got the title of the remix wrong (it's the "Truly In Love With The Marks Bros. Mix")

    Secondly, it was named that because it was remixed by a team of two fellows named "Mark" – Mark McGuire & Mark Moore (Ultraviolet & S'Express) – otherwise known as The Marks Brothers

  3. stephen says:

    Thanks for the Siouxsie tracks!
    The Killing Jar is especially nice with its late-70s post-punk groove.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Hear, hear. I recently downloaded the "deluxe" 2-disc version of Florence + The Machine's Lungs (can't recommend it highly enough), and the two discs were 60 minutes combined.

    Anyway, thanks for the cuts.

  5. Ctelblog says:

    possibly the best title for a post ever

  6. Anonymous says:

    About the (Forever) Live And Die (Extended Mix) you posted : please can you tell me who engineered this mix you got, Tom Lord-Alge or John Potokken ? Thanks

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